Despicable Me: Minion Rush updates have ended for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 versions of the popular movie-based mobile game Despicable Me: Minion Rush will no longer receive any updates, according to an announcement that was posted this morning on the game's Facebook page.

The endless runner game from publisher Gameloft was first launched for both platforms in December 2013. Here is today's Facebook announcement in full:

Despite the incredible year we've had together with Despicable Me: Minion Rush it is with a heavy heart that we must announce the discontinuation of updates in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of the game.To celebrate our partnership this past year, we want to reward our Windows users with a special gift that can be obtained in the game.Be assured that the game itself will remain available and playable on Windows.Thank you, The Minion Rush Development Team

Minion Rush departs

Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush in the Windows Phone Store(free)

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QR: Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Source: Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Facebook); Thanks to DoctorPolski for the tip!

  • Is it only available on windows? Is it only stopping updates for us or everyone IF available on other platforms?
  • It's available on Android (and iOS I supose). Only Windows Phone / Windows 8 support is being dropped
  • There's no such post saying that support for only windows is being dropped. If you've read any such post, kindly share the link.
  • "Both the windows phone and windows 8.1 versions of the popular movie-based mobile game Despicable Me: Minion Rush will no longer receive any updates"
    Have u read the article ?
    It have been said twice in this one article (in the start and on the middle).
  • I believe the point Godson is making is that there's nothing affirming that support has been dropped for ONLY windows and not all the other platforms.
  • Why?
  • Because there's nothing left to update the game
  • That makes no sense, then why do they support android/ IOS and not WP?
  • Unlike Subway surfers, changes the city often
  • Google made calls.
  • Just when the movie is about to be released? Mmm weird.
  • Yup.
  • Maybe another game is coming, and considering market share of Windows phone, they decided to drop resources from this one and put them in the new? All clueless speculation tho
  • It's a good game, and the developers are even giving away gifts. That's still pretty cool.
  • But why?!
  • I dont get it. The app is popular. It has a ton of downloads. Its almost like they hate on Windows because of a vendetta. Im get real tired of the "its cool to hate on Microsoft" bullshit.
  • unlike the - "windows phone has no chance because everyone i just hating it not because the market share sucks" bullshit
  • ^^^This! So true! It's not true. Market share may be low, but it's a community of people who love the platform. :)
  • Maybe they're one of those anti WP group or they just don't get much money from WP- I noticed that ios and android versions of games/apps have a lot more ads than in WP's version.
  • They're still leaving it in the store
  • Maybe they will release a newer version based on the upcoming Windows 10 OS. That's my hope.
  • Exactly my thought, hopefully they will, and it will be a surprise release :)
  • But if that was the case, why drop this bomb announcing end of feature support without announcing a new version for when W10 becomes available? It doesn't make sense. It makes people feel mad at them, and frustrated at the platform.
  • They do specifically reference Windows 8 and Windows Phone, which are both going to be old when Windows 10 comes out.
  • If Windows 10 does not run WP8 or Windows 8 store apps, then Microsoft are bigger idiots than I thought. However, happily, the Technical Previews do run older apps already. Which means that this is no reason to drop support for this game.
  • Now don't tell me Gameloft is giving up on Windows Phone too. Till today they have exhibited the highest degree of support in the Windows Phone gaming world.
  •     Who knows. Gameloft has shown a lot of love for WP, until now. I'm assuming MS gave them a financial incentive that is at its end. Now, Gameloft is showing their true colors. They also stopped providing updates for Spiderman Unlimited, which is the best runner they have. The only game they have truly supported is Asphalt 8. That, for now, still gets updated. Then again, its the best racer on WP.
  • Nha, some of their games have been in the store for a long time now, and have jet to receive their first update, while iOS and Android versions have been updated an aweful lot of times. A lot of their actions are also iOS/Android-only.
  • gameloft showed love to wp? mean: ms filling their pockets and that contract now is coming to an end, so even the FEWER games who got updated over time wont get anymore. gameloft sucks big times. in my opinion they could get all of their games out of our platform. they just killed again 2 games that ppl loved here. screw them.
  • Hey Lance and Windows Central readers!  We are definitely NOT giving up on Windows.  We still have new releases planned and updates will still be coming for our games.  We do have a few updates temporarily on hold, but as we reshuffle our development resources I'm optimistic we'll be able to do what's best for all of you players! Thanks for playing our games and thanks for your patience with us! :D
