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Elite Dangerous: Arena brings standalone player-on-player action to Xbox One

Elite Dangerous: Arena is a new release that brings Elite Dangerous' player-versus-player (PVP) action to gamers as a standalone game on Xbox One. Those playing Elite Dangerous: Arena won't be secluded either, as they'll be able to play alongside and against those with the full Elite Dangerous game as well.

Elite Dangerous: Arena comes alongside a new patch that is rolling out to the Xbox One version of the game that also brings along the addition of long-requested extras like paintjobs and bobbleheads. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

Content Additions

  • Elite Dangerous: Arena now available as a stand alone purchase, allows cross-play with Elite Dangerous
  • In Game Store added to allow the purchase of Game Extras, such as Paintjobs and Bobbleheads. Use Frontier Points available from the Xbox Store to purchase in game Extras.
  • Added 24 new achievements worth 350 Gamerscore

On top of the above content additions, patch 1.5.02 also contains an absolute truckload of bug fixes and improvements, a list of which you can check out on the Elite Dangerous forums. And if you play the PC version of the game, a patch is rolling out with some bug fixes there as well.

If you'd like to give Elite Dangerous: Arena a shot, you can grab the game from the Xbox Store for $7.49 at the link below. Do note that if you already own Elite Dangerous, however, there's no need to snag Arena separately as you already own all of the content.

See at the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

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  • I'm tempted
  • As am i
  • Got it, Its a lot harder to play than the PC version and doesn't seem to sync your profile unfortunately from the PC version either.