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Here's one developer's compelling case for why Bing is a worthy alternative to Google

Microsoft Bing Logo 2020 Hero Browser
Microsoft Bing Logo 2020 Hero Browser (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Luke Blevins is a developer interested in .NET, Azure, and Windows. He's also a contributor to the popular third-party file explorer Files. Over the last two years or so, the developer switched to Bing as his primary search engine. Blevins' recent Twitter thread discussing how the search engine has evolved over the years provides a unique perspective on Bing.

Blevins dipped his toe in the Bing waters before this recent experiment, but he never stuck around for long. That changed after Microsoft made significant improvements to Bing's results, design, and feature set. Mostly drawn in by improved searched results, the dev came to appreciate other elements of Bing, such as its rich UI.

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Bing also differentiates itself from Google by how it presents information to developers. Blevins points to an example from Arlo Godfrey, the person behind the UWP Community Discord server:

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Near the end of his thread, Blevins points to the value of Microsoft Rewards. He purchased an Azure t-shirt and donated $105 to the Khan Academy through Give with Bing. The rest of his reward points were given to the American Cancer Society.

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Blevins isn't alone in crediting Microsoft Rewards. Windows Central Editor Richard Devine argued that "Microsoft Rewards is the best Xbox feature you might not be using" back in December 2020. If you know how to get the most out of the Microsoft Rewards program, you can get Xbox Game Pass for free every month.

I spoke with Blevins regarding Bing's future and what's holding the platform back. "I think at a broader level, Bing is held back by societal pressure to use Google. This may sound trivial, but 'googling' is a verb now," said the developer. "Not to mention, my university classmates ridicule me for using Bing. Ultimately, it will be a battle of cloud compute and AI which Microsoft is positioned to succeed at with Azure."

Blevins represents a specific use case, but it shows that, at least in the eyes of some, Bing has improved significantly and is a viable alternative to Google. Blevins notes that he's in the United States, which is an important factor in all of this. Like many of Microsoft's products and services, the Bing experience is limited outside of the U.S.

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  • I've been using Bing for a LONG time, appreciating it as it evolved over the years. And I love the rewards points it generates - I use the points to rent new movies to stream on my xbox.
  • I've used Bing for years now. Never had any appreciable difference in search results. The most important thing to me is that I trust my information with Microsoft far more than Google (they admittedly get plenty of info on me as I use android, but every bit helps). I do also use rewards and always qualify for a $10 Microsoft gift card every month, which basically pays for my office 365.
  • Rich UI? all most people want from a search engine is a text box to enter what they want to search for, this is one of the reason why Google got so popular in the first place, when ever search engines of the time like Yahoo, Ask jeeves, AltaVista and Lycos had other stuff on the screen. Bing in the U.K is a waste of time, i don't use Google either these, I have been using Duck duck Go for the last 5 years at leats if not longer. I know DDG use Bing and other resources, but it still comes out with better results than Bing.
  • It’s the search results that are being referred to. Duck duck go actually uses bing for it results among other sources as well.
  • I use bing in edge, it definitely has improved and even use it on my Note 20 Ultra.
  • Bing is great. I just wish it had a dark mode on desktop. I've been asking for it for years... Google rolled out their dark mode and it looks great.
  • I agree... They seem to have rolled it out on Android in edge (I got notification lost week to enable it). I wonder how long til they can till it out on the desktop?
  • Yep! I've used Bing, as a software developer, for 10+ years and NEVER had a problem finding what I needed. The new UI additions are nice, but the results have always been on par. From my experience, anybody badmouthing Bing was basing it entirely on secondhand or anecdotal experience.
  • Bing experience is great for me in the UK...
  • Since we're doing testimonials, Bing is my default on PC, Phone, Laptop, FIRE tablet, and XBOX.
    Gets the job done.
    EDGE too, BTW.
  • I've used Bing for years and I honestly see no difference between using it and Google. Bing's much better than it used to be. (There was a time way back when when Cortana would suggest queries. One was "Who dies in Star Wars?" The answer was: Alec Guinness lol ...)
  • I'm a .NET developer and the fact that results on that subject seemed to be better in Bing than Google is why I started using Bing by default years ago. I'll occasionally do Google search if I can't find what I want in Bing but, while I've found the results to sometimes be different, I've not found them to be consistently superior in Google than Bing. I'm in Australia so I think that Bing may be better here than it is in some other countries.
  • I love the photos Bing has every day!
  • I was just going to say that.
  • I've been using Bing since it was named Windows Live Search. It's so much better than Google, and I love Microsoft Rewards. Earned hundreds of dollars over the years and mostly use it for Xbox games, movies, and apps in the store. Its a shame that people are peer pressured into using Google.
  • I help Bing out for location searches by contributing to Foursquare/Swarm — Bing uses the Foursquare API. I often find if I can't find it on Bing, I also can't find it on Google. Admittedly, Google does serve up better results on occasions — but they do have the advantage of literally billions more searches to fine tune their algorithms. I think it's good for the internet to have an alternative to Google — which is my main motivation for using Bing.
  • There's also just more location data in Google Maps. Way more. I still use Google Maps, unfortunately.
  • "I spoke with Blevins regarding Bing's future and what's holding the platform back. "I think at a broader level, Bing is held back by societal pressure to use Google. This may sound trivial, but 'googling' is a verb now," said the developer. "Not to mention, my university classmates ridicule me for using Bing. " Did anyone remember an article where Steve Balmer wanted to name windows search "Hey Bingo" but windows community won with "Hey Cortana". I do believe a then Balmer salesperson would have done a better job on naming Bing. I voted for Cortana then, in hindsight, I believe "Hey Bingo" would probably have worked better than "Hey Cortana" It is catchy, funny and could have stayed in lots of users' search conversation and help in its wide adoption.
  • The most frustrating thing about Bing is that when I search for something it often links me to the US website rather than the Australian website. Which is completely useless to me.
  • Been using Bing since it started and it has served me well as its matured.