Deezer acquires Stitcher, adding talk radio and podcasts to its collection

Cross-platform music streaming and discovery service Deezer has purchased Stitcher. The company plans to aid efforts worldwide and break into the US by acquiring the podcast and talk radio service to provide more content on its own platform.

Fear not if you already enjoy content through Stitcher as the service isn't going anywhere and will be managed by Deezer as a standalone platform. The plan is to also integrate Stitcher content into the existing Deezer service, which will be titled "Talk". Further details of the acquisition itself and plans for integration remain unknown at this point in time.

It's believed that by including 35,000 shows from over 12,000 providers (including NPR, BBC, and Fox News) the service will be in a stronger position to compete against Beats (and iTunes), as well as Spotify and other available platforms in the US. Are you a fan of Deezer, what do you make of this purchase?

Source: TechCrunch

Rich Edmonds
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  • So when will MS acquire Deezer and provide it in place of Nokia Mix?!
  • Never gonna happen
  • Mix radio forever
  • Yaa but it's down since long time I want to renew my subscription
  • I'd be ok if they acquired it and "ADDED" it to Mix Radio.
  • I'd support that too. Its something Xbox Music is missing. Buy em and integrate it.
  • Deezer has improved vastly in the past 18 months but I'd still be tempted to go Xbox music if I had to pay for it, and no it's not as good as mix radio.
  • I'm from the Philippines and I use Deezer through Smart and I must say that it's music database is better than Spotify. I use both on ny Windows phone but there were some music that I can't find on Spotify for some reason.
  • Hey there! Glad to know you're from the Philippines, too! Mabuhay to us! :)
  • Does this mean Windows Phone will get Stitcher app? Or that we will have access to Stitcher's library of podcasts via Deezer?
  • My thoughts exactly.
  • Yes, that's what I wanna know!
  • Great question, that's what I want to know.
  • Wait.....Deezer doesnt have free music roaming like Spotify has....right? With ads... I guess they are going nowhere that way.... I think they had 15 days only trial, but only if you provide then with credit card information..... And unless you unchoose, your credit card pays subscription to deezer without you even knowing it! Lame!
  • This. That's why I uninstalled it after the 15-day trial.
  • Yeah.. :(
  • So, since Deezer has both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps... do you think they could posibly bring Sticher to our favorite platform? Supposidly Sticher was working on a Windows Phone app wayyyy back in 2012, but that obviously never happened.