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EA celebrates Easter with Spring Sale covering 12 Xbox Games

To celebrate the Easter holidays, EA has launched a Spring Sale on the Windows Phone Store. Twelve highly rated games are available with discounts included, perfect for consumers who are looking to stock up on games this weekend and beef out their Games Hub on Windows Phone 8.1. Pass the break for details and store links.


FIFA 14 is a top sport game for Windows Phone. Matching the intense play found on consoles, enhanced for mobile play, players are tasked with taking their favorite (or not so) teams to greatness with countless victories under their belt. There's 34 leagues to choose from with over 600 fully licensed teams. The game itself is free to download, but there are in-app purchases available.

  • Download FIFA 14 (1GB or higher – 888MB – free) / 50% off Jumbo Gold Pack via in-app purchase


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

The super-popular defence title that started everything off in the garden and eventually brought us PVZ: Modern Warfare on the consoles. Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone tasks players with protecting the front lawn and the door to their house with an array of plants ready for battle. Numerous zombies are on the way, are you ready to bolster the defences?

QR: Plants vs Zombies

The Sims 3

Sims 3 Sale

If you've been searching for a real life simulator, look no further than The Sims 3 for Windows Phone. Players create and customize a Sim and then try to complete various goals with him or her, such as getting a promotion at work and kissing another Sim. It's a brilliant series on PC and consoles, but we've previously noted how the Windows Phone version doesn’t quite match up.

Still, more than worth the purchase at this price and the game will surely suck some hours from your day.

QR: Sims 3

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed

EA has managed to make Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit one of those games that you simply cannot cease playing, but hate to play at the same time. It's a great racing title for anyone to enjoy with awesome visuals and the like. But the positives halt there as grinding comes into play, alongside some serious loading times and more. That said, it's worth checking out if you're desperate for a decent racing title.

QR: Need for Speed hot Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

When you're not seeking a thumbs workout with EA's racing titles, there's always Trivial Pursuit to chill out to and test your knowledge. In this popular game you roll the dice and move playing pieces around the playing board. The colored squares you land on represent a trivia category you will have to answer a question on. Sounds simple enough but these questions can be a nightmare.

Download Trivial Pursuit (28MB – $1.99, usually $2.99)

QR: Trivial Pursuit

The Game of Life

Game of Life

The Game of Life brings the popular board game to your phone. As the name suggests, it simulates a person’s path through life, from getting a first job, going to college, getting married, having kids, and eventually retiring. Players spin a wheel for movement, collect ‘Share the Wealth’ cards that help them or hinder opponents, and occasionally choose between different life paths to follow. Think of this as a board game version of The Sims.

QR: Game of Life

iBomber Defense

iBomber Defense

It's not often when we call out games and recommend everyone to avoid them, but iBomber Defense is the exception. It's a buggy experience that should be left well alone, unless you're seeking a World War themed tower defence game, of course. While this port is on sale, we urge you all to reconsider hitting that download link.

QR: iBomber Defense

Flight Control Rocket

FC Rocket

You’ve all probably played the original Flight Control, but have you checked out the superior sequel? Flight Control Rocket switches things to a retro sci-fi setting in which players must help incoming rockets land on a space-faring mothership safely. You do this by drawing paths from each ship to the appropriate runway, all while trying to avoid collisions. It's a highly addictive, yet challenging game.

QR: FC Rocket



Blobster is an interesting game available on the Windows Phone platform. It's not the best title on offer as the backgrounds are completely flat and the rest of the visuals lack flair as well. But the Achievements are pretty quick and easy, thus Blobster is well worth picking up if you happen to be an achievement hunter.

QR: Blobster

Jet Set Go

Jet Set Go

If you've been meaning to play Sally's Salon, but haven't due to feeling awkward with the feminine theme, Jet Set Go is right up your runway. It's a time management game that looks quite a lot like Sally’s Salon, but instead of running a salon or a day spa, the game puts players in charge of a travel agency. Players are tasked with tending to the various customers involves a variety of light travel-themed minigames like choosing destinations, hotels, itineraries, and more.

