From the Editor's Desk: Live in London, waiting for the Lumia 925

Although Monday started off as a slow day, tomorrow promises to bring quite a lot of news from Nokia. Yes, we’re here live in London for the next two days to cover Nokia’s next big announcement, which as you probably know by now is the Nokia Lumia 925—a thinner, lighter and more advanced Lumia 920.

Indeed we’ll also be getting our review unit for the Verizon Lumia 928, a device that was just announced Friday and will be due out in the coming weeks for $99 on contract. Look for our unboxing and hands on video with that device in a few hours as we’ll give you our first impressions.

What else does Nokia have in mind for us? We wouldn’t doubt if Nokia updates some of their services and takes Drive+ out of beta status, adding traffic information and more to their popular and free navigation app. Updates to Nokia Music and other Lenses (including maybe a new one) can’t be ruled out either.

Sadly, we’re not expecting a 41MP ‘EOS’ Lumia, tablet nor phablet at this event, but hey anything is possible we suppose and wish we were wrong on this one. But don’t get your hopes up, you’ll just have to settle for a new, thinner, lighter, better built flagship Lumia 92x device. We think we can live with that, so long as we get some good carrier announcements in conjunction with the launch.

When, where?

Tune in tomorrow at 8:45AM local time where we prep our Live Blog for Nokia’s announcement, which starts at 9AM. You can find your local time by clicking this link.

Later in the day, we have a few interviews with Nokia to bring you and yes, we’ll even plan on having podcast to cover the day’s events that will air live in the late morning/early afternoon US (East coast time), so you late risers can catch up on what happened.

Make sure you come and join in the chat and hang out in our forums to discuss Nokia’s new devices.

