Duck Destroy, a Windows Phone game where no duck is safe

Duck Destroy is a fun, somewhat challenging arcade game for your Windows Phone that calls upon you to blast ducks out of the sky as they fly across the gaming screen.

You play the role of a fox who has been tasked with fetching dinner. Armed with everything from a slingshot to dynamite to an assault rifle, you help guide the fox through fifty levels of play that span a wide range of environments.

Available for low-memory devices, Duck Destroy is an entertaining addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

Lock and Load

The main menu for Duck Destroy is straightforward with options to view your gaming challenges, access the settings, play the game, replay the intro video, visit the game's store and access the developer's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Settings are brief with options to select your Country, mute the sound, view the About page and restore your purchases. You can also connect the game to your Facebook or Twitter accounts

The challenges/achievements, affectionately titled Granny Quests, range from shooting down a set number of ducks, use dynamite a set number of times, etc. The game store is where you can upgrade your weapons, pick up a few odds and ends to help you destroy the ducks (dynamite, grenades, etc.) and other power-ups to help get you through each level of play. Most of the items can be purchase with the gold coins you earn during game play while others are available for in-app purchase.

The fifty levels of play span three environments, farmland, a winter wonderland and a space theme. Each level will have an objective that has to be reached before time runs out. You also have the added challenge of missions within each level that will help your overall score. These missions will be listed prior to the launch of each level.

Game Play

Duck Destroys game screen will display your vital statistics across the top of the screen that include your golden egg count, your points total, timer and lives. At the far left of the stat bar you will see a joystick button. This will adjust the sensitivity of your targeting movements. If you feel the targeting is a little sluggish, tap the button until three dashes appear to give things a little more zip.

Along the left side of the game screen are your mission counters and in the lower right corner is your weapon of choice.

Prior to each level, you'll have the opportunity to visit the game store you upgrade your weapon and/or stock up on supplies. Any bonus items (dynamite, grenades, etc.) will be displayed in the lower right corner as well.

Game mechanics are rather easy. Just tap/hold the screen to scroll around to aim your weapon and tap the weapon for it to fire. Reload times vary depending on the weapon. You start out with a slingshot, which takes about a second to reload in between shots. The pistol is a six-shooter and will take a few seconds to reload.

As you would guess, ducks will begin to fly across the screen and it is your job to shoot them down. Duck Destroy has a nice range of ducks with some being able to be downed in one shot while others take multiple hits to down. You'll even have angry ducks pop out of bushes who will through things at you. Get hit by an object and it will cost you a life.

You will notice that some ducks drop a golden egg when shot. You can collect that egg for bonus gold. You will also have power-ups float across the screen from time to time. Just shoot the crate or balloon to have the item fall to the ground and tap it to collect it.

All it takes to complete a level of play is to fulfill one of the three missions. Should you succeed at a level, you can play a mini-game that can multiply your winnings. Just tap the dice button on the scoring summary page and you can play a slot machine styled game to give your winnings a slight boost.

Overall Impressions

Duck Destroy has its challenges and is a fun game to pass the time with. You will find yourself with both hands full with this game, using one hand to target and another to fire your weapon. The mechanics aren't bad but I would have like to have seen a larger fire button. There were plenty of times I would miss the weapon or tap off screen. Maybe the game could give you the option to double tap the screen to shoot?

Animations are nicely drawn-up and with fifty levels of play and over 150 missions to tackle, Duck Destroy has plenty of game time.

While I would have like to have seen a help section that described all the types of ducks and summarize the power-ups, the game is easy enough to figure out after playing a few levels.

All in all, I found Duck Destroy to be an entertaining game for Windows Phone well worth a try.

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