Dark Forces Team prepping Windows Phone 8750 build for custom ROMs

Although many of us are yearning for Windows Phone 8107 to grace our devices, Microsoft is still pushing forward with regular builds of the OS, adding new features along the way.

The latest build now seen is 8750 and those hacker cats at Dark Forces Team (DFT) out East have managed to get their hands on it, even loading it on an HTC Schubert/Mozart. OS 8750 is by the far the highest builds we've seen of Windows Phone yet. [Note: 8750 isn't a final build but most likely internal and interim for Microsoft]

Unfortunately, no details yet have come forth as to the changes but we're betting there will be quite a few under-the-hood modifications. DFT are looking to push this out soon and we're sure some ROMs at XDA will appear shortly thereafter. Stay tuned...

Source: DFT; Thanks, mwang!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I hope it isn't just another build tmo users will be overlooked on
  • Hell, even ATT brother, I haven't received any updates past 7720.
  • i hear you brother me either....
  • Oh, hi!  Don't mean to barge in, but I am on Sprint and my only option is the Arrive... 
  • Yes we only have the Arrive and I plan to split when the Lumia 900 comes out but at least 8107 works great on the Arrive and the update is smooth and easy.  http://www.mobiletechworld.com/2012/01/06/windows-phone-7-build-7-10-8107-79-roll-out-started-get-it-now-and-update-manually/
    I have been running it on 2 Radar 4gs and my Arrive for several weeks now with no issues.
  • Looks like I need to recall my Mozart from my father in law:)
  • Hopefully this will bring a few minor things to help WP users out.
  • ATT in Chicago = 7.10.7720.68
  • AT&T has ignored all recent updates. Idiots.
  • At&t isn't the only one, tmo has not release the latest either. Wtf, they're playing with their customers.
  • It's all major us carriers. Sprint too.  US Cellular has updated their 7Pro, though.
  • I meant AT&T are idiots, not you guys! :-)
  • I'm sure the rest of the planet will enjoy this enhancement of WP.  We in the US however have been shafted.  I'm not sure what's worse: not getting the updates, or MS refusing to respond since January 6th to their atrocious update policy changes.  That Droid 4 is looking mighty tempting right about now.
  • And this is why I'm selling my Titan and sticking with my Lumia 800, at least for now. If Microsoft pushes this in the next week or so all AT&T phones will be THREE releases behind! AT&T is doing their best to give Windows Phone a bad name in terms of updates.
  • As far as I've been told, its not AT&T that is holding up the 8107 update, its HTC. At least in regards to the Titan. It hasn't reached AT&T yet so I'll have to wait a while to be angry with them. Oh the ridiculousness of updates. Somebody needs to get their shit together. I hear crickets from the wpcentral crew.
  • Samsung and LG phones on AT&T are two, soon to be three, releases behind as well.
  • "If Microsoft pushes this in the next week or so all AT&T phones will be THREE releases behind! "
    As stated in the article, this is not a release build. Microsoft internally tests many builds of the OS on their way to a final, gold release. This is most likely the "Tango" branch and is not complete yet. There are literally dozens of interim builds of Windows Phone floating around for testing and development, so don't read this as a "soon to be official released" OS. DFT managed to get their hands on a ROM, most likely from the sieve that is HTC. MIcrosoft and its OEMs work together in testing out new versions of the OS on a regular basis.
  • Thank you for this response Daniel.  I'm beginning to wonder if some of the speculation regarding Tango may be correct.  That speculation that maybe they release Tango to the rest of us when the AT&T Nokia phones are released in march.  It may actually make business sense if they do this.  Instead of field support calls for each small release they may have made the executive decision to wait and have everything rolled into the Tango update.  Which leads me to the next question, why not be just a bit more transparent.  They dont have to tell us their entire plan just the part where, "you will get your updates and fixes with Tango when Tango is released in approximately x amount of time".  I have 3 WP7 handsets, trying to convert my wife from her iphone 3g which is so slow, to my old focus.  So far she isn't digging it, likes the size of my Titan (please hold the comments) but isnt completely sold on the os.  Anyway, no disrespect to you guys, you all do a darn good job of getting us info and relatively quickly I may add.  An article detailing the update process would be great. 
  • Well you know, there are other ways how to update. You don't have to wait for AT&T if you don't want to.
  • You risk losing any radio updates the carrier pushes if you go the XDA route.  Plus, if I wanted an OS that I had to hack around with to keep current, I would have stuck with Android.
  • Well there is a legal way to unlock you device.....ChevronWP7 unlocker. It's a legal way that should not affect future updates approved by MS. It only cost me $9.
  • what do you mean? You can flash any radio you want. i had no choice but to hack my hd7 because ms implemented horrible bluetooth streaming quality, and i had to change the registry. but other than that it is great because you can get all the updates you want. Plus there are rom devs that just keep the rom stock but make it so you dont update your bootloader.
  • When is orange UK gonna release the 8107 update ? So slow providing updates :'(
  • Anyone notice that is a 32GB unit??? Particularly those asking for 32GB devices.....look closely
  • I am sure somebody just decided to swap the microSD out of the HTC HD7.
  • i applaud atnt for being the only carrier that will actually make an effort to get wp7 but if atnt and tmobile are just gonna be like f the updates why in the hell would anyone want to buy anything from them its their fault that we have to update our phones constantly to actually be satisfied with them the way i see it microsoft needs to be like apple in this case and push out updates themselves and not have the carriers doing that being the case looks like im gonna have to switch phones again or leave wp7 altogether im not much for hacking my phone but im also not one for being left behind... everytime i hear about a new update i dont even get excited because i know in all likeliness we will not even get it here in the us...
  • For everyone freaking out about getting skipped ... this is a dev build, not a release. Wait until an actual update gets skipped (which will happen lol)
  • I was under the impression Micorsoft only allow carriers to sit on one update, once a second update is being pushed out the carriers have to release the one they were sitting on so the new one is the one they then have to sit on while they do their 'testing' (while they figure out how to bloat it with splash screens and other customisations)
    One of the things that drew me away from android was this fact, so has this changed or was it never officially correct in the first place?
    As from what I understand all windows phoens should only EVER be one update behind, no more!
    For the record Im on O2 in the UK and have had 4 or 5 updates since first purchasing my 1st gen HTC HD7, its now on build 8107 (7.10.8107.79)
    So Im guessing O2 in the UK have kept me bang up to date so far! :)
  • I thought chevron sold out on tokens?
  • Verizon HTC Trophy wont get support I am sure :(
    Only reason why we got 8107 is because there was a major bug with going GSM to CDMA that would lose 3G on the phone (about 25-30 pagest about it on Verizon's site)
    Oh, when can we play with custom roms : (