Even more folding Surface tablet images appear in patent filings

The latest patent (thanks, Isaac) gives us our best look yet at the "hinged device" Microsoft is working on, that our own Senior Editor Zac Bowden previously explained is codenamed Andromeda.

The notebook-like device looks set to be a revival of Microsoft's ill-fated Courier tablet, leveraging the dynamism of CShell and other new Windows 10 features designed to enable all sorts of new hardware experiences.

The new patent images show in more detail what we've already seen, including highly intricate hinge designs, complete with internal magnets for maintaining different folded, or unfolded configurations.

The patent details several methods Microsoft are looking into for keeping a continuous display running across two OLED panels, for each half of the folding screen, in addition to references to a "Surlink" connector, which could be the Surface connector, and a method for including a USB-C port.

As detailed by our own Zac Bowden earlier today, this folding Surface device will be able to recognize multiple folded modes, including a flat configuration, a tent mode, and angled classic "laptop" mode, preparing different user experiences based on the angle of the screen.

Running what's known internally as the Andromeda OS, this device will also support Windows Ink, complete with a new note taking app that comes with OneNote integration and promotes collaborative inking experiences, ideal for educational and professional settings.

The patent details a wide array of use cases, leveraging its unique properties. As you can see in the picture above, it looks as though it could serve as a bed side clock and alarm when not in use overnight.

It certainly sounds as though there's a large enough internal effort at Microsoft to bring this thing to the public. Here's hoping we see it sooner rather than later (and that it actually manages to escape from the top secret Surface labs to market).

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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