Digfender, an underground tower defense game for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Store has plenty of tower defense style games to choose from and Digfender is one of the more unique approaches to the genre. You are tasked with digging beneath your castle in search of treasure and relics. In the process, you disturb a host of monsters intent on destroying your stronghold.

Digfender has two gaming modes, simple but nice graphics and plenty of upgrades to unlock. Game play is challenging but does have a slight casual feel (and that's not a bad thing). In playing Digfender for a short time, it comes across as an enjoyable addition to a crowded gaming genre in the Windows Phone Store.

Digfender has an introductory menu that offers you the option to jump into game play, access the game's settings and visit the game's Facebook and Twitter pages. Settings cover language selection, sound/music levels and turning on or off the vibration feature.


From the introductory menu, you will jump to the game's primary menu where you have access to the two gaming modes. The two gaming modes include a 60 level Story Mode and a Survival Mode. The Survival Mode becomes available after you complete the eleventh level in the Story Mode.

Along the bottom of the primary menu you will find options to access upgrades, castle builds, an achievements list and an encyclopedia that covers the different enemies you will face, your defenses and other gaming features.

Upgrades impact your defensive units and are available for purchase using the stars you earn during game play. These upgrades will increase the defensive units destructive abilities, range, the rate of fire, etc. Castle builds are available through in-app purchase and offers a variety of castle styles that have in-house defensive abilities and other special features.


Game play itself has a slight Dig-Dug feel to it. You begin at ground level and have to dig a pathway beneath your castle. You will run across relics, treasure maps and gold that can be collected and eventually you will unearth waves of monsters who will try to reach and destroy your castle.

Each gaming level starts you off with a supply of gold that can be used to build defenses and as you discover gold and eliminate the enemy, your gold balance will increase. Tower defenses include freeze, fire, lightning and magical weapons. Just tap on the area of the gaming screen you want a tower and a construction menu will pop-up. Tap on your choice, confirm the selection and you are in business.


Towers will fire on your enemy automatically, but do have a limited range of fire. Upgrades will increase the capabilities of these towers and if you need to relocate them, just tap on the tower to pull up the option to sell the tower.

As you stir up the enemy and defeat the wave, you will have the chance to dig a little deeper. If there are directional choices for your digging, multiple shovels will appear to allow you to change course. Once you hit another supply of monsters, your digging will be paused until all of the enemies are defeated.

Naturally, the goal of each level is to survive all the waves without losing your castle to the enemy. After you defeat all the waves in each level, you will earn stars that can in turn be used for those tower upgrades.

Overall Impression

Digfender is an entertaining Windows Phone tower defense game that sets itself apart from many of the other titles in this genre. I like the digging aspect for two reasons. It's different and it gives you the opportunity to influence the path your enemy takes.

The selection of towers and their upgrades will give you a plenty of horsepower to defend against the enemy assault. Graphics are alright and work, but I wouldn't mind seeing more detail, but with the smaller screen of our Windows Phone that might not be possible.

Overall, Digfender is a fun title to have tucked away in your Windows Phone gaming library. At last check, Digfender is rated at 4.8 Stars in the Windows Phone Store with several considering it the best tower defense game in the Store. I'd dial it down just a hair, but it is a good game.

If you've given Digfender a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. Also, remember to rate the game in the Store. It is an easy way to let the developer know what you like and what you don't like about their works.

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