Emirates installs Qi wireless charging trays in its Dubai lounges

Emirates Airlines announced that it has starting rolling out QI wireless charging trays in its First Class and Business Class lounges. The initial rollout will see 30 wireless charging trays installed in the airline's lounges in Dubai.

From Emirates:

Travellers can experience the convenience of wireless charging throughout the lounges where the chargers are located in highly visible locations and can accommodate up to two phones at a time. This new offering is another step in Emirates' strategic plan to offer greater mobility and connectivity to its customers.

And there you have it. While the initial rollout is fairly limited, hopefully this is the start of a trend for airport lounges around the world. If you happen to own a QI-enabled Windows Phone and find yourself in an Emirates lounge in Dubai, you'll now be able to more easily top off your charge before your flight.

Source: Emirates

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  • I cant wait!
  • UAE Love that country :)
  • Waiting for emirates to adopt surfaces in their flights for pilots
  • Waiting for UAE to stop enforcing sharia law
  • Ignorance is a bless
  • Really !!!
  • And, AT&T removes it..
  • Don't give them ideas. I think they forgot!
  • SMDH..
  • LOL. Isn't it crazy how they just wanted PMA to win even though almost literally everyone else is using Qi? Especially since they had to have the fire sale of all that Qi equipment. But they were likely betting on the iPhone supporting the other standard but why would Apple do that when they could hold out for another year or two? If the phone was cheaper I'd understand. Anyway not sure how your comment of SMDH opened this can of worms but I'll shut up now!
  • No, I understand, and you're right... It's ridiculous.
  • Awesome! Good to hear!
  • Awesome
  • Long live Qi
  • I live in DXB now and i cant wait to try it out!
  • Microsoft should sponsor this spots in emirates lounge to support windows phone cause mostly here in ppl will think that samsung was first to bring qi wireless charging... N that will make me angry ;)
  • Me too. Especially since Windows phones usually have it built in.
  • so does the galaxy s6. also the galaxy nexus 4 already supported qi out of the box.
  • I guess those with their overrated CrApple iJUNK phns are screwed:-), since it has NO wireless charging capabilities that cost $800~$1200+, Yeah great piece of crap.
  • No, to iSheeps the wireless chargers now is for subhumans, stupid stuff, not worth putting into their magic device. They are waiting for their supreme master Cook to announce that the new iPhone 6S will have a revolutionary alien camera and a new invention called Apple Charger that will not share anything with the current Qi, but is in fact the same thing.
  • The stupid is strong with this one.
  • And so will many more places
  • Nice outdated article image there :)
  • They need it on the planes, put a wireless charging panel on the foldout trays, it would almost make me fly first class, at least for the long trips.