Reach for the lasers - Digitally Imported client Beem Plus now free until March 1st

If you’re a fan of ‘addictive’ electronic music, odds are you use or have used the Digitally Imported website at one point or another. Digitally Imported ( started out in 1999 and has been a big source of electronic music for over a decade – amassing a loyal set of users and fans. While there isn’t an official app for Windows Phone, we’ve had two killer ones: Beem and Beem Plus, both from developer wunderkind Den Delimarsky.

Beem is being put out to pasture, but the good news is that Beem Plus (which just got an update) is free for the entire month of February. Why the change though?

Time can be a scarce commodity when you’re doing an internship at Microsoft and still wrapping up your undergraduate research. Since Den likes both trance music and building apps, Beem and Beem Plus have been projects of Den. And unfortunately, the amount of free time that can be dedicated to projects like this has been decreasing lately. Some changes need to be made, changes that only end up benefitting users.

So why is the free version of Beem getting the boot? A few reasons actually, the biggest being the unification of projects under one publishing roof.  Additionally, the server infrastructure was not adequate for a free niche application, which would sometimes cause service disruptions for users. You can still download it, but why would you when you can Beem Plus for free?

Going forward, Den plans on releasing a free, ad-supported Beem Plus application by March 1st. Which is also the day that the Beem Plus app currently in the Windows Phone Store will cease to be free. So stop reading this and go download the application if you’re into EDM.

Quick recap: Beem Plus is a kick ass Digitally Imported client. It got a big update a few weeks back that added some cool features. For example you can record a stream and upload it to your SkyDrive account, ringtone support for short EDM tracks you record, and integration!

Beem Plus is available until March 1st for free in the Windows Phone Store, download it here, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right if you’re in our Windows Phone Central application.

QR Logo Beem Plus

Thanks for the heads up Den!

Sam Sabri