Dell CEO predicts top three PC makers will control 80% of market in next seven years

Dell is currently the third biggest PC maker worldwide, behind Lenovo and HP. The founder and CEO of Dell, Michael Dell, believes that these three companies could control as much as 80% of the PC market in the next five to seven years.

Reuters reports that Dell, speaking at a round-table press conference in India, predicted that consolidation of some current hardware makers, and shrinking sales of PCs in general, will help to give his company, Lenovo and HP more market share in the future. Recently, the research firm IDC predicted that even with the launch of Windows 10, PC shipments would go down overall in 2015 and 2016 before recovering in 2017.

Dell also said that his company has no plans to enter the smartphone market:

"I think there are maybe only one or two companies who make a profit in the smartphone business today and there are quite a few companies that lose substantial sums of money in the smartphone business," Dell said. "So, no thank you! I do not want to be in the smartphone business."

Source: Reuters

  • He forgot the word 'yet'.
  • Of course they have no plans to enter smartphone business, they would get squashed... I would love to have a dell phone though. Would be nice to use an inspiron phone to partner inspiron lappy
  • They've released smartphones before. I've got a Dell Venue Pro here. They'd be re-entering the market, not entering it.
  • I was going to say, the Dell Venue Pro was not a bad device for its day. I would not mind seeing some newer offerings along the same lines.
  • I had a 32gb SD card in mine, loved my DVP, miss that damn keyboard
  • Dell phone with win 10 mobile for enterprise users can be a very good option for them if they don't wanna go for Lumia
  • I for one dont really like lumias, only bought one because me loves some Windows
  • Give that man an Award!
  • I hope Lenovo isn't one of the 3 top ones. Go Dell!
  • Lenovo is actually the leading producer of PCs
  • Read the article carefully. By the way it is the leading one.
  • What are you talking about? Lenovo already holds the largest share...
  • Will there be a line that can separate "smart phones" from PC? I mean both of them offer the same feature set for an average user. Think about it...
  • Honestly, I think the line is pocket sized (yes a phablet still fits,) and LTE
  • I wouldn't be surprised, but I think this is only true for "PC" in the traditional sense. The market is rapidly moving to Phablets overtaking pure tablets and 2/1 overtaking notebooks.
  • Didn't hp try to buy webOS and it failed miserably??
  • LG bought it and it is in their TVs today.
  • HP bought it, failed to get it to take off, then sold it to LG at a loss.
  • Asus and Acer?
  • They are barely seen even in computer shops!
  • I like ASUS for their peripherals, monitors mostly, but I wouldn't buy a pre-built system from them. Acer, I'm not as familiar with so I can't really speak about them.
  • The VivoTab Note 8 is still the best 8 inch W10 tablet.
  • Popular among personal, but pretty much non-existent for businesses, and that's where 90% of the worlds computers are.
  • I will always go for dell, if Lenovo has a better surface like device then that!
  • Asus has already focused on smart phone zenfone.Acer I think will die which I don't want any company
  • Acer sell a lot more machines than Asus.
  • Acer is awesome. I have 2 acer notebooks, an acer android tablet and I'm getting two switch 11s, and a jade primo. I have had two Asus devices fail on me within the last 8 months. No more Asus for us. Acer is not going anywhere.
  • I am not so sure HP will even be in the PC business in 7 years.
  • They're the second largest PC manufacturer, so it would be disastrous for the PC industry if they're gone.
  • HP are pretty heavy in enterprise.
  • Well for my desktop, its strictly building for as I feel I can get longer life with better components for less. But for a tablet I can see it for me eventually.
  • actually i think asus is top 1 brand in components manufacturers.. even dell uses asus components and i personally never recommend any other components if u r building a pc, gaming pc or buying a laptop also. dell is just the pc or laptop case manufacturer and assembles others components into its case..