Everything you need to know about Microsoft's #MoreLumia event in Berlin

Did someone say Lumia 730 and Lumia 830? Rumors have it that Microsoft is planning to unveil two new Windows Phones this week in Berlin right before IFA starts. The event is set for 10 AM CET on Thursday, which is 4 AM ET and 1 AM PT – so make sure you have a cup of coffee (or three).

Mark Guim and I are in final preparations to fly to Berlin to give you our best hands on coverage of the event, including our traditional live blog, comment room for you folks, video hands on and our first-class photos. Later that day we are sitting down with Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President, Mobile Device Sales at Microsoft to discuss the new products.

This is everything you need to know about the event.

Live stream and our live blog

If you are new to the Microsoft (and old Nokia mobile) scene, then you should be happy to know that they always stream their press conferences in high-quality video. This time is no different. In addition to our live blog (which is a few seconds ahead of the video), you can watch the event as if you were there with us!

We are embedding everything in one main page, letting you participate in a single go-to place for all your Microsoft news.

You can find that page here, so bookmark now! www.wpcentral.com/berlin-2014-microsoft-lumia-live-blog

What we expect

What is Microsoft announcing? So far all indications are pointing to two new Lumia Windows Phones, including:

  • Lumia 730 – Featuring a 4-7-inch HD display, 5 MP front-facing camera, 1 GB of RAM and unibody design, this successor to the popular Lumia 720 should be a hit for those looking for a premium budget phone
  • Lumia 830 – The followup to the Lumia 820 from 2012 should deliver an affordable flagship design with its 5-inch HD display and rumored 10 MP PureView camera. The design itself is very reminiscent of the current Lumia 930, but reportedly it is thinner
  • Accessories and new firmware? Microsoft and Nokia rarely just announce new phones and then walk off the stage. Nope. Usually there are supporting accessories and new gadgets to go along with it, and we would not be surprised to see some new creations from the Mobile Devices team revealed in two days. Likewise, we reported on the followup to the Lumia Cyan software codenamed 'Debian Red', which we are hoping gets some light shed on it in Berlin.

Your timezone

Have no idea when 10 AM CET is in relation to your local time? No sweat, just follow this link to convert to your time zone.

Further reading and forums!

If you need to catch up on Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 news and rumors, check out our main super pages with all our coverage. You can also hop into our dedicated forums for these phones to discuss more!

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See you soon from Berlin, Germany!

Daniel Rubino

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