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NFL quarterback Drew Brees talks Cortana, Surface and Super Bowl predictions with Conan O'Brien

NFL quarterback Drew Brees was on the Conan talk show to discuss the Super Bowl. As well as going into some detail about his personal predictions this year, Brees also touched on Microsoft technologies, namely Cortana predictions and Surface on the sidelines, noting how the personal assistant has successfully predicted 67 percent of results.

Conan brought up the whole situation surrounding Microsoft's Surface tablets when network issues caused the devices to not function properly, leaving players and coaches on the sidelines without access to tools and relevant information. After watching through the above clip, at least we know players aren't gazing at pornography instead of focusing on the game.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Dennis T., for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Conan is the best late-night talk show host.
  • Could've done without the pornography remark.
  • Aw, so sensitive aren't we?
  • Maybe we all should be as sensitive. Pornography is the killer of your soul, maybe you just don't know it yet. It's a product that people fill the hole in their heart with thinking it's helping, it's not.
  • Phonohraphy?
  • There's lots of "phonography" on this website. I've seen so many sounds represented by symbols on here it's unbelievable! LOL. 
  • If people enjoy it and nobody is getting hurt, who cares? This arbitrary set of morals for everyone is what isn't helping.
  • Agreed.
  • Oh look a bible thumper
  • The Bible, Jesus, God, or anything else religious wasn't even mentioned...
  • It didn't have to be. 
  • Uh, it kinda did lol
  • Killer of my soul?  Ok pal!  Go pray or something... fanatical zealot
  • Yup, praying for you brother. The hate in your heart is strong, I'll pray that the Lord gives you peace.
  • Oy vey!  Give me a break..
  • I guess I don't get your anger at what I posted, I didn't attack you, are you defending the honor of pornography? Still praying for you however.
  • I don't see him as being angry, I just see you and your holier-than-thou attitude raising your nose at him like you are better in some way. (Now all I can think of is the Hybrid episode of South Park). Love the "praying for you" BS. Get out of here with that. Who asked you to.
  • Holier than thou? You don't even know me, I commented on what I think pornography is, that's not holier than thou. I did not once condemn anyone for looking at pornography, you're reading a lot into what I said. Nobody asked me to pray for them, I do it because I want to, not because I'm better than anyone, we're all sinners, we all sin everyday. We all need someone to pray for us. So anyway, it was really an interesting result of this comment. The guy who is trying to give his opinion on something, to maybe give insight into something is attacked, but yet pornography is defended.
  • Holy crap, I don't even no where to start here. So I am not going to. I will just leave it at this. Nobody asked you to pray for them and by his comment he probably doesn't want you to, myself included.
  • Maybe you should investigate who believes they are holier than thou.
  • I appreciated your opinion. It seems that those that are upset over you staying your opinion are overreacting. It's a very strong response to something they don't even believe in. You even acknowledged that you chose to say you were praying for them. At that point it doesn't matter if they want you to or not, you've already started your intention to do so. Why they feel the need to say please don't I don't want you to? That is a form of condescension to illustrate their opposition to your belief. That is "holier than thou" if I've ever seen it. As for where I stand, I don't care who believes what, as long as it isn't affecting me. I myself have dealt with addiction to pornography so I understand how it can be seen as "soul-killing" and that has nothing to do with religion or morals. Since no one else wants you to, go ahead and pray for me. I appreciate it, even if we share different beliefs. The positive will towards me makes me feel better. Thank you.
  • That is such BS, not everyone has the same beliefs. When someone states they are praying for you they are implying that your soul needs to be saved and they are taking it upon themselves to do so. That is absolutely a holier-than-thou attitude. Overreacting is what happened above. Overreacting is setting arbitrary morals upon someone who does not share the same ideals. As far as the specific to porn. Yes, there can be addictions and problems that come with that. Same as any other form of enjoyment. Cars, video games, music, etc. Anything can be abused to the point of it being an issue. The problem with porn though is that it is taboo. My problem is, if nobody is being hurt, then who cares. And when I say nobody I am also including the viewer.
