DeviantArt launches universal Windows 10 PC and Mobile app

One of the most popular art-themed websites on the Internet is DeviantArt, which allows artist of all kinds to upload their work, communicate with their fans and more. Now the site has launched the first version of their universal Windows 10 app for both PC and Mobile users. However, this initial launch is a web-wrapper of the DeviantArt mobile site for the most part.

Here are the app's main features:

  • Watch Feed – a personalized and easy to access feed of every journal, collection, or status update posted by those you watch.
  • Notifications – the communication center of the app, where you can manage all comments, mentions, and replies.
  • Notes – chat privately with your friends and favorite artists.
  • Submit – submit art and literature to DeviantArt or compose a quick status update.
  • What's Hot, Undiscovered, Daily Deviations, and Explore – liberate and inspire yourself with browse modes comprised of extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by 37 million artists.
  • Status Updates – post short updates in a simple and direct format that lets you create informal conversations with your watchers.

In a recent blog post, DeviantArt says it does want to see input from Windows 10 users on this first version of the app:

"We are eager to see the community's response, as this will inform our commitment to future Windows product enhancements."

Download DeviantArt for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: DeviantArt

  • I see your point but I disagree.
  • I disagree as well.. just think it is funny. HSBC doesnt even bother to announce anything for Windows 10
  • Lol, were you responding to the blank comment, or was there actually a post?
  • There is a GIF in it. Wonder why it is not showing in normal mode but in Edit mode it shows again. Seems to show for him as well ^^ 
  • This app would be killer if it was similar to Brilli wallpaper changer. Select favorite artists, pictures etc, and have Glance/Lock, Start all change.
  • It's been a long time since I've been looking around for wallpapers and stuff, but when I did the DeviantArt site were a good place to find really nice looking pictures. Now I use Bings picture of the day. :)
  • Same here, Bing wallpapers are actually cool :D
  • I'm using for weeks now. Not really new.
  • Thanks for tipping everyone weeks ago.
  • believe me, I tipped. I also probably have a tweet about it, but I'm not gonna search for it now.
  • Tip hard or go home.
  • Yea Ive noticed from many tips that Ive sent to WC none ever make it, not sure whether they check that mailbox often or not.
  • He's probably in the same boat as me. I tipped WC several times using the Tip Us in the app, Facebook , and Twitter about Redbox dropping all Windows support and even sent screenshots and they never posted. Did it with a few other items and still nothing.
  • Even in twitter they never answer
  • Wasn't this reported some days ago too?
  • That was a 3rd party app.
  • Sweet.
  • Retrica is also coming soon to Windows Store. See here:
  • Nice
  • Another one, that's very good. Synology also released 2 apps very recently for Windows 10. I feel that things are moving in the right direction.
  • Good to see a well known art resource on windows phone!
  • Nope. They coming to windows since it's universal apps
  • It's a web-app with a splash screen that distorts when loading, and a 'share' option which does precisely nothing. Simply pinning the site from edge gives the same experience. It's nice that they have something official in the store, but it must have taken about 2 minutes to create and publish.
  • That was the first thing I noticed. One has to wonder; why even release an app if it's going to be a We-don't-really-care-about-this-platform web wrapper.
  • There's Live Tile :)
  • So its a stupid wrapper! That's pathetic. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At least it's something, even if it is a web wrapper with a bell and a whistle tacked on. Better than RedBox, which sorely needed just minor TLC, but was pulled instead.
  • Here's the problem with doing a web-wrapper as your first version. People are destroying the app with negative reviews because of it, it currently has 2.9, and most complaints are about the web-wrapper. So if they want to launch a legit app in the future, they'll have to start with the low ratings, whch is very hard to turn around, or they would have to remove the old "app" and submit a new one. The negative reviews could, on the other side, be more motivation for the developers to create a real legit app. So it could go both ways, depending how the devs see it
  • That ends up not being a problem. If they want positive reviews, they should launch a proper app from the get go. It's pretty obvious that providing the service with low quality will be met with lower feedback.
  • Yeah that's what i said ::)
  • Like, officially?! =D
  • Yes, but is only a web browser. Is really awful
  • Web Wrapper App?? No thanks lol
  • It's a peice of crap! Installed and uninstalled the same day. Even browsing the website using a mobile web browser is more convenient than using the app. No web apps please!
  • I hope you rated them and left a review. Let them know that Windows users demand more than just a web wrapper app. Let them know that this was highly anticipated and we are completly disappointed. And that developers being lazy is not going to earn them any money.
  • I did.
  • More proof the Universal app theory us working.
  • Web wrapper....christ, Microsoft still believes companies will take Windows 10 universal apps approach seriously? Here is your answer to that question. This is getting down right embarassing.
  • Web wrappers are easy and fast so good for prototyping stuff. (But I do agree that they jumped the gun, should have worked a liitle more for it). And if combined with a framework like Apache Cordova and some good JS libraries can turn out some neat stuff. The Halo Waypoint game and older Wikipedia app on WP7 was made using that.
  • Well maybe this is the result of Microsoft's web-based app builder service. If so, can we really expect anything else?
  • Really kind of embarrassing. A very poorly implemented wrapper. I'd rather have a handful of useful, well made apps, then tons of joke apps. I think thye're making fun of the Windows platform.
  • Is  crap 
  • Yay
  • Wish ArtStastion also made there app for windows...
  • There is nothing intrinsically wrong about Web apps. There are some excellent Web apps on the Store with ratings around 4.5.
    The only thing wrong is a bad app, be it a Web wrapper or otherwise. And this is a bad app.
  • No link to download it and I can't find it except third party ones :-/
  • I don't know why but John don't make the link to the store available in the mobile app. If you open the article in Edge, you will have the link.
  • Isn't there a Windows 8.1 version of it?
  • Cool though. Keep them coming.
  • YEAS!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYEESAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! ... I spilled my coffee... ._.
  • Awesome. About time.