EA working on fix for FIFA 15 error on Xbox

After customer complaints that FIFA 2015 isn't launching for Xbox One users, EA Sports is acknowledging the issue, saying that it is working with Microsoft on resolving the error. The issue appears to only affect digital copies of EA's popular 2015 FIFA game, but the studio says that some non-EA games are also impacted.

A thread on Reddit says that users are getting the following error when trying to start the digital copy of FIFA 15:

"Please try again, Sorry we couldn't start FIFA 15. If you have a disc, insert it now. (0x87de2712)"

The issue is being recognized as well on the Xbox support site:

It's come to our attention that some of our members are having difficulty browsing and viewing content they've purchased, and we're on it! Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. Another update is coming your way in half an hour.

EA is apologizing for the issue on Twitter:

We're currently investigating an issue affecting digital copies of #FIFA15 on XB1. Apologies for the inconvenience.

And the company is working on a fix now:

We're currently working with @Xbox to resolve the digital copy #FIFA15 issue as it is also affecting non-EA games. Stay tuned.

Be sure to also read our FIFA 15 review for more on the game.

Source: EA 1, 2; Reddit; Xbox Support (opens in new tab)

Chuong Nguyen

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  • Why are the games broken??
  • The game won't load and keeps asking gamers to insert a physical disc even though we own the Digital Copy.
    And I'm off work today and was looking forward to a day of FIFA 15.
  • "if you own a disc"
  • Because games are being rushed now a days, since they can just send out an update to fix anything with the games.
  • I've made the decision recently to stop preordering games.
    I'm gonna take a stand and wait until after the game launches and see what's up before I just give away my hard earned $60.
  • I don't think this is a game issue. I've had it since day 1 with no problems. Been playing GTA all week so didn't know this was going on. It's probably a server problem
  • Gooooooooaaaaaall! Now, Chelsea football club better get me the free Xbox one that I asked them for.
  • PvZ is having the same issue. It seems Xbox live has an alert for purchased content currently.
  • Inconvenient things happen on Xbone? Lol Blasphemy!
  • All MS things seem broken...
  • Been a bad week for their services...
  • It is a Xboxissue not EA, having trouble all evening...
  • Guess those DRM policies weren't fully reversed eh ;). Still, im sure ms will fix it soon
  • I heard some bad guys hacked XBox Live?
    Hmm.. Regarding to Fifa15, I dint have any problem with the game. ;)
  • I've also noticed stability issues with Assassin's Creed Unity with the disk...a little disappointed since this is the first issue I have noticed with XB1 games. Am thinking these recently released games were rushed out incomplete because of the holiday season...
  • I try play fifa about 30m and appears that error insert disc lol I have digital copy. Gift me gold pack a lot of them for this issue.
  • Same issue with Diablo 3
  • i have no xbox one
  • Makes HUGE sense for you to comment here then.
  • That's why you spend less money and buy the disc copy ;)
  • Digital is cheaper....
  • Fix FIFA15 : UT on windows phone also...
  • its fixed now
  • What is going with MS lately with the outage? I seem to read a lot of outages lately...
  • Great, more shit to download.. To waste my bandwidth
  • Even the mobile fifa14&15 are not working fine for smartphones with 1080p support
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