Enigmatica, a boatload of Windows Phone word games under one roof

If you like word games, Enigmatica may be the ultimate collection for your Windows Phone. You begin with crosswords but you also have riddles to solve, hangman puzzles to conquer and a host of extra puzzles that become available as you gain experience in solving puzzles.

Available for low-memory devices, Enigmatica graphics are a bit reserved but the game does have a boatload of puzzles to keep you busy. It's a Windows Phone title worth adding to your gaming library.

Enigmatica's main pages lays out your gaming options in simple straightforward fashion. You have a page that offers access to your main games, extra games, quotes of the day, your achievements and a systems page with links to contact the developer, view the about page and to report a bug.

Main games for Enigmatica include crosswords, riddles, hangman and anagram. Extra games that can be unlocked as you solve the main puzzles include word puzzles involving movies, elements, units of measurement and capital cities.

Each puzzle type has its own set of pages that include choosing your difficulty level (easy, medium, hard and endless) or puzzle size (small, medium, large and extra-large) and a help page that will have how to play instructions, a description of the difficulties and a list of any saved games.

Puzzle play isn't overly difficult with each game playing out in the traditional manner. To view the clue on the crossword puzzles, tap the section of the puzzle you want to solve. The clue will replace the puzzle view and you simply type in the answer. When you think everything is completed correctly, tap the "I'm Done" button to have your work graded. Just remember, one wrong answer will do you in.

The interface with the other games aren't overly complicated. For example with the riddle puzzles, you are presented with the riddle and simply have to type in the answer. Many of these games only afford you three opportunities to solve before you fail the level.

Overall Impression

The number of puzzles included with Enigmatica is nice and I don't mind the simple graphics. Game play is challenging and it doesn't take long before you run across puzzles that are real head scratchers.

I would have liked to have seen a hint button or with the crosswords, the correct answers revealed once you submit the puzzle for scoring. I also wouldn't mind seeing a statistics page to see how well your puzzle solving skills are.

Even though I can find room for improvement, as is, Enigmatica is a solid word puzzle game for your Windows Phone. The game is still relatively new in the Windows Phone Store and after a handful of reviews, the game knocks down a 4.5 Star rating, which is spot on for Enigmatica.

The trial version gives you access to most of the games with the exception of the extra games.

  • Download Enigmatica for Windows Phone (Trial/$.99)

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