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1Password for Windows updated with new look and Windows Hello support

If 1Password is your password manager of choice these days, then you're in for a treat. Developer AgileBits has released 1Password 7 for Windows, which boasts a complete design overhaul, some convenient new features, and (finally!) Windows Hello support.

First thing's first: 1Password 7 has been rewritten from scratch, AgileBits says. That includes a new design that looks quite a bit sleeker than past versions. The familiar elements are still here, with quick access to your vaults and password categories from the menu on the left side, but the whole app sports a more modern look.

If you have a PC that supports it, Windows Hello is probably the highlight feature here. Instead of putting in your master password when accessing your vaults, you can now opt to use facial recognition or a fingerprint reader instead. To keep things secure, you'll still have to use your password the very first time you sign in, but you can rest on Windows Hello after that.

1Password 7 for Windows

1Password mini has also seen a redesign, and it handles one-time passwords, automatically copying them to your clipboard if it detects you're using two-factor authentication.

There are a ton of other improvements and features included with 1Password 7 for Windows. But some of the highlights include new search filters (title:, tag:, and file:), which can help you find things faster. Bulk tag editing support is also now available, as is support for nested tags to help you better group things. Of course, AgileBits is also talking up 1Password 7's speed, which we'll have to take a wait-and-see approach on.

For more, you can find the full, lengthy list of release notes at AgileBits. But if you're a 1Password user, or just want to give it a shot, you can update your app or download 1Password 7 now.

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  • Finally local vaults work with edge
  • Thank you!!!!
  • Subscription based? I understand why they're doing it, but it's hard to jump ship, or even try it out when I'm currently enjoying Bitwarden, which is free and open source. Windows Hello would be VERY nice, but it's not worth a subscription to me personally.
  • I'm enjoying Bitwarden too. I think Windows Hello will eventually be added to the windows version since fingerprint login is already available on their Android app.
  • As for me, I would much prefer paying for keeping my passwords safe, than try any of the free solutions.
  • Not interested until they release their app through the Microsoft Store.
  • Happy with Enpass. No interest in switching to a subscription based model app.