Parcel Tracker

RIP Parcel Tracker: 2010-2012

We have to paint yet another bleak picture for one of our favorite apps on Windows Phone: Parcel Tracker. The package tracker app was featured numerous times on this site and we always gave it a thumbs up, but evidently that wasn’t enough as the app has been removed from the Store.

The developers have evidently sent a news-update thru the app to current customers letting them know that development has stopped and the app has been withdrawn. While current users can still use the app when it comes to Windows Phone 8, you’ll be out of luck.

The developers cite that most users never bought the app and therefore it wasn’t financially lucrative enough to support it anymore. As we’ve heard from some devs before you have to be in Windows Phone dev as a hobby right now.

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Much like Carbon we find the timing unfortunate. Although Windows Phone 8 is far from a guaranteed hit, if there was ever going to be a massive push for Microsoft’s next "big thing" it’s going to start next week. We’re not sure why the developers couldn’t branch off into Windows 8 or even reach out to any Windows Phone sites.

To that latter point, we can say we’ve never heard from the developer for updates, promotions or any form of PR about their app, which in our mind is just bad business. There’s a reason why we do app promos, mention price drops or bring your info about apps and a lot of it has to do with how much the developer wants to engage the Windows Phone community. Would any of that have saved Parcel Tracker? Maybe, maybe not but even we forgot they existed with the thousands of other apps that have come out in the last few months.

Parcel Tracker was indeed one of the better apps for international users as it supported a plethora of shipping companies far and near (the list was seriously huge) and for that we’re very saddened to see ‘em go.


PackageTracker steps up to the plate

But this is Windows Phone so we’ll go and use the other great tracking app: PackageTracker. The app fetches for $0.99 and has all sorts of bells-n-whistles including a snooze function (no tracking alerts during certain hours), multiple-pinnable Live Tiles, gorgeous interface and other nice options. Only downside is that for many of you outside the US you won’t find the limited selection of shipping companies to your liking.

Have an alternative you like? Let us know in comments. Otherwise you can grab PackageTracker here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, oursooner314 and Paul B., for the tip

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