Destiny 2 physical sales declined 50 percent over the original in the US

While this data only takes into account physical game sales in the United States, physical sales declined more than 50 percent in the month of September compared to the 2014 release of the original game.

Though there are many factors that contribute to game sales, the decrease in physical sales to this degree is still concerning. After speaking with various analysis, CNBC concluded that "even if (...) digital sales are up significantly versus the original (Destiny), it is highly likely overall sales will still be down materially compared to the first title."

The original Destiny released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which had huge established player bases, ergo, enhancing sales. However, since, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console sales have increased dramatically too. Destiny 2 only launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a pending Windows PC release on October 24, 2017. The combination of the lack of last-generation support and an upcoming Windows PC version could lead to a decrease in sales, with a higher-fidelity version on the horizon. It's unclear if this would be offset by the increase in current-generation console sales. There are a number of factors which could be influencing how many people pick up the game but disappointment in the first title should also be considered.

Many gamers had issues with the game's "grindy" repetition and convoluted progression system. Bungie eventually reworked the title but still, many were turned away after this time. On Xbox One players were also held back by a marketing deal, which withheld content from the platform until late 2017. Many people felt that this was unfair which resulted in more people turning away from the game. While there's no way to ascertain exact figures, the original Destiny didn't have a smooth ride, and some of that sentiment may have carried across to its sequel.

After the Windows PC release sales might pick up but we have no way of knowing how much. We'll just have to wait and see until October 24 and after. Just like in the United Kingdom, Destiny 2 witnessed a significant drop in the United States which could be attributed to a lot of different factors, but we have to give Destiny 2 more time in order to correctly judge its success or failure in comparison to the prequel.

Destiny 2 is a great game and a lot of fun if you have the right team. Be sure to check our our review and the game at retailers. Destiny 2 costs around $50 on Amazon but is priced at at $59.99 on the Microsoft Store.

