Northern and Shell Media updates British tabloid and magazine apps for Windows 8.1

Daily Express joins the Daily Star, New!, OK! and Star today in a batch of updates released by parent company Northern & Shell Media. The British publications have had their official Windows apps brought up to speed with Windows 8.1. If you're into the latest headlines or simply enjoy reading up on celebrity gossip, these apps are definitely worth downloading.

Since these updates are refreshes to bring the feature sets up to par with every other Windows 8.1 app, there's not a whole lot we can go into detail on. However, if you haven't checked out the apps before, they're extremely useful for reading the latest headlines without picking up and carrying around a paper.

Should you have a daily commute or are preparing to head on a journey, having the subscription and tablet (or laptop) at hand can prove to be a much more comfortable way of enjoying your favourite resources. Speaking of subscriptions, you're all set with a free 14 day trial on any of the apps, but there are multiple payment options available depending on how long you wish to hold an active account.

Daily Star

What's more is if you have a tablet (either a 10-inch or the smaller form factors) the apps will enable you to read said content in portrait mode - perfect for transforming the experience into a e-book reading style. Issues can be downloaded to the device and stored offline for those moments when you don't have active data connectivity.

Previous editions are available so long as your subscription remains active. We've not had any problems with the selection of apps, apart from the occasional crash when impatiently zooming in and out.

Haven't got any of the publications installed on your device? You can download the apps from the Windows Store using the links below (note that they're developed for Windows 8.1):

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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