Developer gets Continuum working with the Lumia 830

While not officially supported from Microsoft, a developer has been able to get Continuum working on their Lumia 830 running Windows 10 Mobile. It appears as though a quick Registry edit will enable the feature, though that doesn't mean that everyone should try it. Gustave M, as spotted by NPU, has posted on Twitter about the process.

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At this time, directions for how to complete the task have not been posted. Would you like to see Microsoft enable this functionality on older handsets as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • It's not possible due to hardware constraints. -Microsoft and a lot of other people Such lies, how are they not ashamed of themselves. It's one thing to say it wouldn't work well on older devices, and quite another thing to say it's impossible.
  • See they say it for giving a smooth and uniform experience and not one full of glitches !! 512mb ram phones did run win10 but it had quite an erractic experience and they chose to keep that out !! Plus to give an edge to new devices it also plays a part !! However , the former plays the role
  • W10 works great on the Lumia 630...   Just saying
  • Continuum its a feature,, not the base Windows 10 OS.
  • Unfortunately the decision is more of cutting back time resource from optimizing those hardware. W10M can actually run very well with S4 devices, maybe even with 512MB. It's really more on optimizing some bloat and minimizing background processes (means limiting how many apps on avarage can stay) and cutting some features that runs on background. Not to mention that the time they are releasing a survey about a certain build of W10M running smoothly, and it wasn't not just for older devices but sometimes even on newer ones simply because it was just that buggy at that time. Most issues were more on bugs rather than performance issues, which plaugue W10M for quite a while until on later updates.
  • Lumia 1520 and 930 both have the same chip as the Lumia 2520 tablet, which ran Windows RT and did video out, extended desktop and all. 
  • Which is why kinda doesn't make sense when the Continuum currently doesn't have a full floating windows and all other basic desktop features that we have back in the late 80's. I mean, is it Continuum on W10M supposed to be having a PC-like experience driven by a pocket device (smartphone)? The Continuum we have is even less flexible than Windows RT. Not to mention that Windows RT actually ran a same Windows Explorer shell we use on desktop PC's with x86/x86-64 hardware. It just in a nutshell recompiled to ARM and optimized it, then just have both artificial and natural limitation of not having to install any Win32 apps. Technically Win32 apps can be recompiled on ARM as long as you have the source, though in actual practice its way more than that, espeially the optimization part.
  • Lumia 1020 has 2gb of RAM and Microsoft still screwed us by not giving us Windows 10 update.
  • The 1020 had a pretty slow 2x1.5ghz processor that really isn't up to running W10 nicely, just like the 920. I still have both of those phones, and they even slowed down after Cyan.
  • there was no noticeable difference between two of my 1020s one on 10 one on 8.
  • I have a 1020 and a 640 both running the same version of W10M (Threshold). My wife has a 920 running Thresold too. There's very little difference between these phones in terms of everyday experience. 640 is a little faster and battery lasts longer than the 1020, though the 920 gives the 640 a good run for its money. That's it. In many ways the 1020 is still the superior phone because of its camera. Microsoft abandoned phones that were having teething problems with early builds. It would have cost them almost nothing to continue to support x20 phones at least as far as Anniversary, and it would have gained them a LOT of goodwill. The fact that these phones *can run Windows 10* and that the experience is *pretty good* with these final builds, is simple proof of this. MS shot themselves in the foot, fragmented the WP market, created ill feeling, etc., all for NOTHING.
  • It's the same thing apple does. They go for a quality experience. Better that than tons of negative reviews giving continuum a bad name.
  • Yes because the 950 had such stellar reviews on release. /s
  • Which make sense no doubt. After all we are spoilt from Windows Phone have a good user experience which generally known to run very well even with considerably low-end hardware yet still runs smoothly ang generally snappy as flagships with little differnce. Though technically they could've if they actually 'wants to optimize' it to work well. Snapdragon 800 is no slouch, heck Windows RT that have more "bloated" Windows Explorer shell can run on Tegra 3 (though at that time it was quite sluggish). Thing is why we don't have Continuum even on Snapdragon 800 is likely to do with something: - The USB 3.1 with Type-C which gives faster speed, utility and flexibility with more hardware accessory - To differentiate native W10M devices from older "Windows Phones" - Newer chipsets are generally better on general performance and more threads. Thus it can perform more optimally and hardware to support for them
  • How do you know its Microsoft and not the hardware specs in the devices aren't optimised, therefore the performance of continuum would be poor and tarnish the reputation of the feature?