QR: Jet Set Go



This is a major adaptation of the popular board game RISK. The aim of the game is to defeat other players by breaking through enemy strongholds with brute force and the luck of the dice. It requires a strategic and cunning mind to effectively manage troops on the battlefield and protect those vulnerable flanks. Highly recommended.


Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz

Tetris is an old house favourite when it comes to puzzle games and the Windows Phone version is no different, which has now joined the other EA titles in this Spring Sale. There's not a whole lot to say about Tetris Blitz except you should go and download it right now.

QR: Tetis Blitz

Source: Windows Phone Blog; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • Well because I like free things and discounts may as well download now lol. Plus I don't have to be afraid of running out of space now that we got SD card support. I used to always be nervous about downloading much on my 1520
  • Should have been absolutely free....
  • No free ,no party :v
  • So get the free ones?
  • Lol
  • Gameloft and Nokia is better giving their games free!
  • +1520
  • Ha. Only decent game in that entire bunch was the golf.
  • Nope. Gimme Real Racing 3.
  • Yea give me nfs most wanted
  • Will we ever get PvZ2??
  • The Sims 3 on WP sucks! I wish they optimised The Sims Freeplay so it worked on Lumia 625 :[
  • Can you use Microsoft account to pay for in app purchases? I got £20 from Nokia the other day
  • Yep Daniel :), i got £10 worth of 'free' money put into asphalt 8.. A waste it turned out, but a free waste!
  • I'm pretty sure it isn't PVZ: Modern warfare, garden warfare?!
  • Hah thought the same
  • These games should be 99 cents as old as they are.
  • Where the hell is family feud and pvz 2
  • How about Windows 8? Any sale?
  • Feel strange why can't buy any pack in fifa14?? Server
  • I go to FIFA in-app purchase and I don't see my Microsoft Account as a payment option (it takes me to a page and when I click change payment options, it's not in the list.) 
  • Same here! Is there any solution
  • I bought Plants vs Zombies for my WP 7.8 and it was 3 euro , same game for Android is under 1 euro and PvZ 2 is also free there (on WP will arrive in 2019 or later and it will be paid of course) .  My next phone will not be WP for shure .
  • same here, never WP again!
  • If I recall, PvsZ 2 is a 'freemium' game so while it may be free to play, you'll have to pay for upgrades and what not.   Won't be missing it much if it didn't make it to WP.
  • The fact that FIFA 14 does not support payment via Microsoft gift card makes me want to boycott it
  • Wish FIFA 14 was available for 512 MB RAM devices. It's a shame that low end phones users who contribute maximum to market share are forbidden for such a magnificent and hugely popular FIFA 14 while it is available on other OS.
  • Love This sale, but in India we can purchase apps and games only if we have a credit we card.
    Hope Microsoft adds other payment options especially debit. Most of youth here have debit cards.
  • Wtf no mass effect? Should have been titled ea giving great deals on junk!
  • If you find that you can't make a store purchase using your PayPal account because you switched your region to USA. Simply switch back to your country, buy the app, and then switch back to USA to get Cortana back. Note: I ran the app before I switched back to USA Region. Everything seem to work as expected.
  • Always wanted to get Trivial Pursuit, but it's got bad reviews and I don't know if anybody still plays?
  • Agree
  • In-App purchases should be banned. Tetris Blitz would have been great but its only good if you're willing to dump money into it. I would rather pay for the game up front.
  • 99 cents like android and los, if not i will not pay more than 99 cents, be competitive Microsoft and publishers or you will never see my money. In the end if you don't deal with the problem you will no get more customer's
  • LOL, it's funny because of how overly-exorbitant these prices were to start. Now, with these sales, the prices are still too high, just not stupidly-high like before. I'll be buying none of these years-old turds.
  • These games are old :)  But I always thought that the premium price was attached due to them being XBox Live enabled.  Oh well...  
  • Plants vs Zombies is still too expensive. I'd rather play it on my PC which is free.
  • Most of them have bad reviews...