EE cans its Windows phone app, tells you to use the mobile site instead

If you're happily rocking your Windows phone on the UK's EE, then there's some less than pleasant news afoot. The carrier's app for the platform is being canned and instead its customers are being told to use the mobile site in their browser.

As one of the largest carriers in the UK, EE has at least offered reasonably good backing to selling Microsoft phones in the past, but this latest app being ended is just another to add to the list. It's not the biggest loss, since the app was mostly a web wrapper anyway, so you'll not lose much in the way of functionality. EE even tells folks to add the relevant page to their start screen, just in case you forgot you could do that.

If you've not yet seen the message, it's being presented to people opening up the app. So you'll have to go ahead and pin the My EE page to your Start screen and hopefully not lose out on any level of service.

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  • When I had a W10M phone, the occasional nuisance was when sites like Best Buy or Target thought I had an Android phone because Edge will ID as Chrome, and the Play Store app link would pop up at the top. I'm curious if the mobile website will think you are browsing from Mobile Chrome and tell the user that they have an app in the Play Store. It's yet another hurtle for MS to clear, as not only will that link not get you an app, but it will remind you that Android has an app.
  • Or they could be like Windows Central and leave a non updated and half broken app for 8.1 in the store for nearly three years. Lets face it, if Windows Central and Microsoft don't bother updating, or just discontinue apps, why would we expect others to continue support?
  • That's not fair. The app still works and somewhat still serves a purpose on 10 (It still allows you to delete comments). You always see complaints about apps getting pulled even without support. Now you're complaining that an app hasn't been pulled. No win BS around here....
  • We don't own the Windows Phone 8.1 app, Jay Bennett does. We have a new app that is ours for Windows 10.
  • I didn't know that. Sad that he never bothered to get the links to work after all this time.
  • I still use the old app mostly. However, the new one does look so much better in terms of the articles. Not sure on the comments section though. Also, when I get the email notifications, the app doesn't take me to the comment, only the article. The old app used to take you to the comment, which made it worth replying. I seldom reply now as I cannot be bothered scrolling through a ton of comments trying to find mine. I'm pleased WC have both, as I used them both.
  • If you turn on notifications to only your comments in the new app, you get a notification from the app when someone replies to you. Opening this notification takes you straight to the comment not the article. I also like that in the new app, links from the twitter news feed open in the app and not in the browser. Its a shame no other developer is adding this functionality to their app.
  • Hmmmm, I will try this. Been using the email links for years, they used to work well. Have to say though, just reinstalled the new app, and the difference in speed is huge. Hope I can just use the new one now.
  • I kinda understand where you're coming from but there comes a time when you have to understand the circumstances, accept it, and then move on.
  • I never even knew there was a new WC app til I read this thread and went looked in the Store. I've only recently came back to Windows 10mobile so just restored all the apps I had last time. I'm off now to download and try the new app
  • The EE app has always been a joke across all platforms. It's like an web-app cobbled together from different web pages. Simply using the mobile site was always the less infuriating option.
  • Agreed. This has been a piss poor app for years. No great loss.
  • Very good point, why isn't that mentioned when I informing us of the 'demise' of our apps. Just another ****** app that was most likely useless. Story should be titled, '****** app pissed off to make way for better, more useful apps!' It's all in the POV. I see new apps all the time.
  • Very good point, why isn't that mentioned when I informing us of the 'demise' of our apps. Just another ****** app that was most likely useless. Story should be titled, '****** app pissed off to make way for better, more useful apps!' It's all in the POV. I see new apps all the time.
  • EE are an awful company customer service wise anyway. I'm not surprised.
  • When I bought my 920, the offered me swapables, the only Windows ones were Deezer and Russell Grant's Horoscopes. And that was when we had some market share. Never been great for us. Couldn't even get a 950xl out of them.
  • Mhhhh, not a big loss for me. I mainly used this "app" to double check that data sense on my phone matched my actual allowance. It is nice of EE however as they give a pretty good guide to pin the site to the user's start screen.