  • Thanks for the reply gameloft. Its always good to hear from the developers what's going on. People are just a little to used to no news being bad news. Communication is key! Anyway, thanks for the games you have put out so far. Keep up the good work.
  • Thank you for the answer. I should help calm down stressed and depressed people out here. Information is key here. Knowing what's going on, it will be easier for us too wait. You can see by the frustration of the folks here how much your games are appreciated. Please keep up the good work.
  • Google got to you. Puke.
  • But why???
  • Why it runs smoothly than subway on 512 mb ram
  • I love despicable me minion rush
  • Why
  • Uninstalled. :)
  • Lol
  • Haha
  • LAME
  • Same here ;)
  • Class 
  • Hehe
  • I don't run this game often but it still is one of my favourites. Nevertheless, I HATE that everytime I want to use it, I have to make a big download before playing it like... 5 minutes... Maybe now I'll be able to play right away.
  • If you do not already have it, NOT AVAILABLE.  I tried to download today, never had it before, and NO JOY.  
  • Available in Canada.
  • Worked for me here in the U.S.A
  • I can DL it still. CO in the US of A
  • I was successful in downloading the game directly from the store but the link in this article did not work for me. Thanks to the one who replied that the article said no more updates...I understood but I had not yet downloaded the basic game. Gameloft continues to advertise games for WindowsPhone.  I  suspect that this relates only to this game for other reasons.  I did not see this game on their website as I quickly scanned the listing.
  • 1st Spiderman unlimited and now this one!!!!f**** u Gameloft!!
  • Calm your tits.
  • Lol pinch em calm :P
  • I'm not going to do that....xDxDxD
  • So is MLB ATBat15 coming to Windows this year or not?
  • according to the MLB's websites complete lack of any mention of windows, phone or otherwise. I am guessing no? :(
  • Well 2014 is still working giving me videos of highlights of the exhibition games today.  MLB was late gettting it out for Windows phone last year too.  That is why I was asking.  I was hoping somone within WPCentral would have the scoop on what was happeing this year.
  • Why is everyone crying about this. They just decided that they didn't have more to add, they even have us an exclusive gift. They clearly don't hate windows phone based off that message. They could be preparing for Win 10.
  • Then what about Spiderman can be updated but they didn't updated it!!!
  • They are abandoning windows in a polite way. preparing for windows 10 by abandoning the 8.1 app? I don't see the logic
  • "they just didn't have more to add" So.... Why are the iOS and Android versions still updated?
  • I think the answer is obvious. It costs time and money to support. They have to be on the other platforms. Windows is optional.
  • Can't really say I'm surprised. Abandoning ship is the norm on this platform now.
  • This!
  • I'm afraid that Windows 10 wont be enough.
  • This is becoming an all too familiar occurrence
  • They want Microsoft to fail
  • Why?
  • I guess they weren't earning enough. and the gift is just 50 tokens, couldn't have done anymore.
  • Yeah only Try it again
  • I wouldn't get your hopes up for a Windows 10 app. If that's what they were planning they would have mentions it. Very disappointed with Gameloft!
  • F*** their company and the minions too:)
  • Gameloft is otherwise a very supportive comapny. Don't talk bad about them. Though this is not correct.
  • No, they've been dropping support for many of their games on Windows.
  • no they werent. they just were paid by ms, thats all. thats why we got only half of their portfolio, DESPITE of users' requests. and thats why a lot of games were discontinued ONLY on our platform(guess "a presence" of those games on wp was all they wished to offer and nothing more). and now that list seems to get bigger and bigger. screw them.
  • Literally lol'd hard after reading your comment. :P
  • who cares
  • Users, duh?
  • What the hell? First Spider Man Unlimited and now this? Why Gameloft, why?
  • Wierd.....I actually like this game alot. And its last update was great.
  • Can someone confirm if they'll stop updating this game in others platforms?
  • It clearly says windows and WP.
  • This is a very confusing article, but I thought they said they were just not going to update it anymore, not that they were pulling it from Windows. It just sounds like they're out of ideas and have decided to devote resources to other games.
  • THEY are not 'out of ideas' for the same game in other platforms, then why on ours?
  • I have too many endless runner games anyway. This makes it easier to decide which ones to delete.
  • Well that's s##t
  • Another nail in coffin.
  • will be joining blackberry eventually.
  • Except, BBOS can run android apps, so there is that! :-P
  • Meh I'm thinking at this point most developers are working on Windows 10. DX12 maybe the reason.
  • Bullshit lollipop all the way up their ases
  • I guess they won't be fixing the horrible performance issues in the 8.1 version. Not that I'm's gameloft. Releasing broken, buggy games in kinda their thing.
  • Why :(
  • I uninstalled this game becasue it kept giving me notifications even when I had them disabled in the game settings.
  • its because they are pooling resources off this derelict platform... f them too lol but whatever
  • Wish i had brought grand 2 instead of Lumia 1320
