EE cans its Windows phone app, tells you to use the mobile site instead

If you're happily rocking your Windows phone on the UK's EE, then there's some less than pleasant news afoot. The carrier's app for the platform is being canned and instead its customers are being told to use the mobile site in their browser.

As one of the largest carriers in the UK, EE has at least offered reasonably good backing to selling Microsoft phones in the past, but this latest app being ended is just another to add to the list. It's not the biggest loss, since the app was mostly a web wrapper anyway, so you'll not lose much in the way of functionality. EE even tells folks to add the relevant page to their start screen, just in case you forgot you could do that.

If you've not yet seen the message, it's being presented to people opening up the app. So you'll have to go ahead and pin the My EE page to your Start screen and hopefully not lose out on any level of service.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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