The Division 2's 'Dark Zones' and 'Conflicts' are more dangerous and rewarding than ever

One of Ubisoft's most-anticipated new titles is The Division 2, the sequel to the popular first game that launched back in 2016. The Division 2 is a third-person military shooter which tasks you with stopping malicious forces from seizing control of the government in the District of Columbia.

Today, Ubisoft revealed more details about the multiplayer component in The Division 2. "Dark Zones" are back and they're more lethal than ever. However, they also offer unprecedented rewards. "Conflicts" remains the staple multiplayer player vs. player (PvP) portion of the game where you fight other players in a team. You can read the main points discussed by Ubisoft in the reveal below.

Dark Zones

  • Seven months after the virus outbreak, Washington is on the brink of collapse.
  • There are three new Dark Zones and two new Conflicts.
  • "DC 62" is an untested chemical which was deployed and it wrecked havoc on the city.
  • The Dark Zone is a place where anything goes, meaning other agents can kill you.
  • There will only be twelve players in each Dark Zone session you're in.
  • Just like the first game, these areas are filled with high-level equipment because they haven't been looted by scavengers.
  • Some of the items are toxic and need to be extracted before they can be used.
  • A lot of the loot can be used at the same time so you won't lose it if you die.
  • "Going Rogue" is still part of the experience but there are three different statuses depending on how "evil" you are.
  • The more rogue you go by killing more agents, the more visible you are on a map and the bigger the bounty on your head.
  • Dark Zones allow newcomers to withstand veteran players due to balancing changes.
  • "Normalized" Dark Zones make everyone roughly the same level, but "Occupied" Dark Zones are a free-for-all where your gear level matters.
  • Only rogue players can hurt other players.
  • You have to go rogue by stealing a chest or engage in another nefarious activity other than killing players from the beginning.
  • There will be new reasons to go rouge and score amazing gear or access hidden areas.
  • Going rogue puts you on the trail of the "Thieves Den" which cleanses your rogue status and gives you great loot.
  • The Thieves Den seems to be the ultimate reward for going rogue, but it's a tough road for those who attempt it.


  • Conflicts is an organized PvP experience.
  • You're in a team of four players who have to fight another team of four players.
  • Traditional modes like zone control and deathmatch are part of the experience.
  • It's not as interesting as Dark Zone, but it should appeal to players who prefer a traditional multiplayer experience.
  • Dark Zones and Conflicts will continue to evolve based on player feedback as well.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that it will exclusively release its games on the Epic Games Store going forward. Many consider this to be a major blow to Steam because "AAA" experiences generate a lot of revenue, much more than the sales of a lot of smaller games combined. However, Epic Games takes a smaller cut so the choice seemed like an easy decision.

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