  • Oh my're all hurting my head so much. It's a Free To Play (with numerous IAPs) endless runner that's 2 years old. So... a) you didn't pay anything for the game b) it's not going anywhere, you can still play it c) if you made an IAP or two, that's a whole different can of worms but chances are you got what you paid for already. d) it's already got a ton of content, it's just not getting more. e) we got a brand-new Gameloft game, like, a week chill. I was much more sad to see support of Spider-Man Unlimited end but you know what, if the amount that Gameloft is making off of IAPs is < the cost of ongoing support and development then they gots to do what they gots to do. The number of people playing on iOS and Android, and the amount of revenue, are obviously multiples of x10 greater.  So yeah, they're going to keep pushing on with those...for better or worse. Plus, these are both licenced who knows what else may factor in on that side. And regarding the new Minions movies, do you suppose there might be a new game on the horizon rather than a new coat of paint on an old favourite?
  • You're comment should be in the post. Everyone freaking out on a game for kids.
  • +930 Be careful using logic around here. All your points are bang on, not sure what everyone is getting so worked up about.
  • Well Said, the game is still in the store. However I imagine people are upset and rightly so because they specifically mentioned Windows Phone and Windows 8 for which support is going to be pulled; not a blanket statement. To them it represents they are giving windows users and by extension Microsoft the finger.
  • Let me guess. They were paid to make the game and now payments have stopped.
  • First of all I think Gameloft
    should have just pushed a message/notification to the users of the effected app when launching the Windows Phone app not announce it on social media where fans of the game across any platform can see Windows Phone Support is ending which only validates their decision to avoid Windows Phone cause of the app gap. But hopefully this has something to do with getting ready for Windows 10 more than dropping support for Windows (which doesn't make sense because I thought Windows 8 apps would work on Windows 10) Gameloft has without a doubt lifted the gaming situation on WP so hopefully this doesn't become a trend.
  • It's ok if they're stopping updates. I just find it weird that they're continuing updates for iOS and Android.
  • great, just as the god damn game stopped reading my tilts for the sliding parts.
  • Same for me.....
  • Microsoft must have been heavily involved in getting Gameloft to port games to Windows Phone, likely to the point of even backing development financially. If I had to guess, some of that is coming to an end and Gameloft is cutting any game that isn't a strong income earner. All of this is discouraging because it seems like the platform is struggling to maintain a foothold. I can appreciate that Microsoft has invested effort in promoting the platform, but I think a lot of that effort hasn't gone where it should. The lack of a flagship device is a major problem. We're well beyond a year without one and nothing has yet been announced. Microsoft needs to stop wasting time with a million different variations of budget phones. Focus on the essentials; a handful of quality phones for critical price points that aren't chained to carriers for updates. Marketing and support needs consistency and persistence. And Microsoft needs to make sure that their phones are actually being carried and promoted in stores, directly to the consumer.
  • Oh boy what a surprise. Typical gameloft, gotta love it.
    They have always been terrible with updates, gameloft Ryan should be asked about their bad support in every way.
  • Gameloft is not leaving the platform.. they launched Age of Sparta the same day as iOS/Android versions and Dungeon Hunters will be launched too... maybe they only have a small number of developers to support windows devices and can't support all the games
  • TBH I didnt even really know this game was on Windows...I have an iPhone 6 (work device) and I play that all the time on there. Meh - sad to see it go...guess ill download it then
  • So we'll stop supporting then by refusing to pay for anything in the game? Sounds fair
  • Wha? I play this game everyday.
  • Uninstalling it from my laptop.
  • How come there's no reason or discussion of why? I find that unacceptable.
  • The more negative news that gets posted, the more that bloggers will hate on WP
  • Keep moving! Nothing to see here. No surprise. Ah ha, all falling apps are preparing for Windows 10 & will soon return! Keep telling yourself that Dorothy and maybe the apps will come home. Until then use mobile web. 2016 iPhone user, former L1520 user. I hope this statement us is not true. Keep fighting Microsoft!
  • Games like modern combat 4, modern combat 5, nova 3, dark knight rises, asphalt 7, amazing Spiderman, amazing Spiderman 2, gt racing 2 have also not been update for ages..
  • Looks like MS is stopping "app-encouraging" payments in the hopes of W10 success.
  • yea ok i guess i will have to move back in android i hope motorola mote e(2nd gen) have low price cause its look good but the problem is transfering the data cause almost no game support that
  • Maybe Gameloft will begin working on a new project, although not bad, with new games coming!
  • Gamelfot and other may be preparing for an overhaul to Windows 10, though this is WP community and MSFT revolution!
  • Why hasn't anyone from Windows Central staff contacted them for the reason of this.....? Why all the speculation.? Cry me a river then build a bridge and get over it
  • Gameloft please don't do this!
    Releasing the updates late for our platform is acceptable, but ending support for games is disheartening.
  • I think there is a version for BB10 too. What happened to that?