    Regardless, telling someone you will pray for them is a passive aggressive way to tell a person they are a bad person based on what THEY believe to be the correct moral standards.
  • You don't see him being angry because like him you are probably a anti-religious bigot. You guys need to calm down. No one is trying to bring you 'salvation' Why do people like you get so sensitive? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You r the one who is sounding like a anti-religious fanatical zealot. Calm your **** down....unbelievable. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I totally agree. :(
  • "Fills the hole", indeed!
  • LMAO
  • Only if you think it's real and don't see through the BS that is the "Magic of Cinema" as always, "the internet is for porn" ;p
  • I should have been clearer. Pornography in a professional setting such as pro sports or late night TV just seems unbecoming to me.
  • A professional setting such as late night and sports?? Do you watch late night tv? And as far as sports/football... These are a bunch of testosterone driven dudes. Those two settings strike me as not professional at all or wanting to be.
  • I agree. I should have replied to this comment but it ended up below.
  • I didn't see where it fit in either. On a professional publication they could have said any other form of entertainment but they course that. Porn doesn't cross my mind when discussing Surface, pro sports, Drew Brees, Conan, etc. It wasn't bad to mention it, just odd placement. More relevant would have been "at least we know they aren't gazing at old Super Bowl commercials instead of...". I hope that helps illustrate the point.
  • This is what I meant. Thank you for stating it so well.
  • And as I stated. When did late night TV become a professional publication? That is why it is late night TV and not prime time. - With that, I do agree that I also never would have thought to say - I figured you were watching porn. It would have never crossed my mind. But, again, this is late night tv. Those are the kinds of 'jokes' you should expect. Heck, go watch Carson. He tells very sexist and racist jokes. It was a different time, I get it, but sometimes he will tell a joke and I go "whoa". I am not offended by much, but I am offended by racists and bigots, and... apparently people who tell me they will pray for me. All that said, Carson is still hilarious and I love watching him every night before bed.  
  • I agree.
  • He was on a Sports Center segment this morning and dropped the "Microsoft Cortana" game prediction results for the year.
  • It's almost as if someone paid him to promote it (which wouldn't be the worse idea considering Microsoft's marketing efforts in the past)
  • I wonder if Drew is being paid by Microsoft, because if he's not I'm impressed that he is such a good spokesman.  The fact that he set the record straight on the network issues, that the predictions are great, that he loves using the Surface are great signs.  He even brought up Xbox and Hololens.   
  • Yes, he is paid by Microsoft. Drew Brees, Clay Matthews, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Marshawn Lynch have all recently appeared in NFL on Xbox One commercials.
  • But are they being paid as spokesmen or just as actors?
  • Russell Wilson definitely is being paid as a spokesman. Not as clear about the others.
  • Why not check with his Agency, that's how it all works man...look it up and get in on the action. He's not in the industry for nothing ya know... ;p
  • If MS is not paying him I think they're missing out on a good marketing campaign.
  • Why do you need to assume that he's being paid to like the Surface, Xbox and Hololens?  I have and like two of them and i'm not being paid.
  • Because he's a celebrity on a late night show?
  • Product Placement at it's finest. Can't complain though. Microsoft receives so much crap from everybody but they're just trying to advance the world.
  • It's nice to see this come out to the greater public that it was a network issue. Conan is one of only truely funny talk show hosts.  Brees is a classy guy.  Good clip.
  • Drew said it clearer than Microsoft did. Good job Drew. :-)
  • Awesome!
  • Nice! LA proud. Geaux Saints
  • Mr. Brees seems pretty well-versed in Microsoft tech, which is very refreshing. He did a very nice job explaining the situation in layman terms; Microsoft, I think you should consider him for some advertising!
  • next gen stats from xbox? were was cortana mentioned?