Destiny 2 still set for a 2017 launch

Fans of Destiny will be pleased to hear Activision's first confirmation of the year that the sequel is still on track for a 2017 launch. The news comes from its latest earnings call, where we also learned the first information on this year's Call of Duty release.

As described by IGN who covered the earnings call, a "full sequel" will hit this year that will "broaden the franchise's global reach."

Destiny 2 was first confirmed about a year ago, and most of the team at Bungie is believed to be working on the project. That's about all she wrote right now, but as we get further into the year, and in particular around show season in the summer, expect to see a lot more.

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  • Destiny 2.  New Features: A story!
  • Yeah, I love the game for its well balanced multiplayer and overall mechanics, but man that storyline had no value or depth. I guess that's what happens when they make you the protagonist.  Not sure if 2.0 can improve it much. 
  • And you'll get to re-purchase the full game in order to have what should be DLC 3 times, instead of just two... bargain!
  • Yes!
  • Confirmation makes me happy.
  • Could care less. After they way they removed content for current owners for not buying the taken king, Bungie and activision can kiss my butt
  • That does stink, but it was the byproduct of them changing the way the game operated. Besides, $$$
  • definitaly 2 soon.
  • Story, better visuals, bigger levels, more gameplay mechanics. Borderlands 2 AND 1 still own Destiny in visual variety, locals and gameplay mechanics.
  • If it's not "Xbox Play Anywhere", I'll murder my pet chicken and roast him over a fire....... If it is, I'll still roast him.... I'm hungry