Enpass 6 rolls out to all with multiple vaults, new design, and much more

Enpass for Windows
Enpass for Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

Enpass is giving users one last gift for the holiday season, delivering its major version 6 update for everyone after a lengthy bit of beta testing. A load of new features are tagging along in Enpass 6, including support for multiple vaults, unlocking with Windows Hello, a new dark theme on desktop, custom categories, and much more.

The biggest highlight here is likely to be the addition of multiple vaults. Now you can create separate vaults for things like personal and work data, allowing each to be shared with your family or team through syncing to a common cloud account. Combined with new custom categories and templates, you can now keep all of your passwords and other data organized in whatever way you see fit.

For Windows users in particular, Enpass 6 adds in support for Windows Hello, which lets you opt for facial or fingerprint recognition over using your master password to log in. You'll still have to use your master password any time you start the app for the first time, but this is a handy addition for those who have a Windows Hello-compatible PC. Also new in Windows is a dark theme, which should help keep your eye strain to a minimum.

There's a whole lot more on top of the major highlights. Here's a full recap of what's new in Enpass 6:

  • Multiple vaults: This is one of the most demanded features in Enpass that lets you have separate vaults for better segregation of your data. You can create multiple vaults for personal and work data and share with your family or team members by syncing through a common cloud account. However, each of your vaults requires a different cloud account to sync with.
    • To create a new vault, go to app Settings > Vaults > Tap the '+' icon, and follow the instructions to create your new vault.
  • Custom categories and templates: The desktop version of Enpass 6 now allows you to create your own custom Categories and Templates. This way you can manage your data the way you like.
  • Unlock with Windows Hello: You can now unlock Enpass with the Windows Hello. Master password will be required at every fresh start of the app.
  • Dark theme: Enpass comes with the dark theme support for Windows. You need to restart the app after switching the theme from Enpass Settings for the changes to take effect.
  • Sync through iCloud: Now the support for iCloud sync is not limited to Apple devices only, you can use it on other platforms as well.
  • Favicons: Enpass 6 can automatically download and set the icon associated with the particular website or URL saved in an item. You can enable it from the Enpass Settings > Customize > Enable Use Favicon.
  • Custom icons: We've also introduced a much-requested feature; Custom icons, which allows you to set any image as an icon for any item in Enpass.
  • Secure sharing: This version brings secured sharing where you can share an item encrypted with a Pre-Shared Key (PSK). You can create PSK from the Advanced Settings of Enpass after which an additional option to Encrypt with PSK will appear while sharing the item. You need to share the PSK with the intended recipient which he needs to enter while importing the item.
  • Keyfile support: You can now additionally use a Keyfile along with the master password to log into Enpass. Only the desktop versions allow you to generate keyfile while setting up the master password.
  • Trash: Trash is here. From now onwards, every item you delete will go in the Trash first from where you can recover or permanently delete it.
  • Archive: You can archive the items which are no longer in use, but you don't want to delete them as well. The archived item won't appear in any search results.
  • Sorting options: Added options to sort the list of items by Created Time, Modified Time, Recently Used and Frequently Used.
  • Multi-line fields: Added a new field-type as multi-line field which allows you to save information in more than one line. You can make any field a multi-line field by changing its field type from the item edit page.
  • Identity: We've introduced a new default category Identity to let you fill those long, tedious identity forms with a single click.
  • Added localization support for Afrikaans, Malay, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish.

For the full skinny, you can find the complete release notes for Enpass 6 at the Enpass blog. Keep in mind that some features for desktop users, like Windows Hello or custom categories and templates, have to be unlocked through a premium purchase. The normal price runs $12, but the premium version in on sale for $6 right now.

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  • I don't see any of these updates on the Windows 10 app. Where is this in?
  • Looks like just the Desktop app, which is the one that integrates with Edge. I only use the UWP app...and it still bothers me that a whole separate Desktop app is needed for Edge. They blame how Extensions work...I blame everybody for not figuring this out yet...
  • 1password hasn't figured it out either.
  • --- deleted ---
  • My thoughts exactly. Last time I attempted to install on new device, the UWP version was gone from search results. Luckily I can still install from the library page, but I think the lack of UWP love is just the lack of long-term sight. In short: UWP is the way to go, one day sooner or later, something will happen that lets the developers see what the rest of us sees. For now though, we should just feel privileged we have myTube! to lead the way in UWP-customs. The long version: It may not be the norm now, but as Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden says - UWP is the future app platform for Windows. We'll see. In 5-10 years... The way I see it... Developers just do not want to take any chances with Microsoft. I do not blame their hesitation, but I am going to become a UWP dev myself and make something that works best on Windows - No doubt about that. myTube! developer leads the way in UWP-thinking/innovation(?) and it is clear how superior a UWP app is, when implemented correctly, compared to win32 - even if those win32s are re-packaged and put into the Microsoft Store. Legacy Windows, which most clings to, is what is holding back UWP - I think. I mean… We could have amazing UWPs now in "legacy Windows", but devs look at the userbase who's willing to give Microsoft Store a try and laughs or cries. I have to look no further than my local Feedback Hub content to see the issue with this 'old' mindset.
    My hope, and I think the hope of many, is that WCOS and the different shell composers along with a more agile developed Win10 for the future, is what will move people in the end. But it is an effect we'll see through years and not months. It sucks, but the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can look at the current state of things will less frustration.
  • They said that auto fill for Windows programs (NOT in browsers) was scheduled for version 6.0 but I don't see it anywhere in the changelog. So I have to assume it didn't make it?
  • Seems to be authentication issues for UWP/Windows 10 store apps if you previously bought it. Just a heads up, I've got three instances of the UWP app, and two have been updated and fail to restore the previous purchase. I have contacted them to see if it can be rectified.
  • Windows Mobile is no longer supported. So my phone cannot sync with my desktop & tablet.
  • Yeah I am just waiting for any updates to come to the Windows 10 UWP app since I haven't gotten any updates since Jan 2018.
  • If you're syncing with the cloud like onedrive it should still work
  • Actually it shoudnt. Theyve changed the syncing and wallet file architectures, so you need to update every devices app. Whos still using Win10M anyway?
  • Custom icons? Favicons? Don't see anything like that in Enpass 6 Settings.
  • This new version no longer syncs my wallet with OneDrive. Luckily, that means my wallet in OneDrive is still old version. I can easily go back (as long as I can download the older version).
  • I was really looking forward to this version... now I'm leaving Enpass... it's horrible. The new interface font is appauling, the Chrome has only asked once to update an existing entry and when I confirmed I wanted it updated did not update it. I tried copying some information from one entry to another and it crashed emptying my clipboard (so I had to recover the data from elsewhere or I would have just lost it), it's heavier and Android autofill barely works anymore. I've discovered Bitwarden which is open source. I'm giving this a try.