Endless Shooter - Review

Endless Shooter is a Window Phone 7 game that has you battling waves upon waves of enemy space ships. The Windows Phone game is billed as a fast paced shooter with a relentless onslaught of enemy shifts.  No argument here.

Graphics are simple with your space craft being represented by a green arrow, enemy ships are red arrows and yellow orbs. Your ships health is represented by a green and red ring that surrounds your ship.

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Controls for Endless Shooter are a little on the unique side. To control the ships movements, you tap the left side of the screen and a control circle will appear. The circle acts as a touch pad and to move your ship, simply slide your finger around the circle.

Weapons control is accomplished in a similar fashion but on the right side of the screen. Just tap a spot on the right side of the screen to pull up your weapons control circle and slide your finger around the circle to control the direction of fire.

There are bonus items that will drift around space that will give your weapons a boost and regenerate your ships health. Warning arrows appear at the edge of the screen to alert you of off-screen ships (red markers) and bonus items (green).

As you progress through annihilating enemy ships, the pace in which the enemy ships attack increases.

Game settings are minimal and allow you to turn off the sound, turn off the off-screen enemy indicators and turn off the thumb indicators. If you turn off the thumb indicators, the controls function in the same manner but you don't have the circle image appearing on screen. I found the off-screen indicators aren't needed for enemy ships. They don't waste time coming after you but these indicators do help in finding bonus items.

Overall Impression

Endless Shooter may not make a great first impression but the game will grow on you. While graphics are simple, they work and gives he game a little bit of a retro feel to it.

Game pace is fast from the start and only increases the longer you survive the enemy ships. Controls take a little time to get used to but, as with the game, the more you play the more you get used to them. The only downside is that if your finger drifts too far to the right, you run the risk of hitting your Windows Phone buttons.

Endless Shooter does have an addictive quality to it and I found it to be an entertaining game. You can download your free copy of Endless Shooter here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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