Dungeon Hunter 5 lands on Windows and Windows Phone as a universal app

Though it's a day later than originally announced, the latest iteration of the insanely popular Dungeon Hunter series brings players a brand new multiplayer mode and a new evolution system for gear.

Here's a rundown of what you can expect from Dungeon Hunter 5:

  • Embark on a Single-Player Campaign through 5 Realms and countless dungeons!
  • Hire your friends or other players as Allies to help you on your journey of vengeance!
  • Craft your own gear with no restrictions: Fuse and evolve up to 46 armors and 150 weapons!
  • Five elements to master for a power advantage against the enemies of the depths!
  • Unrivalled hack 'n' slash action and revamped animations and controls for the most amazing moves!
  • DH5 offers AAA graphics and intricate details to bring the game and story to life.

As far as story is concerned, Dungeon Hunter 5 plants players in a world shattered by the demon invasion of the previous game. Players will slash their way through dungeons as a bounty hunter, seeking revenge and cleaning up a broken world along the way.

If you want to give the game a shot, you can hit up the store links below to grab the game for free on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. If you're curious to see our initial impressions of the game, we got some pre-release hands-on time with it during PAX South in February.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips!

QR: Dungeon Hunter 5

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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