The Division 2 gets 'Mastery System' and more in upcoming update

The Division 2 environment

The Division 2 environment (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • The Division 2 is a third-person shooter from Ubisoft.
  • The game keeps on getting regular updates which enhance the experience.
  • An update to Expeditions in Episode 2 and Title Update 6 adds a Mastery System.
  • You can read about the other changes coming to The Division 2 below.

The Division 2 is the sequel to the popular first game that launched back in 2016. The game is a third-person military shooter that tasks you with stopping malicious forces from seizing control of the government in the District of Columbia.

The game has received a steady amount of content since it launched all those months ago, but there are even more additions on the horizon. Today, during a State of the Game livestream, Ubisoft detailed what's coming to The Division 2 with Expeditions in Episode 2 and Title Update 6.

  • A new Mastery System is coming to Expeditions, rewarding completion time on different difficulties.
  • Kenly College will return to regular rotation, with all areas open and a Diamondback rifle guaranteed on each Agent's first completion.
  • The new Shepherd System will award automatic endorsements to players who answer calls for backup and complete activities.
  • Invaded Missions are coming to Camp White Oak and Manning National Zoo.

You can read more details about the livestream here. The biggest change is that Expeditions is coming back and there's an actual reason to play them again. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for The Pentagon content, you'll have to wait another week for it to be revealed.

Do you still play The Division 2? What were you hoping to see out of it in the future? Let us know. Hopefully, The Pentagon content will be a meaningful addition to the game, but we'll have to wait until next week to find out what's in it.



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