Elements: Epic Heroes - Another smash Windows Phone hit from Game Troopers

It should be no secret that Game Troopers is one of the leading Windows Phone developers and Elements: Epic Heroes is their latest gaming title in the Windows Phone Store.

The Windows Phone game is an epic adventure where you lead a band of warriors in a series of adventures and quests to defeat the Dark Lord, whose evil forces have taken over the land. The game has plenty of upgrades for your weapons, armor, magic skills and more.

Graphics are solid with Elements and game play is fast paced and challenging. Overall, Elements: Epic Heroes is another Windows Phone gaming hit from Game Troopers.

Elements: Epic Heroes

Elements: Epic Heroes puts you in the role of the leader of a band of warriors who must battle the dark forces that have overwhelmed your lands. When you first begin game play, one of your early tasks is to decide what type warrior your character will be.

They are elemental based with three warrior types available as the game begins. You can choose the Earth Element Warrior, Fire Element Knight or Air Element Archer. As you progress through the game, a wizard can be unlocked and there is a hint that a monk, duelist and engineer will be eventually added to the game.

Elements: Epic Heroes

The base of operation with Elements: Epic Heroes is from the city of Riverfall. Throughout the city you will find a series of merchants you can buy and upgrade equipment from, your Mentor and a High Mage. Here is a brief description of each of the characters who call Riverfall home.

  • Jahi the Merchant: Here is where you can pick up potions, scrolls and rings to enhance your warrior's elemental abilities.
  • Aishe the Inn Keeper: Here is where you can switch up your party of warriors with additional characters under your control, mercenary warriors or your buddies warriors.
  • Big Alex the Blacksmith: Once you reach level seven in experience, Big Alex can upgrade your weapons and armor.
  • Ironborn the Great Vendor: Here is where you buy more powerful weapons and stronger armor.
  • Kuan Chin the Mentor: Kuan Chin gives you the option to change your party leader.
  • Greybeard the High Mage: As you earn achievements, you can visit Graybeard to collect rewards such as gold, scrolls and other items.

Elements: Epic Heroes

Each character will also present you with quests to take on that are in addition to the main story line. Along with the characters in Riverfall, you will find your inventory chest (far left of the city) and a portal that will send you to the gaming map.

As far as the Riverfall screen is concerned your team's health and strength is displayed in the upper left corner of the display. Across the top of the screen, you will see your character's experience level, your gold and gem counts and access to your quest list, game messages and any deals that may be available for in-app purchase.

Winding up the Riverfall screen is your potion count in the bottom left corner, your elemental attacks and a knapsack for your scrolls.

Elements: Epic Heroes

As you first begin playing Elements: Epic Heroes you will be taken through a series of tutorials that covers the basics of game play. Once you have completed the tutorial lessons, transitioning to the gaming map is done by the portal that is in Riverfall's city center.

The heart of game play is battling a wide variety of monsters. Movement is simple, tap the screen where you want your hero to go. The other members in your party will follow your lead unless they are busy battling monsters. A red arrow will appear to give you a sense of direction and with the evil minions you will face, you will also have boss battles to contend with. As your hero gets close to an enemy, he will automatically attack the monsters. When treasure appears on the battlefield, just have your hero run over it to collect it.

Elements: Epic Heroes

Your elemental powers (displayed on the right side of the display) are available during combat and will replenish after use. You can double tap the screen to unleash power attacks on your enemies. Potions are available to revive your fallen hero or heal your entire party.

Gaming levels are a mix of open battlefields and paths you will have to navigate, hunting down the enemy. You will find gold, mystery bags and gems to collect as you wage battle. Each gaming level can be replayed if you need a little practice or just want to earn a little more gold.

Elements: Epic Heroes

As you battle, you may lose one or both of your fellow warriors. To avoid this, you can use potions to restore their health but if all is lost, you can revive your team

Along with the gaming levels, you will also find Skyrock. This floating city offers you the opportunity to socialize with other Elements players. There is also an Infinite Tower you can test your skills at combat. The higher the level of the tower you reach the more rewards you earn.

Another Hit from Game Troopers

Game Troopers can lay claim to bringing another entertaining gaming title to the Windows Phone Store with Elements: Epic Heroes. Game play can be intense, fast-paced and a little overwhelming with all the action. Graphics and animations are well drawn up and reminds me a little of the Lego Bionicle series. The controls are simple, but with the pace of play, you will have to stay on your toes to keep your band of warriors alive.

My only nit with Elements: Epic Heroes is that the game lacks a help section. The game does a really good job of walking you through the basic mechanics of game play and new features as they come into play. Elements isn't an overly complicated game to figure out but with as much as this game has to offer, a help section would be nice.

If you are in the mood for an action-packed role-playing game, Elements: Epic Heroes is a great Windows Phone title to add to your gaming library. It is a free gaming title in the Windows Phone Store with plenty of in-app purchase opportunities. If you have given Elements: Epic Heroes a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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