  • I dont see that as a lie at all. The slower processor probably makes for an almost unusable experience. Its not exactly snappy on my 950.
  • They lied by claiming the processor wouldn't support dual outputs.  The real reason wasn't dual stuff at all but just that the Krait 1.5ghz processor was and is underpowered for such tasks.
  • It shouldn't really be a surprise that something like this is possible on lower spec hardware. I have a pretty strong memory of Joe Belfiore demonstrating a very early version of Continuum on an x20 or x30 phone. I think it was either a 1020 or a 930. No technical reason why these can't do a version of Continuum that doesn't involve simultaneous different screens. Since even a 1020 has a screen resolution which beats many computer screen resolutions from a few years ago, it would be perfectly capable of displaying a Windows 10 (not mobile) desktop interface.
  • Surely SD400 should be capable to render 1080p output - at some frame rate. But most likely it can do only one screen, while 950 can render two screens (phone + external) at the same time. Also we don't know how much "only" 1GB RAM limits functionality and speed. 830 could do "Continuum"? Yes. Users had been happy about it? Yes. MS wanted to release it that way? Heck no :)
  • Microsoft has no passion. 
  • it's because we have no potential
  • Another Blatent LIE by microsoft.  Just one of many!  like windows 10 is not smooth on 1020.  Mine was fine,  just as smooth and fast as my wifes 1020 on 8.  BBUUUUUUTTTTTT.  They wanted to squeese their user base out of mobile IMO>
  • Your definition of "smooth and fast" may not be the same as everyone elses. There are people who swear 30fps gaming is enough and doesn't need to be any faster. I've read a lot of posts that complained about how sluggish the 1020 ran with W10. In addition, having to support a completely "dead end" model (that is, there is no upgraded version) just adds to the testing costs. If they officially released it for the 1020, they'd have to support it, and the userbase probably wasn't big enough to warrant it. No one is entitled to the "next" version of a phone operating system. You get what you get when you buy it, and any upgrades are a bonus. Look how many Android phones are left running stock versions because manufacturers don't bother with upgrades.
  • Well, if it won't brick my device, why not!!
    I have no problem if it has any kind of limitations...
  • why not if not
  • I'm surprised it didn't happen first on a 1520 or a 930.
  • I'm surprised it didn't happen first on a 1520 or a 930.
  • a developer did it, most likely he owns 830
  • That's cause they did not want to put continum on it
  • Only wondering about performance really... Enabling it is one thing but actually being able to use it is another deal. Great to see this guy pulled it of though!
  • Read through his tweets and he says it works quite good. Awesome stuff!
  • I would rather like to get otg support for devices other than 950/950Xl, I could never understand why other devices don't have otg support.
  • Apparently its a hardware problem. The USB port needs to be configured in a certain way to support it
  • Until another developer proves that was also Microsoft BS and it works with a few tweaks.  
  • And yet a $25 android crappy handset I bought at the supermarket last month has it and even provided an OTG cable in the box...
  • Hmmm. I've been there :(
  • What is otg?
  • What is otg?
  • On-the-Go
    He's talking about USB port being able to host devices like memories, wirelees mouse, and some more devices that connects via USB (Not everything is available)
  • So all other lumias that has Snapdragon 400 & 1 GB of ram can run it . for sure, it will have limitations, but still good, i don't know how that works without USB Type-C connection port in the 830 !!? 
  • Miracast and Bluetooth
  • He's probably attaching to a monitor in some other manner (For instance there is an app for Xbox One that lets me output my phone's screen to my TV.. some Smart TVs will do this as well).
  • What app is that?
  • Looks like he's doing it wirelessly
  • Notice the "Connect" app the screen appears in....he's miracasting the continuum screen to another Windows 10 PC's screen.
