EA's Battlefield Companion now available for Windows 10 Mobile

In preparation for Battlefield 1, EA has gone ahead and released their updated Battlefield Companion app for Windows 10 Mobile (not for PC, unfortunately). The app launches on the same day as its iOS and Android counterparts, which is a nice nod from EA.

Regarding features, you should expect everything you can do from the web version but from the comfort of a native app.

Stay updated on the go with Battlefield™ Companion! Check your stats and customize your loadout. Design your own emblem and catch up on the latest news and videos. Battlefield Companion is a complete overhaul of the Battlelog App. You can access the old Battlelog App experience under the MORE menu or by visiting m.battlelog.com.

  • CAREER Your new profile and identity of Battlefield. Here you can explore your stats and achievements and see how your friends are doing.
  • CUSTOMIZATION Explore and customize your soldier's loadout while on the go - with full support for Battlefield 1.
  • EMBLEMS The emblem editor and gallery makes designing awesome emblems for use in Battlefield a snap. Smart tools like the grid tool, zoom, and cropping makes the editing experience faster than ever.
  • FRIEND LIST The friend list makes keeping tabs on your Battlefield friends easy. Get a daily summary of when your friends are playing or follow that favorite friend to know exactly when he or she is playing.

Supported games are Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4.

The app weighs in at 21MB and looks to be compatible only with Windows 10 Mobile. Grab it from the Store now to get started.

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Download Battlefield Companion from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Bilal S., for the tip

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  • Sick. DaWheels0nDaBus
  • Microsoft should implement such capability in the Xbox app
  • True.
  • They tried....I only know of one game that supported it (i know there were a couple more, but I can't remember). PvZ Garden Warfare 1. Everyone else just released a standalone app. Not sure why...
  • Yeah, SmartGlass really started it all. But since 3rd parties wanted a similar experience on Playstation, devs started making their own standalone apps. It's a shame SmartGlass died out. I loved the Movie features and having the map for Forza Horizon to quickly set nav points was very handy. The phone calls you'd get in Dead Rising 3 were cool too.
  • Ahh yes, the Forza map was great! It is a shame, had great potential.
  • I never got to use Smart Glass on XB1, the in game support for 360 didn't really pan out like they said it would. Maps would be cool. The phone calls thing reminds me of Majestic, anyone remember that failed experiment? I thought it was cool, but not cool enough to pay for.
  • Dead Rising 3 used SmartGlass. It worked well.
  • When first party games from Microsoft are not even using the Xbox app, why would you expect third parties to use such a feature?
  • Good job by EA!! Thanks for the support. I hope to see more companies do this with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Thanks for supporting the platform! Sweet
  • BF4 and BF HL is yet to get support. Its written "Coming Soon" on their respective images. Only BF1 is supported at the moment.
  • I think with future updates its going to work..
  • True. But Battlefield 4 doesn't even have an ingame main menu. Having to use that on a browser is a joke ! Is it so hard to integrate a server browser and menu and stuff into the main game ?
  • I'm going to give Battlefield a try as my FPS this year. Looks really good.
  • First FPS? Wow, maybe you should start with something a little easier to jump into (maybe do a quick rental of a Halo game). Battlefield is quite realistic with damage and you will die quite often, quite quickly. It can be annoying to someone just starting out, and it may even skew your outlook on the genre. If you have the patience, good luck to you.
  • I think he means he buys a shooter roughly once a year which might be CoD normally but he's going to switch to BF1 this year
  • You read his comment wrong and wasted comment space as a result.
  • Yeah, that was a total waste of space and effort on my part. =P
  • I already bought it during the last sale, the base pack at the lowest price. And got all the DLC's for free during their BF1 promo. It is very fast paced.
  • It is fast, prepare to be mowed down as fast as Battlefront.
  • Does anyone make anything for 8.1 anymore?
  • I think it should probably go without saying that that is big negative. Windows 10 is the current OS and the few developers that are going to write Windows apps are probably going to invest in the current platform.
  • The game is awesome, good to see ea supporting our platform.
  • Why I can't use my Companion dogtag. =( It said it was unlocked but when I go to dogtags appears locked.
  • Port of Ios app
    Developers should learn from ea.
    Swipe from left edge towards right to go back
    This confirms its an ios port
  • It seems to me it's not even an iOS port. It's a cross-platform crosswalk project, just like their Battlefront companion app. I mean, it's a website turned into an application. It was not that hard to make it run on Windows (it still doesn't support push notifications as far as I know). Anyway it's a good thing they've made it.
  • I have been playing around with the app and i must say its UX is really intuitive and you dont have to hunt for things, the stat tracking and the ability to customize my loadout from the app its perfect, and the fact that we will be able to track all three of the games is amazing.
  • Mine doesn't save.... Kinda pointless if that is it. I would assume it saved them?
  • Great app! However, the loadout stuff should really be in the game at the main menus.
  • Nice but still go to battlelog for some tasks.
  • I'm in love with EA. First FIFA 17 now this. I have no regret spending money on Bf3 and Bf4 
  • About time WP got something. I will have update to WP10 now.
  • I'm loving this game, absolutely magical; and the companion app is a beautiful, useful tool. Well done!
  • wow ea doing something above the other companies.  Gz ea for including a windows app you deserve alot of credit here.