You can now download Flipboard for Windows 8.1

It’s finally here. Flipboard has been an app that’s been high on everyone’s list for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Today we’re getting Flipboard for Windows 8.1, with the Windows Phone 8 version coming later. Let’s check out what Flipboard for Windows is all about.

So what is Flipboard and why has everyone been clamoring for it in the Windows ecosystem? It’s a service that aggregates content from social media, websites and other services into a beautiful magazine format. It launched on the iPad in late 2010 and quickly was met with rave reviews from both users and tech pundits. It later spread to the iPhone and other Android devices since then. Now in late 2013 we’re finally getting the Windows version of Flipboard with the Windows Phone app to come later.

You’ll need Windows 8.1 to take advantage of Flipboard. The application really shines on a touch device like the Surface 2 or Nokia Lumia 2520, but you can definitely use it with your mouse and keyboard. Flipboard has been designed around all the new features in Windows 8.1, here’s what you can do with the app.

Flipboard Windows 8

This app hasn’t just been ported from the iPad, everything been built from scratch to make a native experience on Windows. When you first launch the app you’ll see the cover screen. Flip forward and you’ll select the categories you’re interested in – Your Twitter or Facebook feed for example or broader categories like design, technology, sports, and news. This will help you create your account and populate Flipboard with articles and stories that revolve around topics you find interesting.

Flipboard Windows 8

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be flipping and tapping away to browse the content you want. You can add more content by going to the discover section found on the homepage. It’s in the top app bar of the app if you’re curious. Flip forward to find a list of blogs and sites you might want to add.

You can take any Flipboard section and pin it to your Start screen. It’ll then have a Live tile that updates and refreshes with what’s new in that particular section. It also supports the new multiple snap views you get with Windows 8.1, so you’re sure to always have the content looking good no matter how big you’ve made the app.

We’ll have a hands-on impression with the app later. In the meantime, be sure to the get it for your Windows 8.1 device in the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the Store link @wpscoop (opens in new tab)s!

