ESPN app for Windows Phone 8.1

Although official sports apps tend to share the same status as banking apps on Windows Phone – that is, ignored – ESPN is not one of them. This morning version 1.0 of the ESPN App, formerly known as the ESPN Hub, went live in the Store.

The new ESPN App looks to have been completely re-written and ready for Windows Phone 8.1. We last wrote about ESPN Hub back in December, 2013 so this makeover has been a long time in the making.

ESPN App 1.0

  • ESPN Hub is now the ESPN App
  • Favorites: Your team news and scores in an instant
  • Clubhouses: Content for every team and every league under the sun.
  • ESPN Now: The only place to follow real-time updates and commentary on the latest sports news.
  • On-Air: Watch ESPN from the app and listen to live radio with a single tap.
  • Inbox: A dedicated home for personalized content about your favorite teams.

Being able to watch ESPN from within the app is a big deal, as are all the other features. Feedback on the new version so far has been positive, although we will await your final judgment in comments.

Needless to say, lots of Windows Phone sports fans are going to be jubilant today.

Download the ESPN App for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Thanks, Andrew M. and Barrimore M, for the tips!