Looking for an unlocked Lumia 920?

Online retailer Rakuten is serving up a refurbished, unlocked version of the Nokia Lumia 920 for $279.99 with free shipping. Choose from Black, Cyan, Red, White or Yellow. You will receive 280 Rakuten Points for ordering and an addition 42 points if you enter the promo code: AUTUMN.

You can earn some extra Rakuten points using promo code: AUTUMN

There have certainly been some better deals out there on the Lumia 920 recently, like getting a new one on AT&T for just a buck. But this gets you one free of being tied to a 2-year contract. Or say your phone gets run over by four cars and you are not eligible for an upgrade...there's another good reason to pull the trigger on this.

Not to mention, being that this is an unlocked Lumia 920, you can use it on some other GSM carriers, like T-Mobile. Just be sure to check with your current carrier to make sure it will work.

Source: Rakuten; Via: Dealsea

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