The Division gets a new Global Event four years after it launched

The Division
The Division (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Division

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What you need to know

  • Global event Strike is live now for the next week.
  • Modifiers are applied to NPC enemies throughout the map.
  • Earn event credits to buy classified gear sets.
  • The Division launched back in March 2016.

This one slipped under the radar a little but there's a new global event to play in The Division. That's the first game, by the way, the one from 2016. Over four years on from launch, Ubisoft is still not only supporting the game by keeping the servers live, but actively putting reasons in there to go back and play.

Global events have been a staple of the endgame experience and Strike is the latest to go live for the next week. It adds a modifier to all enemies throughout every activity in the game, with the standard one being that once killed they explode. So don't stand too close.

Here are the details per Ubisoft's blog.

  • Strike modifier: Always active; enemies explode after a delay when killed.
  • Pre-emptive Strike modifier: Strike behavior, plus sustained incoming damage triggers a small explosion on Agents.
  • Tactical Strike modifier: Pre-emptive Strike behavior, plus enemies are marked using Strike explosions. When killed, they damage remaining enemies. Ally-to-ally explosion damage is increased.

As is traditional the higher the modifier you apply and the higher the difficulty the more event credits you'll earn. The reward for that grinding? Gear. Lovely lovely gear. The classified gear set caches cost 3,000 credits each so there's still a bit of a grind on to get them.

Better still it seems that this is only the beginning. Ubisoft says, "Global events are back in and scheduled in The Division" and that Strike is just the first of them. So, while it's not exactly new content, if you missed out on some gear the first time round or you picked up the game recently, there's at least still reason to play.

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