Nokia Lumia 925 wireless back

Look at this, a deal that isn’t focused in the United States. Our friends across the pond can take advantage of these sweet savings if they’re based in the UK and have a Nokia Lumia 925

While wireless charging isn’t integrated into the device like the Lumia 920, it’s worth checking out. Especially with the following deal after the break...

If you head to the O2 accessory shop website you’ll notice that you can pick up a Nokia wireless charging pad (DT-900) for only £49.99. But wait, there’s more! You also get the Nokia wireless charging plate for the Lumia 925 (CC-3064) for free. That’s quite the deal since the charging pad itself normally retails for £54.99 on their site.

O2 Deal

Not a bad deal from 02. They seem to be doing right between this and their upcoming exclusive 64GB Lumia 1020.

The combo comes in either red or white.

Thanks for the tip mprice86!

Source: Combo pack white, Combo pack red