Delta Airlines taking the Lumia 820 on board for customer service

Nokia has announced that Delta Airlines will be rolling out the Lumia 820 Windows Phone to more than 19,000 of its flight attendants. The hardware will be used for on-board payments and to improve the overall experience for customers. Not only is the device sleek looking, but you've got better security and of course the Modern UI that makes it a perfect choice for the company.

The solution was jointly developed by Microsoft, Avanade and AT&T with extensive consultation with flight attendants at Delta. Rocking out in-flight trials before the roll-out, the Windows Phones were shown to be around 10 percent faster than previous systems utilised. The experience is built on Avanade for point of sale (POS), loaded on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile point-of-sale platform. 

What does this mean in non-gibberish? Flight attendants will be able to handle real-time credit card transactions for purchases made mid-flight, including seating upgrades. Passengers will also be able to use pre-paid credit cards, and Microsoft Office with Outlook ensures the employees can remain productive when not dealing with passengers.

This is just the beginning too. It's reported that Delta will add the ability to read coupons displayed on a customer's mobile device, as well as providing attendants with relevant customer-specific information through the Lumia 820 to help them offer a more personalised experience to passengers. There's nothing better, as a passenger, to feel as though the flight attendants know that little bit more about you to really start the journey off.

Delta Lumia 820

As well as the new announcement from Delta about the Lumia 820 introduction, the carrier also sports a Fly Delta app on Windows Phone. Nokia has previously enjoyed bringing companies and big brands aboard with Windows Phone, but it's great to see Microsoft also actively working hard to drum up custom with the platform.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
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  • All aboard, all aboard. Whoo whoo.
  • Lol you sound like my 2 year old son lol he loves saying that.
  • Now the theme from choo choo soul is Stuck in my head.
  • Sounds like great news!
  • Wow, I'm just glad I bought stock when I did. These guys (Nokia) seems to be all over the place now.
  • +928!
  • Me too.  I've told many people to not bet against them.  They are determined to get back to being a major player in the market.  And they know what they're doing.  The 520 and 1020 are both masterstrokes that no other manufacturer has been able to equal.  Then there's the software support.  I've become such a huge Nokia fan.
  • Just wish I could afford to put more into them than the 110 shares I currently have.
  • This is awesome.
  • Seems WP is reaching new heights... sorry, had to do it...
  • And they said WP was just Balmer's flight of fancy. (always good to follow up a bad joke with an even worse one)
  • And it flies in the face of all the naysayers (three times a charm).
  • Nokia soaring now!
  • How about Sky is the limit.
  • Be care using sky, remember that air space is taken.
  • LOL!! One of you owes me a new monitor...:-)
  • I sue you all for infringing on BskyB's copyright.
  • Nice finish. ;)
  • Nokia is reaching for the sky.
  • Nokia should start selling phones in Sky Mall.
  • Lumia's in the sky with diamonds...anyone??? No?
  • It was also mentioned that Windows 8 tablets will be provided but no idea whether that would be Surface or any other company's tablet.
  • So am I right in saying you use the 820 as a credit/debit card reader? Like the terminals in stores?? They just type their pin on-screen?
  • Or does it just use NFC??
  • One of the pictures shows a separate card reader attached to the top of the phone.
  • The image shows a Credit Card swiper attachment on a Lumia 820!
    How do I get one of those?
  • Become a flight attendant for delta duh!!!
  • It looks like it's using this product from Anywhere Commerce
  • Maybe now Delta will update the app so you can actually use it to purchase tickets.
  • Nothing better than product placement in the visible, globally spread hands of sexy flight attendants... hmm.. Delta... ok, scratch that. Nothing better than product placement in visible, globally spread hands!
    Most significant corporate Lumia announcement to date, as far as I can recall at least.
    Hopefully the phone is at least somewhat visible under the protective cases and/or at least clerarly labelled as Nokia and WP.
  • Great news what about the windows 8 tablets also?
  • Funny you say that. I know numerous Airlines have either just begun or just finished an iPad rollout. I bet tthey are kicking themselves now knowing that there are Microsoft tablets for less money and can be developed by their existing developers.
  • so true.
  • I would be interested in seeing how this works when buying a snack
  • This is HUGE in my opinion. It may only be 19k devices, but the fact that a major airline will be using these devices for POS is a MASSIVE WIN.
    I think the 820 is a perfect choice, they were probably able to get them at a good price, they have a fast processor and are a great size.
    Agree with Viipottaja - this is by far the most significant corporate announcement to date.
  • Hopefully Intuit gets the ball rolling and makes a app for us small businesses to take CC as that extra % is starting to add up from using the mobile website.
  • Intuit has made a point of saying they only support iPhone and won't support WP. I keep hoping Square will see the light.
  • There is an is called "Cube" at
    It looks legit, but I haven't tried it yet.
  • They only support Apple
  • Nope...look at the website. If you click on "Get Started", it asks which you will most likely use, and WP8 is one of the options. Additionally, it is listed in the windows phone store.
  • You are correct. I was driving a just looked at one page that only showed apple store.
  • What is with company's that don't have phone support unless you pick the enterprise plan. No think you. This is why Intuit needs to make a app.
  • How about "They mostly support Apple"? The Windows RT version is nothing more than a terminal and not a POS system like on the iPad. The backend is rather sparse too - like inventory tables with no place to enter a quantity - lol.
  • I made the move to WP because they had an app the week I got my phone was the week they pulled from the store. Square wouldn't pay me said it was fraud but wouldn't refund my client. It took over a year and getting a lawyer involved.