Now excuse us as Rich Edmonds and I go have a pint and grab some bits and bobs from the market.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Off topic...AT&T is sending me a new 920 tomorrow, do I have to sync all the music that I bought in the Xbox music store to my computer or does it download automatically with my account?? Thanks in advance!
  • Completely off topic. Go to the forums with that and then we'll answer :)
  • My bad, I'll do that...
  • Hey, mind the gap!!!
  • Ha! I was wondering how long it would take for this comment to pop up
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  • You are a disgrace.
  • Whose a disgrace? This is not reddit.
  • I was referring to pbroy & his comment
  • Keep Calm and Chive On!
  • No leaks of the 940...?
  • Nokia has released hundreds of models in their history, but almost none with digit '4' in the name
  • I remember, there was Nokia 3140. Tiny little phone:)
  • Why does the 925 have a lower number than the 928 when the 928 is just a 920 with xenon? Is this phone actually a "lesser" model than the 928?
  • Right! Should be named 930 - 940 - 950. Gahhh this is why I hate carrier variants, they're all so confusing
  • Considering its specs are inferior to the 928, I'd say it's a suitable number. It doesn't have the awesome Xenon flash for one.
  • I want a 940...
    And a Guinness...
  • Pork scratchings with the pint recommended.
  • Lol nice Daniel u forget to mention when does it end give u a+ for superior writing -_-
  • Nice perv shot!
  • I would be completely satisfied with a thinner, lighter and better 92X, I'm really seeing the weight difference now when I compare it with my brother's Galaxy Nexus
  • Dan: Put that macro flash to work! Everyone else: Raise your hand if you're jealous of Dan and Rich... 
  • *Raises Hand*
  • *Raises Hand*
  • Nice shot :D Lumia??
  • Will there be a live-stream?
  • soo excited!!!
  • I'm keeping my 920 until windows upgrade to 1080p 5inch screen. Windows not moving as fast as Nokia I love Nokia anywhere they go I go don't lose all your Nokia customers windows step your pace up bitches man.
  • I wouldn't mind the 5" and could care less about the 1080P. What I want is the eos 41 mp camera if they can keep the thickness about the same as the 920. If it's as thick as a point and shoot, I'll stick to my 920.
  • isn't jay also there with you guys ?
  • so any T-Mobilites excited for this?  Seeing that we will not see the EOS tomorrow, the only way to get this phone is either switch to T-Mobile or buy off contract the international version.  oh well, at least I'm excited that T-Mobile and Verizon will have something high end on their side from Nokia. 
  • I'm pumped. I can finally upgrade my 710.
  • I'm ready for a flagship T-Mo WP.
  • I would be, but I'm jumping to VZ in a few months.
  • Anyone willing to pull an all nighter to see this event live?
  • I might. Its 5 EST ( I think ) So I'll just get up early.
  • 4:00AM EST I might just set an alarm for that time
  • "so long as we get some good carrier announcements"
    In Canada, a Rogers exclusive on the L920 has not served Nokia well, imo. Get it available from Bell, Telus, and others (Like SaskTel) and I'm sure you'd see it take off...
  • Let me guess, the Lumia 925, a better phone than the 928 with a MicroSD slot.......
  • Doubt there will be a MicroSD slot.
  • Does nobody have any hope for a glimpse of a 41mp touting Nokia lumia device tomorrow ): What about later this year, any intel or thoughts? Should i hold of upgrading till then?
  • I just saw the future, and yes, there will be another high end Lumia revealed later this year say around October, what else, I'm trying to discern this picture, ah yes, it'll have a great camera, let's see, a large lens, something like 38-42 MP camera, yes, a 1080P display. Beautiful design, it'll also have 64GB storage, what is that?, Ah yes there it is, an updated Windows Phone OS with a notification hub and support for 4 and 8 core processors. Ah, did I mention the new Lumia will have quad core snapdagron processor and 2GB of RAM. That's all for now, as the revelations come to me I'll update you.
  • I want to believe!
  • Then that will be one expensive ass phone! I think Nokia would want to hold off on the high end specs because the 41MP sensor is already driving the price up compared to these other phones with smaller sensors.... I spent nearly 750$ to buy the international version to have it here in the States. -and the 808 isn't even spec-tastic!
  • This will probably be announced later this year to come out for the 4th quarter of the year (Fall). the 928 and 925 are more of a 920 refresh, with the better phones coming out in 6 months from now.
  • If this is not the Pureview 41Mp and just another 920 refresh, it will be very disappointing. 
  • It already kinda is...I tried not to let my hopes get up for this event.  But I am glad that we will be seeing another Nokia phone.--even if it is just a 920 variant. 
  • That evleaks image looks horrible. I'm not a fan of this look so far.
  • I'm a bit confused, in the UK does the live event start at 9am or 10am. WPCentral are saying 9am here, but Nokia say 10am? (Remember that the UK is GMT+1 at the moment as we are in Summer Time.)
  • agreed, Nokia Conversations clearly says 10am london time (which is including the BST presumably) and also mentioned 12noon helsinki time...and beijing 5pm.
    So that would be 4am central daylight time...
  • 9AM BST
  • "new, thinner, lighter, better built"...I have serious doubt about the "better built" part. Aluminium is a cheap material. Nothing built out of it will be better build than policarbonate.
    And I also have my doubt regarding the 925 or whatever you wanna call it an improved 920. I think that just like the 928 it will only be a variation. What it may have is the upcoming improvements in software. But I don't imagine it being any better than the 920. And judging by prototypes and renderings, it will certainly be uglier.
  • have you had any experience with the Nokia N8?
    Aluminum and built like a tank - i have accidentally thrown mine across the room several times (slippery yes) and it still works after almost 3 yrs now.
    Dont discount aluminum material just yet :)
  • Hey Daniel, can you ask Nokia when we might see the wireless car chargers for the 920 in the U.S.A. Please!! Thanks!
  • +1 yes, definitely want to see these being sold here - in fact, MORE accesories in general!!
  • How can you think its okey that Nokia don't improve the hardware of the phone? I know Wp8 don't need the processors on the GS4 or the HTC One. But I don't want to buy a new phone every major update. Nokia must improve screen. Ram, and processor to compete against the giants today. This is the things that sell..
  • Why do I have the nagging feeling TMoNonUS will be getting the 925 and not TMoUS?
  • L925 has the similar guts as L920 but 50g lighter in weight.  It will be disappointing if EOS is not showing up tomorrow.  That is the model will turn a lot of heads and gain switchers in the US market.  L925 or L928 won't help much.  But EOS and 1080p phablet definitely will.
  • A lighter, thinner, and little better l920 is what I've been waiting for. I hope I'm not disappointed with whatever they announce.
  • Hopefully they have solved the lock screen/live tile update issues, and Nokia's quality control problems!
  • To me the 925 is a MLA 920. (Mid Life Upgrade). Looks like a big improvement to me. Still... WP8 needs content in all its markets. Where are the movies? iTunes is the key to the Apple success, the fact that you can gets content in so many markets in the appropriate language or languages. How is Nokia supposed to succeed if W8 and WP8 don't offer content, get the languages wrong and even the economic zones... MS is sabotaging its own ecosystem!
  • I think tomorrow Nokia will show the lumia 925 which will be in the USA for t-mobile. Definitely updates for Nokia apps and the debut of the smartcam lens/app. I would love to see the debut of Instagram soWP can increase market share and get other developers to make apps for WP. No EOS the next Pureview camera will debut this fall.I really hope we hear about features coming in the GDR2 update.
  • Mirror mirror on the lol :)