  • yeah, looks like miracasting  is a probability , but i can't imagine the performance , actually , i tried the 950 xl Conitnum , looks like it need those specs to work fine, but with almost half of it , hhmmm, hopefully a video shall be released 
  • I would love for this to be officially released. Since the 830 is using a snapdragon 400 and has 1 gb of ram, that would mean that other devices (like the 640, 640 XL) could also take advantage of this. But we don't know if the performance is good, since we only got a picture, so if the performance is bad then there's no point in making continuum for lower end devices. Still, good to see that's it's a possibility! :)
  • My 640 XL is ready :D
  • Haha mine too! ☺
  • So is mine!!
  • Offically released...that is the winner of funny post of the day!
  • Yes they should
  • What if Microsoft deliberately disabled for other devices in order to promote newer devices ?
    What if continuum works "OK" in other devices ?
    830 has SD 400 so does the 640/640XL
    I would like to see continuum in my handset as well.
    Would gladly buy the display dock.
    Damn secret registry entries :D
  • sorry double comment sent from the app.
  • I don't think MS is deliberately disabling any phone, I truly believe they want to give the use the best experience possible. There is an article somewhere here speaking on 17 W10 phones and only 8 of the support continuum. Maybe its the hardware that not allowing for optimal performance and M$ doesn't want to just give us an OK experience.
  • Well they totally screwed that up when they first started killing the platform by moving from 7 to 7.5 and killing any good will developers had.  It just got worse from there.
  • Hm? 7.0 => 7.5 was a great update, where we got features instead of losing them how did that kill the platform?
  • I just hope they start selling those overseas W10 phones in America
  • Lies
  • They want you to pay a $300+ premium for a Continuum device. Can't say I blame them if performance is an issue, but cheap devices already have performance issues.
  • Would be interesting for kicks (but not worth buying a dock for, for me). If MS want this headline feature to get attention then they need to get it out there. Keeping it to the 950s which almost no-one owns (as they sold so terribly compared to other more successful Windows phones, let alone the competition) is effectively stopping anyone noticing the feature or wanting it. In this situation, exclusivity can only hurt sales. They need to get it out there. It's hardly as if it needs any serious hardware differences, so long as it has a suitable connection to the dock the rest is simpler than Miracast which the x30s can do fine.
  • That means it should work on L730 as well.... I think...
  • Posible but thats overkill for L830. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No thanks. I'll just buy a new phone.
  • As soon as details are available, I am trying this on 640, 1020, 920 and even 520! I'm quite sure that even if it can be made to work on x20 devices, it would be slower than molasses flowing uphill.
  • Tell me if u succeed...
  • I believe this is possible in every windows 10 mobile that supports miracast mirroring.
  • Bet it's slow a f
  • So long as the device can run 720p, using the monitor/tv should be just as quick as the normal phone screen. My 1080p 930 already runs at full HD. Why would a monitor cable slow it down?
  • That's pretty awesome, although I'm wondering its usability, I mean there must have been a reason why Microsoft didn't allow for older devices to be able to use continuum. Still pretty awesome that it can be done. Good to know my 830 can still do some kick ass tricks.
  • i need that
  • I would totally use that on my 640 XL & my wife's 640.
  • Mr. Gustave just earned himself a follower :D
  • So Windows 10 Mobile on a Surface 2 when?
  • I will try it on my Lumia 730 as soon as the method gets available for everyone. I don't care if my phone gets bricked. I guess the developer has used Interlop tools app on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Then it should work on Lumia 1520
  • Yes i want it on my L1520
  • I hope he posts the way to do it.
  • Yes we want it on old devices :)
  • No, I trust the decision by MS to limit the feature to those handsets they consider that will provide the quality of experience that they intend to bring to the public.
  • The guy said he had a few crashes but it works really well. Conspiracy confirmed?
  • crashes are enough to say that its not worth having it on a lower end device.
  • Or, the crashes just mean he's running Windows 10 for mobile.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're funny
  • You're funny
  • The real funny thing is,  he's serious!
  • It isn't 2015 anymore
  • Of course MS should open up this to older models, as well as letting every 8.1 mobile be transported to W10 (if the owner wants it).
