Developers react to the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks

Details of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaked earlier today. The information comes to us from developers with access to the Software Development Kit or SDK. We’ve seen some screenshots surface and a lot of details shared.

Thankfully, not all the fun was spoiled since the SDK itself still has a few surprises that no one has discovered yet. That and we can tell you there are a lot of consumer features not even in the SDK, like Cortana, the Action Center and a few other goodies. What we got today was the recipe book for Windows Phone 8.1, but you folks still want to see it in action. In other words, there's still more to come.

In the meantime, we’ve talked with a few developers to get their initial thoughts on the details in the leak. Mind you, they haven't seen the SDK themselves, but are familiar enough to know what it all means for them as a trade. We've kept a few of their names anonymous due to the sensitive nature of this leak today (Microsoft is not too pleased), but a few of them you'll be familiar with, so read on!

"I love how they made some of the standard UI functionality that people expect in a Windows Phone app (such as page transition animations, and the tilt effect when pressing items and progress indicators) automatic, so you don't have to code them yourself, just to match everyone else." –Anonymous

“From my perspective the audio and video editing/transcoding are particularly exciting. WP has been particularly lacking in that department up until now.” –Anonymous

“If the information leaked were correct, it looks like Microsoft is finally responding to critics who said their platform is too restricted and should finally provide developers the freedom to innovate on Windows Phone.” –Anonymous

“I can't wait to get my hands on the SDK, and can't wait to see what they announce at BUILD despite all the leaks.” –Anonymous

“The new SDK opens up so many possibilities in terms of unique and interesting applications as well as bringing the SDK closer in line with the existing Windows 8 SDK functionality. I see direct benefits for enterprise applications as well as client applications whilst still growing native OS functionality.” – Charl, developer of LiveGaming

“It looks like Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be an awesome update with some great additions for both users and developers. As the developer of a video-focused app, the hardware accelerated audio and video transcoding should prove to be very useful.” –Chris, developer of myTube

The leaks from earlier today on the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK revealed a pretty big amount of information. Things like single sign-in support for apps, VPN support, Wi-Fi Direct support, media editing, audio/video transcoding and more have been found in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.

Are you a developer? User? Sound off below with what you’re most excited about in the recent leaks for Windows Phone 8.1.

Screenshot in lede photo via @AngelWZR

Sam Sabri