Microsoft Teams displays will soon support Zoom and Webex meetings

Lenovo ThinkSmart View
Lenovo ThinkSmart View (Image credit: Lenovo)

What you need to know

  • Video-enabled Teams Android devices will soon support Zoom and Webex meetings.
  • The Teams calendar will show third-party meetings and make it easy to join meetings from other platforms.
  • Last year, Teams Rooms and Zoom Room devices gained the ability to connect through embedded web technologies.

Microsoft will soon allow Teams Android devices to join meetings from Zoom and Webex. Teams Android devices include desk phones and Teams displays that are popular among business and enterprise users, though only video-enabled Teams devices will gain the new functionality. The ability to work with Zoom and Webex meetings should greatly enhance the capabilities of dedicated Teams hardware.

Last year, the ability to connect Teams Rooms and Zoom Room devices rolled out, so the expansion to Teams Android devices is a natural evolution. The upcoming support for Webex and Zoom calls was spotted by Dr. Windows (via OnMSFT).

The description of the feature appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Microsoft Teams: Direct guest join for Zoom and Webex meetings on video-enabled certified Teams Android devicesDirect guest join (aka Third-party meeting join) is an ability to join meetings of other meeting providers from Microsoft Teams. Third-party meetings will appear on the Teams calendar and users will be able to join them the same way they join any other Teams meeting. This functionality will be limited to video-enabled certified Teams Android devices and will support only Zoom and Webex meetings.

According to the roadmap, the feature could roll out as soon as September 2021, but dates on the roadmap are subject to change.

Once support does roll out, people will be able to use hardware built for Teams to communicate across some of the most popular platforms on the web.

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