Sam Sabri
  • Flipboard... Pinterest... What's the difference
  • Funny guy.
  •   with Pinterest u pin stuff, with Flipoboard u flip stuff. U cannot do viceversa.   with Pinterest u pin stuff, with Flipboard u flip stuff.       u cannot
  • Two completely different apps
  • Flipboard is way different. It's more like Bing News on steroids. Check out the video...  
  • Ignorant much?
  • Might give this a try
  • Glad to see this on Windows 8. Wiating for it on my 920. Hope it won't be far behind.
  • This is really the top news aggression app...
  • Aggressive news? I hope not ... ;-)
  • Lol. I luv autocorrect :)
  • Horray! Finally... Windows Phone next please!
  • The Verge say that Flipboard for Windows Phone, Coming soon.
  • Till next year according to CNET
  • Next year is 1.5 months away. Not that long.
  • I can't find it in the Store on my Surface.
  • Use the link in the article - I couldn't find it either but the link worked. Downloading now!
  • ^This... is windows store(s) problem. Even with the redising the app store doesn't highlight enough, it doesn't rotate the choices often either. 
  • I have used it in the browser on my Surface 2.  It works quite well in the browser so I am not sure what more the app will add.  I have the link to it pinned, but I guess the app would have a live tile.  Flipboard can definitely allow you to dispense with hours of your waking life if you want to. The store lists x86, x64, ARM, so it would appear that it is available for Windows RT, I'll check when I get back home.
  • Wow!! Flipboard for WP!! Finally!!
    WTF is flipboard anyway?
  • Windows, not WP yet.
  • You're right, I was too excited for something I don't even know and I read the platform wrong
  • How is it different from Nextgen Reader or weave? Same idea different interface??
  • Exactly. And higher production value
  • What a big gap i was using this on iphone back in 2010, now available in 2013. Since i made the switch the WP8 this summer, i welcome this app. This is actually the only app i missed coming from iOS.
  • It's still not available for windows phone.
  • Yea, i know that. But coming soon is good enough. Than not coming at all. Mean while I will enjoy it on my surface pro.
  • I was waiting for this for a long time. It might be even a dealbreaker for me to get a lumia 2520. And with here maps it's an absolute win. Will see how it goes and may be will get that tab for christmas. :) Good morning news. :) and a good night for you folk from US.
  • Great they should hurry up with the WP8 version now
  • Flipboard for Windows Phone coming till next year though ):
  • Looks aiight. I'll download once it hits wp8
  • "The application really shines with a touch device like the Surface 2 or Nokia Lumia 2520." Sam, have you gotten your hands on a 2520?! Looking forward to that review and the head-to-head Surface 2 review.
  • Ahhhhhh.  Its here. And its a beautiful. LOOKS GREAT on my Surface RT. Absolutely stunning Flipboard team. Time to drop the news on Facebook.
  • Never used flipboard before, but I've always been looking for a better way to read news (instead of having to go site by site every 10 minutes). I'm absolutely appalled at FlipBoard. How this is considered release quality is amazing to me. Anything RSS feeds you click on when searching take you to an embedded browser instead of rendering the article WP Central doesn't appear to be a source, or whatever they want to call it, under the discover tab Most of the RSS feeds seem to be really out of date Too many results for the same feeds Terrible use of space on non tablet monitors for many articles Embedded youtube player's buttons are not in normal positions. Short articles have the same font size as everything else, and they make the block of test small enough that it is hard to read Links in many articles, at least the ones that are from an RSS feed, don't seem to work. Article text gets wrapped around images and videos in an awkward manner that make it annoying to read.   I'm sure I could come up with more if I spent another 20 minutes testing it out.
  • Tell us how you really feel
  • Lmfao!
  • I don't fell happy, these apps are not new , already available in others platform, feel shame for these apps , there are taking hell out of time to bring it to windows phone 8 .
  • idk, I'm just happy we have it
  • I don't see it when I search for it...
  • i didnt see it either in the store. restarted my pc and it still didnt show up. thankfully someone in the comments said to click on the link in the article. im signing into flipboard at the moment.
  • FP really isn't needed on W8, becasue we have news.  It's just as good if not better.  And why does it need access to my webcam.
  • So your private bits can show up on everyone's stream! I avoid apps that request things like that- where it has no need for access. Thanks for the heads up.
  • It wants camera access to be able to take a picture for your profile I think.
  • Then it shouldn't require constant access. I'm not saying that it is always watching you, but in theory you just gave it permission to turn on when you aren't expecting it. I also think most people have a digital picture of themselves, rendering the need to snap a new profile picture pretty moot..
  • Saw this, got so excited until I realized it's just for Windows 8.1 not WP :(
  • WTF, this is even worse than a beta app, can't do shit :s
  • Agreed. I don't usually complain about new apps but this one is pretty bad. I feel like I am absolutely forcing it to accomplish anything. It is first version so hopefully an update will come soon.
  • Gonna download it first thing tomorrow on my Surface 2. Now, onto Windows Phone!
  • It looks so beautiful on my Surface 2!!! I think I'm going to cry! This is the last app I was waiting for!!! Now I am totally satisfied!!! Well, still need the windows phone version.
  • Is it really good? Other comments say it is crap. So which is it?
  • I had this on my old iPad before I dumped Apple and it was all I used on it. It was hands down the best app on iPad. This version is even better! I have np idea what these other folks are talking about. This is a stellar app that all by itself puts Windows tablets on another level!
  • Doesn't work Windows 8, it needs Windows 8.1
  • Loving it. It's the only app I truly missed when I switched from an iPad to my Surface RT. Now my RT is perfect. :-)
  • If it's powered by a tegra 3, it's no where near perfect.
  • I don't get all the fuss about flipboard. To me its a weaker aggregator than the wp home screen! Only useful for those news sites that don't have a native app on wp yet..
    Do let me know if im missing something..
  • Same here, I don't get it.  Bing News is the aggregator that I find least annoying, I don't "get" the big deal with Flipboard or Currents.  I think it's maybe because I am primarily interested in news.
  • I just like the way it lays out all your news together like a magazine or soemthing, and smoothly
  • Will try it out to understand it. Had seen it once an year on a colleagues iPad. Looked a lot like wp home screen to me. Pin cnn, bbc, bing news, India today, ndtv etc to your home screen and walla, flipboard. That's how i remember it at least.
  • OK, I can understand that and it does seem to do that well.
  • i have internet explorer.  why do i need this?
  • I don't get how it's different from weave or nextgen reader. You need it so you don't have to jump from site to site I guess.
  • Got it. Pretty nice app.
  • Why can't I log in using my existing flipboard account? It keeps on prompting me to sign up even I got my ID and password correct?? It looks buggy.
  • Looking forward to the WP version
  • how do i add accounts like youtube to the flipboard??
  • Getting "Flipboard is under maintenance" message. Anyone seeing the same?
  • Me too bro
  • Loved this on my iPad and nexus. Hope its just as good on windows, and hope we get it soon on WP. I can't seem to find it on the windows store though:/
  • This app is awesome! I love it in Windows 8.1.
  • Well, still waiting for the Windows Phone version. And what about Instagram, Path, Pinterest, SnapChat, long is "in the coming weeks"?
  • That's the new term for indefinitely. When my gf asks when we're getting married, I'm jus gonna say "in the coming weeks" even if I mean a few years. Just keep 'em waiting
  • Coming soon....its been coming soon since july
  • I really like how they begun from scratch instead of just porting it
  • Like it but logo is horrible
  • I love live love this app. Can't wait for it to come to windows phone. One reason ill be getting the lumia 1520
  • Tried it for the second time, but nope. I just can't understand how this is useful, specially when you have your favourite social networks and websites pinned to your home screen. I could never trade those customized experiences for one that treats so many different subjects and presents them as the same.
  • This app is great. I like it a lot better than the Android versions I've tried. In my opinion the negative comments are from people who are assuming Flipboard is an RSS reader. It really isn't & is the same on all platforms. Flipboard is for "curated" content. Install the extension to your favorite browser and send articles to your personal magazines or subscribe to other people's "curated" magazines. That is where Flipboard really shines.
  • Exactly!!!
  • Where are the complaints? It's a given that old apps made available on WP have quirks and unforgivable omissions.
  • how to do change font size?  I could not find it.