  • Gustave said that this isn't a simple registry tweak. I'm gessing you'll also have to sideload an app for that.
  • Probably an app he developed. I'd love to get a hold of the instructions and everything to complete the process. I've already got a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, if I can just find a way to hook up my HDMI monitor, I'd be really, really happy, even if I have to purchase a MiraCast receiver for the monitor. I can deal with occasional crashes. I would really like to try this on my 640.
  • You only need a PC :)
  • contiuum on 520 confirmed
  • I bet it would be slow as hell :D
  • It should work on a L930 too. Before the Lumia 950(XL) where released MS published a video showing Contiuum, and the device they were using was a 930.
  • Ever heard of a simulation before?
  • L1520, wireless connected to Continuum, no problem at all.
  • I don't know what is the problem for call recording feature for old Lumia phones
  • They can't concentrate on firmware of older devices, if they wants to concentrate they would done voice recorder issues and hey Cortana issues on 930.
  • Yes we need it, yes yes, we need usb otg support and continuum
  • L830 and 730 has same processors and RAM'S. The only difference is Cameras' and Screen size (i guess). So it think it's possible on my 730 too :)
  • Mirroring the screen is not the same as continuum.
  • Would love to have this feature running on our phones..
    Lumia 640xl
  • Yes please!!
  • this means 730 too :P
  • I told them on the feedback platform, that It's a greedy venture to not let all Windows devices run continuum, but no, they didn't listen..... They wanted to promote the 950s. Tell me that It's not possible for all devices to run this continuum, seeing that the 830 can. They should just cut their loss on the 950s and sell the mid-rangers with pride and let the world know that Microsoft did something apple couldn't do. Simple
  • Yes totally trash their consumer user base...that is something that apple can't do.
  • I lost that ring which is on the top of earphone of my Lumia 830 and service center is not providing me the ring and just lie to me every week.
    Does anyone know if I can buy that ring online or from somewhere, I won't even mind buying the jack if that ring comes with it.
  • Folks this great to see happen but how useful is it. I figure some third party could make a USB to C adapter to get none Continuum Windows smart phones to use Windows 10 Mobiles OS continuum features. What is bothering me a lot is will Microsoft contine to make any lower price Lumia smart phones after the Surface smart phones debut next year. I hope that microsoft continues to sell the LUmia 640, 650 , 950( at 400 $ ) and the Verizon 735 because it's the only verizon Microsoft made windows 10 mobike smart phone on the Verizon network. The rumored "Surface smart phones are said to be very high end and expensive to be  targetted to sell to Businesses and Microsoft staunch Windows smart phone fans/users. microsoft I think would be making a big mistale to limit future windows 10 mobiles smart phones to just 2 groups. low income and average Folks should be able  to buy a windows 10 mobile smart phone too
  • Gustave M does the Interop Tools, which I have used to enable my Mobile Hotspot that was disabled by the provider, removed and replaced the Carrier Logo during phone bootup, and a few other tweaks that I've made to my phone. I would LOVE to have the tweaks for doing this. I want it, I want it, I WANT IT! Gustave, if you're reading this, please provide us the instructions and/or tools to make this possible? I'd love to test it on the Lumia 640.
  • Not happening for any of us: "well considering it involves unleaked stuff I can't really share what's needed. That's mainly why I'm not sharing" ->
  • Called it.
  • I want that in my 640 xl. At least for showoff
  • Do it
  • OMG YES PLEASE!!! :)
  • the only impossible thing is to run both the phone's screen and external one at once without a SD617 or higher, and somehow microsoft thinks keeping your phone screen on is a must-have enough to deem the other phones "incompatible"
  • This would be awesome
  • This is certainly needed on old lumias
  • I keep saying it often, I still think if MS brings system wide landscape support for mobile, screen mirroring with Miracast should feel like using continuum, without the task bar. more like windows 8.1
  • Great, let's see him do it on a Lumia 640 Xl! 
  • I'd rather see him do it on MY Lumia 640. Not just any one, but MINE. Hehe.
  • Hot damn! I guess I really shouldn't be surprised though since Microsoft.
  • For sure we would love to try. I am also using Lumia 830.
  • Would like to get it to my Lumia 930s