Dell CEO predicts top three PC makers will control 80% of market in next seven years

Dell is currently the third biggest PC maker worldwide, behind Lenovo and HP. The founder and CEO of Dell, Michael Dell, believes that these three companies could control as much as 80% of the PC market in the next five to seven years.

Reuters reports that Dell, speaking at a round-table press conference in India, predicted that consolidation of some current hardware makers, and shrinking sales of PCs in general, will help to give his company, Lenovo and HP more market share in the future. Recently, the research firm IDC predicted that even with the launch of Windows 10, PC shipments would go down overall in 2015 and 2016 before recovering in 2017.

Dell also said that his company has no plans to enter the smartphone market:

"I think there are maybe only one or two companies who make a profit in the smartphone business today and there are quite a few companies that lose substantial sums of money in the smartphone business," Dell said. "So, no thank you! I do not want to be in the smartphone business."

Source: Reuters

John Callaham