Latest data shows Nokia Lumia 920 strengthening lead with Lumia 520 leaping in popularity

Developer advertising platform AdDuplex, which supports those who publish apps within the Windows ecosystem, has released data for the month of May. At first glance the report shows the Lumia 920 increasing its lead as the most popular Windows Phone worldwide, but more interestingly is the Lumia 520 leaping up the 8th position (with 4.4 percent), behind the HTC 8X.

AdDuplex Popularity Chart

Previously we saw both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 800 on 14 percent, but this month the Lumia 710 has crept behind the new flagship Windows Phone with 12.1 percent, while the Lumia 920 increased its lead with 13.1 percent. It's good to see the Lumia 520 leapfrog other device and we expect both the more affordable Lumia device and Lumia 720 (currently on 1.7 percent) to climb the ladder further as Windows Phone 8 slowly replaces older hardware.

As expected, the following chart shows just how in control Nokia is (with what appears to be a peaked share of the pie at 80 percent).

AdDuplex Manufacturers

This shouldn't come as a surprise with Nokia offering the most complete package with Windows Phone. Considering the manufacturer entered the race later than both HTC and Samsung, it's interesting to see just how far Nokia has advanced within the ecosystem. Let's compare all three (with "other" OEMs):

AdDuplex Manufacturers Comparison

Samsung has clearly retracted, while HTC has managed to maintain a steady share through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Could Samsung turn it around with its apparent desire to remain in the game? Only time will tell.

Windows Phone 8 almost in reach of its predecessor

It's ever so close, but Windows Phone 8 has yet to take over its predecessor in being the most popular version of Windows Phone. AdDuplex notes that the new operating system gained 6 percent in the last month (from 43 percent) and while retailers and mobile operators are looking at new hardware in favour of remaining stock, it still has a small hill to conquer before becoming the reigning champion.

AdDuplex Windows Phone

India and Russia lead the way

Both India and Russia have been highlighted in the AdDuplex report. The former has fully embraced the Nokia Lumia 520, while the latter has the Lumia 920 as the most popular Windows Phone in the market.

AdDuplex Russia

The Lumia 920 is clearly in front, but not leading the Lumia 800 by an absolute mile. Behind the Lumia 800 is the HTC 8S, Lumia 620 and Lumia 820. We expect to see Windows Phone 8 handsets jumping up in the coming months. As for India, it's a surprising picture indeed:

AdDuplex India

The Lumia 520 us now the most popular Windows Phone. This market claws at low-end and more affordable hardware and if this chart is anything to go by, Nokia has nailed it.

The AdDuplex report also notes the following were spotted in the report:

  • SAMSUNG SPH-I800 – seen quite a few times on Sprint in the US. It has a 720p screen. Most likely a version of ATIV S;
  • Nokia RM-941 – seen quite a lot of this. Mostly in Taiwan. WVGA display;
  • Nokia RM-910 – seen a few times in Vietnam. WXGA screen;
  • Nokia RM-875 – seen mostly in Finland, but some other places too. WXGA screen
  • A number of devices have been running Windows Phone 8.1, mostly on the Nokia P4301 test device, but also on a few 8X and Lumia 920 handsets too. Builds: 8.10.12072 to 8.10.12079.0.

You can head on over to AdDuplex to read up the full report once published tomorrow.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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