Deadmau5 teases software project with Microsoft

Microsoft and Deadmau5 have a pretty cozy relationship. The two have teamed up plenty times in the past to promote various products and services. Recently, Deadmau5 helped kicked off the second-generation of Surface in his homeland of Canada. Earlier this summer, Deadmau5 (along with Macklemore) were present for an event to celebrate Microsoft’s strong intern program. The two are apparently teaming up again for something a little more on the product side, check out the video below to see what we’re talking about.

You’ve got Deadmau5 using a Perceptive Pixel display and some custom software that his team and Microsoft have been jointly developing. The demo shows some “righteous” touch software that drives OSC/MIDI to other “stuff”. He’s playing coy with the details, but it seems that Microsoft and Deadmau5 have some surprises for those who like to create music. That's also clearly the 55-inch display from Microsoft versus the 82-inch one Bill Gates uses

Have experience with creating EDM and other music? Tell us what we’re really looking at and what the potential here is. In the meantime, try out FL Studio Groove for Windows 8 if you want to make some music on a touchscreen.

Source: YouTube

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Sam Sabri