Electronic Arts has announced it has signed an agreement with Unravel developer Coldwood Interactive to publish their next game.


Unravel was released earlier this year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The physics-based puzzle platformer received high praise from critics thanks to its its gameplay, based on the premise of controlling a character made of yarn that slowly unravels as it travels in the game.

In a statement, Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, said:

The awesomely creative development team at Coldwood Interactive brought tiny, endearing Yarny to life. And since then, it's been quite incredible to see the community's love for Yarny, both in the game and beyond.

At EA, we love working with creative and passionate development teams, in our own studios and our partners. Which is why I'm very pleased to announce that we've signed a new agreement with Coldwood to work with them on their next project.

We don't have any details to share right now, but we look forward to sharing more when the time is right. We could not be more excited to continue working with Martin Sahlin and the great team at Coldwood, and to see the next adventure they bring to life.