Elden Ring's Meteorite Staff: How to get the best early Astrologer sorcery weapon

Elden Ring Rock Sling
Elden Ring Rock Sling (Image credit: Windows Central)

While I was playing Elden Ring during the review period, I struggled immensely with early sorcerer gameplay. The spells were a bit weak, and my staff was relatively awful to boot, making me wonder what exactly I was doing wrong. Funnily enough, the game does offer a wealth of great items for Elden Ring's beginner astrologer sorcerers, even from the start of the game.

The best item without a doubt is the incredible Meteorite Staff. This S-ranking Intellect staff gives you immense sorcery power right out of the gate, and while late-game fully-upgraded staffs will beat it on raw sorcery scaling, this staff will last you deep into the first half of the game, and possibly even beyond. It also boosts the immensely powerful Rock Sling spell, which is situated very close by to the Meteorite staff. Every budding sorcerer in Elden Ring needs this staff, and while it can be tricky to get, here's how you can go about it.

Elden Ring: How to get the Meteorite Staff (and Rock Sling spell)

Elden Ring Sorcery Guide Caelid Staff

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The Meteorite Staff will make your life a lot easier for many, many levels, due to its scaling and power. It has an S-tier intellect stat scaling, which means it beats out most staves, even upgraded ones, quite deep into the game. To get it, you need to go to a higher-level area called Caelid, next door to the starting area of Limgrave. You'll want to ensure you have your horse, Torrent, before attempting this journey.

  1. You want to head to the rot-blighted land of Caelid, which you can enter by jumping over a fiery wall in the northeast of Limgrave.

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  1. Follow the highway at the top of Limgrave, starting at Stormhill Shack, past the Warmaster's Shack, and keep heading east.
  2. Eventually you'll find the land turning red, and a fiery wall will greet you, hop over it. There's a Site of Grace in a church near the entrance to Caelid, but an NPC invader will attack you, so if you're lower level, it's better to avoid this area.Note: There's a faster way to get to the correct area of Caelid, via a trapped chest in a cellar in the dragon-burnt ruins in central Limgrave. It teleports you into a nasty crystal tunnel, but if you exit the shack and run down the small hill there, you'll immediately find the exit to the Caelid swamp area we need to go to. Just beware of the higher-level enemies who very much want to murder you.
  3. Caelid is a truly hostile place, and if you're low level (or even mid-level), everything there is dangerous and will kill you. Run past everything on your trip.
  4. You're heading towards the Street of Sages Ruins, which is off on the Western Side of a swamp in the southern region of Caelid.

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  1. Follow the road around to this point on the map, and carefully hop down the cliffs to get into the swamp.
  2. The Staff is on a corpse in the Western side of the ruin, in a small tower-like structure. It's guarded by small poison plants, that are easily killed even at lower level.Source: Windows Central

  1. A few paces north of this tower is a small church-like ruin guarded by moldy dung wizards. Right in the middle of the ruin's foundations is a cellar, containing the incredibly powerful Rock Sling spell.

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  1. It's fairly easy to dodge or even kill the priests, even at lower level, but I would recommend simply running past them into the cellar to grab the spell, then fast travel out.

Elden Ring is a truly amazing game, and easily one of the best Xbox games of all time. If you're planning to play a sorcerer, this staff will firmly boost your capabilities in the earlier portions of the game.

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