DemonDefence, can you keep Alice safe in this Windows Phone tower defense game?

Tower defense games can be a fun way to pass the time on our Windows Phone. DemonDefence is a relatively new gaming title and hopes to join the crowd as an entertaining tower defense game.

The story line has a damsel in distress, that would be Alice, lost in a demon infested land. You are armed with snowmen, robots, scarecrows and characters who must defend Alice from wave after wave of monsters.

Graphics aren't too shabby, game play on par for the genre, and there are enough themes, levels and difficulty settings to keep things interesting. DemonDefence is available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and is worth at least a peek.

DemonDefence's main menu offers options to mute the sound, view the help screens, play the game and a "free gems" button. I'm guessing that this is a way to get free gems to use in the gaming store but I keep getting a blank screen when I tap the button.

You have three gaming themes with DemonDefence; Dark Forest, Ice World, and Outer Space... which is listed as "coming soon" so I'm not sure it should count just yet. Within each gaming theme you have ten, progressively unlocked levels of play. The further you progress, the paths you must defend get a little more complicated and the monster more aggressive.

Before each level you are sent to the game's store where you can use gems collected during game play to upgrade your defensive characters or buy additional gems via in-app purchase.  The final steps before actually playing the game is to choose which defensive units you'll use and the difficulty level (easy, hard and hell).

Game play is not unlike any other tower defense game in the Windows Phone Store. Alice is positioned on one end of the path and monsters enter from the other. You tap along the path to pull up your defense options and eventually place defensive units to annihilate the monsters and protect Alice.

Each level involves a series of waves (indicated at the top of the screen) and as you wipe out the monsters, you earn coins that can be used to upgrade your defensive unites. Each unit can be upgraded three times to boost its fire power or sold to give your cash flow a boost.

Defensive units fire automatically as monsters come into range and are not subject to being damaged by the monsters. Should one of the monsters survive your defensive gauntlet and reach Alice, you lose one life per monster who reaches her. Your life count is displayed beneath Alice and when it hits zero, the game's over.

Along with your wave count being displayed at the top of the screen, you also have your gem count, coin count, game speed control, a menu button that pauses the game and a pause button ( a little redundant).

Monsters vary in speed, strength and number. Periodically a boss monster will appear that is rather tough to take out. Don't be shocked if the boss monsters make it to your last defensive post. DemonDefence has a nice variety of creatures who want to cause Alice harm that will keep you on your toes and prevents the game from getting too boring.

DemonDefence isn't a bad game and I like how you start each level with a decent coin count and a few defensive units already in place. It gives you a fighting chance as the levels becomes more challenging.  While tower defense games may not be everyone's cup of tea, DemonDefence isn't a bad option to consider if you are looking for a new game for your Windows Phone.

DemonDefence is a free game for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices that you can pick up here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: DemonDefence

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  • not an xbox title?
  • Wouldn't pass Xbox certification because they spelled defense wrong
  • Hahaha
  • Used to play this on the iPhone. Was fun and they kept releasing new free levels. Hope they do here.
  • Never make a promise to girls that you can't keep.
  • Never promise anything to anyone as you can not possibly know the future. Ppl are generally unreliable especially the staff at at&t
  • I love tower defense games and I'm always looking for new, quality new ones to play so thanks for the review. I was addicted to Arcane TD Free for a while there but couldnt finish it due it constantly crashing on me. Maybe it will perform better on my L925? who knows. Still patiently waiting for a WP PvZ2 announcement.
  • Bet a lot of ppl are seeing 1 new notification on wpc tile and hoping for Gdr2 & amber now available for download on at&t 920 & 820 Lumias....... Sorry its off topic guys I just couldn't resist
  • More like for blue update.
  • Never understood why games would be free on IOS and android, but yet you have to pay on windows phone. Angry birds come to mind and probably PVZ2..
  • Its painful that you don't understand
  • Is it only me or QR code is leading to something called CARTOON BALL!!!
  • Me to, QR code is broken.. :(
  • But the link works :)
  • Yup, QR code is misplaced.
  • Defense or defence can be spelled either way. Not a mistake. Defense is preferred in the US. Defence is preferred everywhere else.
  • Why is this game free? In app purchases? Ads? Or is this free, as in really free.
  • This is my 2nd favorate TD after Myth Defense.
  • Just a few tips for anyone having trouble with this game or who finds it difficult.   1. Utilize the pause button. Time is everything in this game and you need to maximize the time your defense units are attacking structures, this may mean pausing the game to build and upgrade from time to time.    2. Every unit is important. Certain maps are designed to cater to certain units. There are certain maps where the ice tower is very important for example and some maps where the electric tower is necessary. It is a good practice to buy every unit IN ORDER, skipping around may cause problems later.   3. Don't buy upgrades unless you have no choice. The money wasted on upgrades will certainly hurt you later when you need a certain unit for a new map. Your choice then will be fork over $$$ or start over in the game.    4. On the last wave often times a very large boss will come. On the more difficult levels such as "Hell" this boss may be more difficult than usual, and you may have created units best equipped to deal with the hoarde instead of big bosses. A good practice is to sell units that are too far behind the boss to attack it anymore, then use the money to build new defense units in front of the boss. 5. Do not think of "passing" a level as completing it. Simply destroying obstacles and passing a level only gets you 2 crystals. Getting perfect on a level gets you 5, 7, or 9 depending on the level. Failing to perfect a level is a huge loss of crystals you can't afford. Make sure every level is "perfect" on all difficulty levels as soon as you are able.    6. In order to maximize money and deal with the difficult levels I suggest this practice. A. Go through the levels on "easy" mode as far as you can get, buying every new unit avaliable as you gain crystals. Do not purchase upgrades and if you do I suggest only the 10 cost upgrades and really look at what they do.  B. Once you are stuck on a level in easy mode (Should be the second or third world) go back to the first level of world 1 and play it on "hard". At this point you should have better units and hard should actually not be difficult. You will gain 7 crystals for perfect instead of the 5 on easy. Continue to do this through the next levels going as far as you can on "hard". If you get stuck on a hard level just go to the next until you find you really aren't beating any levels. C. Go back to the world 1 level 1 and play it on "hell" and continue on until you can't get any further. D. By this point you should have made quite a bit of crystals from replaying some levels on "hard" and "hell" and probably purchased some new units. Go back and try that easy level you were stuck on during step A and attempt it again, from here the cycle starts back. 
  • More updates needed now!! ​