Display a Windows Phone in Facebook chat

This is pretty humorous. Should you be on Facebook and wish to shout out at contacts about Windows Phone in chat, you can now have a small image of a Nokia Lumia 800 show up, thanks to Rudy Huyn, with the following code (see the above example):

[[308362632536465]] [[308362662536462]] [[308362682536460]] [[308362712536457]][[308362735869788]] [[308362759203119]] [[308362779203117]] [[308362795869782]][[308362809203114]] [[308362825869779]] [[308362872536441]] [[308362905869771]][[308362942536434]] [[308362972536431]] [[308363009203094]] [[308363022536426]][[308363042536424]] [[308363069203088]] [[308363115869750]] [[308363135869748]][[308363155869746]] [[308363189203076]] [[308363215869740]] [[308363239203071]][[308363282536400]] [[308363309203064]] [[308363342536394]] [[308363375869724]][[308363405869721]] [[308363419203053]] [[308363435869718]] [[308363469203048]]

Pretty neat, eh? Some free promotion for the platform.

Source: Rudy Huyn

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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