A few weeks ago, Cycloramic jumped from iOS to Windows Phone even before Android. The famous panoramic app is now a free app for Windows Phone users, who do not have a wide variety of pano apps. [Update: The app was free but it is now $1.99]

Unfortunately, being new to the Windows Phone game, Cycloramic had a few bugs for some users on specific devices. Luckily, the devs have been hard at work trying to tidy things up. Today's update looks to do just that.


  • Fixed some bugs related to Camera and the Capture view.
  • Added visual indicator for portrait capture.
  • Added continuous focus for supporting devices.

We have successfully used Cycloramic on the Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. However, it seems like some older Lumias may have issues. Hopefully, those problems get addressed in this, and other updates (if needed).

The app does need a gyroscope, as, after all, that is how it uses its clever assist tool to guide you through and line up your panorama. This requirement means some budget Windows Phones cannot use this app. As some people say "them's the breaks".

For now, Cycloramic remains on our watch list. The developers seem keen on getting it fixed, the app is not on Android, and when it works, it is a splendid app. Plus, a Windows 8.1 port is on the way too, which should be fun.

QR: cycloram