  • Next one please
  • As a consequence of being on this platform I tend not to concern myself with apps in general so will not miss this one.
  • I've no problems using a pinned website for myee. However when you pin an Edge tile on the smallest size there's no indication of what is pinned. If I have loads of websites pinned its a guessing game trying to remember what it links to
  • I tend to place them into folders rather than directly on the start screen, as they don't add information and look ugly :)
  • There's an app called "Customise Tile" that allows you to, well, customise tiles. So you can add your own pics, logo's etc to tiles.
  • Hmm. Thanks
  • Wankers.
  • Tossers.
  • Hooligans!
  • Stick with O2 - they show some love to Windows Phones with their apps
  • I wish O2's apps would work on a desktop PC
  • They have a website for that. ;-)
  • True dat!
  • Please stop posting about apps leaving the ecosystem.
    It really has no purpose other than to start negative discussions. For those who would use the apps, they will figure it out.
    But for the rest, you're just feeding trolls, and those who only exist to be a negative influence in everyone around them.
    Doom and gloom.
  • News is news. People tip us on it, we write it.
  • I'm on EE but I won't be getting my next phone from them - because they don't stock Windows Phones any more, according to their website #Feelthelove.
  • I mean that's not entirely their fault. Microsoft's phones are over a year old now and there's nothing else compelling enough for them to sell. No way the HP Elite x3 is going to be worth their effort since it's not targeted at the regular consumer and it's hella expensive.
  • Even the windows central app is not updated anymore. The loading of new articles at startup is really slow, and the app just hangs. This is what annoys me most.
  • Working great on even latest fast ring for me, tried reinstalling it?
  • I might give that a shot
  • So will I. It hangs for me also.
  • It was an ok app. I miss eBay, Amazon and Rightmove way more. That, Rightmove, really was a stunning little app. Probably the best lookin Windows app that I have seen. Whoever developed that app was super talented. As for eBay and Amazon, I am actually surprised they went, as I spent a fortune using them, I can't have been the only one.
  • Agree, Rightmove was amazing, guess company greed won again.
  • Lord knows. I do find companies to be rather short sighted. The thing is, I used to buy a fair bit of stuff on eBay and Amazon. Although, I often used to use someone else's account (they had Prime) to make the final transaction in order to get cheaper/quicker delivery. But, did all my pre-transaction stuff via my app.
  • Again, the web pages are generally awful compared to apps.
  • I'm on EE, the web version is useless, basically an option to chat with an advisor. EE stores stopped stocking Windows phones months ago. I tried to buy one six months ago when my upgrade from L830 was due but they refused to sell me one, claiming that every Microsoft phone they'd sold had been returned as unreliable and impossible to use. They were clear that it was Microsoft Lumia's and not Nokia Lumia phones that was their reason for abandoning the OS although they were never eager to promote either of them
  • Why wouldn't they? Microsoft have given up on it in its current form and i expect a lot more to follow.  The people i feel sorry for are HP and Wharton Brooks.
  • Me too, that HP guy that Dan interviewed was great, quite possibly the best suit I have come across. If you haven't heard the interview, I strongly recommend it.
  • Good, more and more people realizing the compromising joke Windows 10 currently is on mobile. Once they fix it via Windows 10 on ARM + Windows Mobile Shell for the full Continuum, then and only then will their Smartphone platform be taken seriously. Just like the Surface Pro (not the half-assed Windows RT) turned their tablet platform from nothing into the only growing Tablet platform ( ).
  • It doesn't help there are LITERALLY NO NEW WINDOWS MOBILE PHONES! If they aren't selling anything on that platform, why make an app for it? Microsoft could have easily kept Windows Mobile growing, but threw in the towel for no reason... frustrating that I have to use Android - I'm just glad that mostly improved in the 5/6 years I switched to Windows Phone
  • It's funny, I read about new Windows Mobile phones being released every second month. How many of those did you actually buy. I'll tell you, I did not buy any of them. The one I have works just fine. And honestly, I'd really appreciate that Microsoft Mobile will never be as consuming-oriented as other platforms. Not that it has the chance for now. :D
  • At least pinning the website to the start screen gives you a nice EE icon. A feature that many companies don't even care when withdrawing an application. I guess even EE wasn't aware of this feature, they just simply have an icon for their website, but still. And let's face it, a website could work just as fine as an app if taken care of properly.