  • My favorite airline rocking Windows phone. How cool is that? I expect a major update to the Delta App soon!
  • Maybe they will update the app, used to crash on me so much when I was flying a lot.
  • Just tweeted this to @Square.
    @Square You could have been on 19,000 devices If you made a @windowsphone app #whatwillyoumissnext
    Maybe that will motivate them to take notice of the platform.
  • Thank god its not square. I wouldn't fly Delta if they used square.
  • Square is awful
  • What's wrong with Square? Fair price for low volume small biz. Same as Intuit's swiper.
  • Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • Hmm I don't think I could see attendants drafting up a word file between drink cart runs. Maybe it is possible though like the article mentions haha
  • Why not, its pretty simple and there's all kinds of flight plans with significant down time...uh, is that a bad choice of words? =[
  • What are they using to make transactions? As far as I know, square, intuit, and pay pay said they don't have plans for card readers for wp8.
  • Either one of them did, or those choices are not the only game in town.
  • Avanade, as mentioned in the article. More info at
  • Seriously, how does anyone write if they don't read? =[
  • Hope that technology trickles down to the small business level. Windows Phone needs a solid comparable service to Square.
  • Definitely agree
  • Holy Shit, this is really good ! 
  • Giggity!!
  • Sa-WEET!!!
  • It would be an even bigger deal if Southwest did this!
  • I shall fly delta, no matter how high the rate becomes.
  • So one gripe I often hear about Windows Phone is that it doesn't have a credit card swipe add-on with accompanying app, so small businesses can't switch to WP. But this article implies WP can do credit card transactions. What's the scoop?
  • WP8 has credit card swipe add-on for some time, already.
    But not the popular one, square.
    This swipe device looks like custom build...
  • It's Avanade's Connected Store service...
  • Check out is Looks like a new service and fees are reasonable.
  • Man... a credit card slider and quickbooks for my L920 would be and amazing thing for work!
  • A slider exists, Hopefully after 8.1 we will see many more companies switch. The company I work for has JUST decided to dump BlackBerry for Windows Phone 8. The only problem is our provider is Bell Mobility and they refuse to carry Nokia. We'll have to settle with Samsung Ativ devices.
  • Too bad they don't offer transactional pricing like Intuit or Square. Not worth paying a monthly fee to be able to take a card once in a while.
  • Go Avanade!! Woot!
  • At&t already EOL the 820. I wonder if this was their way of u loading all their unsold stock. Why would they sell them a phone that is no longer being discontinued?
  • 19,000 people exposing all Delta customers to windows phone, talk about exposure! What a coup!!
  • That's huge news!
  •   I think this deal shows the value of the quality of Nokia's products and the WP OS, but also the importance of having products in a range of sizes. Most flight attendants are women, and size and weight of equipment is always an issue on an airplane as well. And the 820 is a quality, high end device in a smaller package than the 92x devices. I was thinking about this because my wife just told me that the 820 I got her a few months ago is the first mobile phone shes has liked using. The color was important to her, but more importantly was the way the phone fits in her smaller hands.
    This shows the wisdom of Nokia's strategy, but also validates the focus of the Windows Phone team on making sure the OS can work on as wide a variety of devices as possible.  
  • Windowsphone❕
  • Wait a minute.
    According to the pre-flight announcment we've all had drilled into our head: "For the safety of the passengers and crew, all mobile devices must be turned off while in flight". 
    So either the plane will crash and burn while paying for thier peanuts, or everyone will want to turn on their own phone, WP or not.
  • Mwah, mwah...yeah, so you were never able to turn of the cell and use the WiFi only? It works as a regular device and then you can use it past 10k ft...which is when they will use it. How badly did I kill the joke? ;)
  • More and big companies switching to windows phone. Good to see!
  • 19,000. That's a big number.
  • Nokia should target united airline next. The whole flight industry for that matter. Boeing included, even if that means the phones will get burn
  • Is this why I can't buy Lumia 820's from ATT anymore?
  • To all looking for a Square-like need to look at Cube Credit Card in WP store. Their website is They have options for WP8. Oh yeah, I do not work for them. I just found them today, while researching Avanade today.
  • I first saw this on the consumerist.. Entertaining article there, sounds a little like the onion.
  • The Register reports that the actual numbers should be less then 19k. 19K is the number of employees but not all are going to be carrying around the Lumia. My take is if Delta has 700 planes and there are at least two 820s on board, that means altogether there should be about 1400 or say a round off figure of 1500.
  • Hate to say it, but you are wrong. Delta has 80,000 employees...12,000 who are pilots (all of whom who are getting windows 8 tablets) and approximately 19,000 flight attendants (who are getting the 820's) the article is correct. You need to realize that on average there are 4 flight attendants per flight. Each of those 700 planes will see 2 or 3 different flight crews per day. Additionally, each flight attendant works 3-4 days per week. Oh yes...there are some flight attendants who are on reserve, waiting for someone to call out sick. Same goes for the pilots too. Therefore, I disagree with you and The Register. What or who is my source? A retired Delta Airlines captain, who happens to be my father.
  • I humbly stand corrected then.
  • However, I will apologize to you for sounding like a "jack-butt". I know I did, and I am sorry. I just jump the gun without grace when I feel the need to correct misinformation. Hope you a great day!
  • This is completely awesome!
    Not only will the flight attendants be rockin' these devices beside a captive audience, this news will also find it's way to mainstream news-outlets because of its size, and the fact that everyone knows Delta.
    Most likely, this will start turning around all the negative press WP has been getting "WP tiny", "WP no future" etc. etc.
    Excellent news!
  • Help me understand this cardreader. Is it like iZettle for iPhone?
    If I have a small businnes can I use this for payments like if I had iZettle?
    Or do I need a specific app for that.