Enpass 6 beta brings new design, multiple vaults, and Windows Hello

Enpass 6 beta brings new design, multiple vaults, and Windows Hello

Enpass is going all-in with its latest beta update, introducing Windows Hello support alongside a redesign and a whole slew of new features. Now available in beta, the team behind the popular password manager is calling Enpass 6 its "biggest ever upgrade."

What's new

For Windows fans, the biggest highlight here is sure to be the addition of Windows Hello. On devices that support it, the app can now take advantage of Windows 10's biometric authentication to verify you without the need for your master password. Additionally, Enpass 6 supports using a Keyfile with your master password.

Aside from Windows Hello support, there's plenty of other new stuff to check out here as well. Enpass 6 is shipping with a new UI on all platforms, complete with a built-in dark mode. There's also now support for multiple vaults, so you can use Enpass for managing personal and work credentials in an ordered manner.

For keeping things a little more organized, Enpass 6 now supports custom categories and templates that you can define, with the option to add custom icons for new items. A new secure sharing feature will let you add attachments to items and encrypt items with a passphrase before sharing. Lastly, deleted items will now reside in a "Trash" area, where you can recover them if they were deleted accidentally. Items can also be archived if you're no longer using them.

Given the sheer amount of new features here, Enpass 6 is shaping up to be a major release. And given 1Password, the current big dog in the password manager space just released its own update with Windows Hello support in recent weeks, it's a good sign for Enpass users that the team is keeping up.

How to get it

Enpass 6 is available as a beta for Windows right now and can be downloaded directly from Enpass. There are a couple of caveats to be aware of, however. Enpass 6 is built on a new architecture, so it won't sync with older versions. Because of this, you can install Enpass 6 side-by-side with the previous version without any interference. Finally, the current beta only works with the Chrome browser extension, but others will be supported as the beta wears on. Oh, and expect to encounter bugs; this is a beta, after all.

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  • It looks really great, but since you cannot restore via OneDrive, I'll have to wait for a later time to use this update
  • Dunno about this win32 version but the one from store can sync via OneDrive. ps: Android version can do too.
  • I believe he may be referring to just this beta version not being able to restore you existing database from one drive.
  • You can just use your existing Enpass to create a local backup and restore it that way. You'll lose syncing, obviously, but as a holdover it's not too bad.
  • Looks Great! Can't wait for this update to make its way into the store. I use Enpass exclusively as my password management solution. I'm really looking forward to the Windows Hello support but will need to wait until it'll sync, via OneDrive, to all of the clients before I can pull the trigger.
  • Me too, but I'll also be waiting until the Edge plug in supports Windows Hello (and the Windows Mobile app is updated to be compatible) before jumping in. This is all excellent news!
  • Enpass is my go to password management app. Happy to see them keeping up the development of the W10 version. I still have the UWP version installed on my computer. Maybe after this update it will be time to let it go...
  • I was using Enpass but the constant pop-up over other windows was becoming a pain so I side-stepped to LastPass. Maybe I'll check it out and see.
  • Have never encountered this.
  • I've used Enpass for years and never had any pop-ups over Windows.
  • Long overdue (especially Windows Hello integration), but god does this look amazing. Can't wait.
  • Nope, still not installing Chrome 😋
  • I prefer just using the UWP one. I never liked the move away from UWP. And look, it is doing its own design instead of fluent - Personally I am not a fan of this move, but I am UWP/Win10 all the way and consider everything else old-way-of-thinking and a no go for me =/