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  • after being a day one purchase of Destiny 1, and played countless hours on grinding wihtout getting the drops, and not mention still waiting for the PS4 content to hit after two years on XB1, i decided to skip Destiny 2.   I'm sure there are many more like me.
  • Me.
  • me..will take another look when its $20....
  • I don't think the first one is even $20 yet. Activision tends to keep their games overpriced
  • I think it was last week they announced all the exclusive PS4 content for D1 was released to Xbox, but seriously who cares after that long especially when they originally promised 1 yr exclusivity. And D1 has little support since D2 was released and not worth playing any more. Playing D2 (only purchased the basic game and not season pass), I've lost interest only after a month of playing it, whereas D1 it took around 11mths before dropping due to lack of interest. D2 isn't, it is D1.5 at best. Most if not all the enemies are the same, much of the environments and maps assets are reused from D1, guns and armour are from D1, or just reskinned. It stinks 'do the absolute minimum to get it passed as a new game', a basic money grab. Only 15% of players of D1 got through a raid and yet the raid in this game has made it ridiculous to get through. There is no way to support a team mate if they fall and keep the raid going except the very well known 'Okay that's a wipe (meaning kill yourself because one member is down and we can't recover from that unless we start again). You would think they create a raid that gives incentive to teammates to hero up and save the day to recover a downed player so the team can move ahead. The grind for tokens is very lame I'd rather grind for engrams. Tokens are very limiting as they can only be handed in at certain places only offering a small selection of items that any of the same item roll exactly the same.. as soon as you get one (or however many characters you have), you no longer need them. Very disappointing and it is good to see some fanboys realising this themselves and starting to question Bungie, whereas others really need to get a reality check.
  • You don't resurrect your downed players during raids? Why?
  • For “real” / honest reviews of this game, watch Angry Joe or Skill Up on YouTube. Destiny 1.5. Terrible end game. Single use shaders (ie money grab). Bungie seems like they have massive internal management issues. I put hundreds of hours into Destiny 1. But 2 just seems like a re-hash. I will skip it until it’s cheap on sale. They didn’t do enough. Lazy/greedy. 
  • Yup! I played the game out despite in the end. Graphics were fine, but so repetitive and the main story was horribley written. 
  • You arent missing anything. I put thousands of hours into D1 before getting sick of the repetition. I didnt make it 3 weeks with D2. Its just like D1. Once the story is done, its the neverending cycle of grinding the same content for loot so you can grind the same content some more. The game sucks.
  • Played the beta, saw the mess they had made of PVE for the sake of PVP, kept my money. And judging by the complaints about how dumbed down it is now was the right decision.
  • Sorry byt... How have they favored pvp over pve?  My clan only does pve and we don't really feel like we're missing anything by not doing pvp.  Most in the clan is also veteran D1 players and never once have they said anything about this being dumbed down. Care to elaborate?
  • It was an issue in the beta. Bungie has since addressed it. Apparently he never got the memo. His loss.
  • Right, my loss i don't have to deal with getting 15 of the exact same gun.
  • -longer ability/super cooldowns -two primary weapon slots + one for a special or heavy weapon -drastically simplified subclass skill trees   Bungie made all those changes to make pvp more balanced and more competitive. And i personally think those changes do take away some fun in pve, if you do not agree be happy and enjoy pve. But the worst thing is, they made pve worse for at least some pev players, but they did not even reach the goal these changes were made for. The only thing that is competitive in the competitive playlist is the name Bungie gave it, all those competitive pvp players also rant about the game, because there are no leatherboards and nothing else to achieve for playing competitive pvp. So yes, at least in my opition Bungie did make changes to favor pvp over pve, took away lots of fun from pve by doing so, why also failing terribly to push the competitive pvp side they sacrified pve to.
  • im assuming the original bungie staff stayed to make halo series. thats why people are complaining about this game.
  • Welcome to the light side Asher, thr community that doesn't ban/hide comments from commenters that do not agree with the Microsoft-bashing posts over at your old employer. :)    You were a fresh face over there and I'm sure you'll fit right in here. :)
  • Nice spotting there. Who does he replace or it's an expansion of the Windows central team.
  • He's probably brought in to broaden the WC-crew. He has a lot of ove for consoles and Xbox in particular so he will make a good addition. :)
  • No doubt he will. 😉
  • Thank you!
  • I didn't buy Destiny 1 because if all the promises about an awesome story and cohesive world nit coming through. So with all the issues of the first game rectified I bought D2. And I have to say itis great. The campaign is brilliant. And the whole cohesiveness of the world works so much better.  i play the end game, but not religiously. Just enough to be ready for Decembers DLC.  I'm very happy with it. After the Beta I played of D1 which was quite shallow. And the world felt hollow, D2 was like a different game to me.   
  • I also never played the original, so maybe it's best to just enjoy 1.5.
  • Destiny 2 is a much better game than the original but the main story (no side quests) takes just over 5 hours to complete. The rest of the PvE is intersting until you have done the public events a few times. Then it becomes rinse and repeat. I was never a fan of the crucible but this new 4v4 version along given with this week's iron banner are terrible. I play because my friends play and because Cuphead kicks my arse for hours on end and I need to feel good about myself after that.
  • lol
  • For CNBC to essentially say the game has bombed because of a huge drop in physical sales without having any numbers for digital sales smacks of lazy journalism. Good grief, we all know that digital delivery numbers for games, apps, music, and video has climbed significantly over the last three years. Until there are numbers for digital sales, this incomplete story is unfair to the game.
  • true.
  • Did you even read the article? It says even IF digital sales are up, overall sales are very likely to be lower. That’s not unfair or bad journalism, but common sense.
  • Yes, I read the article, and I stand by my statement. This is 2017, not 2014. As a typical guy, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who now tends to buy digital instead of physical media. Edit: BTW, I also read the CNBC article.
  • If you really did do all your research on this, you'd know that d1 had digital sales around "upper twenties" while d2 has around "mid-thirties."  So, yeah, digital has increased since 2014, but definitely not even close to enough needed to close the sales gap between d1 and d2.  That 2014-2017 digital sales increase is just ~5%.  Taking all that into account, overall D2 sales are probably around 45 lower than the original when you take into account digital + physical worldwide.     Digital sales will not astronomically increase in a three-year timeframe and Activision's comments further validate such a notion.  
  • Sure, total sales could totally flop compared to the first game. I still wait and see.
  • Because 30 Fps is not really performance
  • Happy to read this. Bungie sold their soul to Sony and made some pejorative comments towards Xbox, which is why they won‘t see a single dollar from me ever again. Glad to hear I‘m not the only one who’s not buying. They get what they deserve.
  • I bought all the Halo games but I decided to skip Destiny altogether. The mixed reviews on it didn't motivate me to buy it. 
  • Does not include Digital. Two less platforms launched on. PC release isn't out yet. Effectly non-news.
  • Activision's quarterly earnings indicate that digital sales have only increased by ~5% since 2014, so that's not enough to close the gap at all.   Doesn't matter what platforms the game has currently launched on.  The game has still sold less at launch compared to D1.   And yeah, there's the pc launch, but that's for another day of discussions.  CoD games is a good comparison.  The vast and large majority of its sales come from consoles and we can probably expect similar results for D2.  
  • I don't understand why this franchise is as hyped as it is. It's terribly imbalanced and is nothing but a tedious, repetitive grind, with a weak story and atrocious PvP gameplay. Everything even remotely interesting about it was done already more than a decade and a half ago.
  • Seriously, the pvp is absolutely unbalanced and a chaotic mess.   I like the pve side of things, but you can only grind so much of the same thing over and over again before you might or might not get that piece of gear/weapon you want.  
  • I tell u why, and this very simple:
    They developers of original Halo franchise, first Halo CE, last Halo Reach. People still waiting from them something great and they mind still voices:"they make halo"....)
  • Not surprised for me, i not bought first coz dont like it....second the same.....just not interesting.
  • Peoples learn overtime,Once a ****** game,forever a ****** game.
  • Except all the reviews for D2 are positive, and I have yet to have someone tell me not to get it. I'm waiting for the version that will include all the expansions like they did for the first game. I'd rather not take up my drive space, and hopefully it'll be cheaper than getting them individually.
  • Crap!!! My roomate commented using my acc! 😱😣. Sorry,  I'm not commenting on this topic sigh...
  • I bought digital for the second one because my disc player is broke. I regret it. Game is so boring to me. I really don't see what ppl get out of this over halo 5 which has balanced Multiplayer and 60fps
  • Idk about any of that my friends and I all agreed that Destiny 2 is a better game than Destiny 1. It play betters, has an amazing story, and didn’t take 2 seconds to complete more like 5 seconds :p. Ha 
  • Retail sales for PC likely won't show anything interesting either, as people only get a serial key (i.e. no cd) and still have to download the game. There's very little incentive to actually buy retail. Having said that, I have pre-ordered the retail version because it's AU$8-30 cheaper than anywhere online. The pricing on the Blizzard site being the biggest joke. That seems to be an Australian oddity though, with our jacked up pricing system
  • I bought D1 when it came out, I'm not buying D2.
  • I really want to play Destiny 2, but I know there will be expansions that will cost more money. Destiny 1 eventually came out with a version that included all the expansions. I'm going to wait for that version of the game.