Could Nokia, Microsoft reveal a Windows 8 tablet next week in New York? New image suggests yes.

Is this a new Nokia Tablet with Windows 8?

It appears that Nokia may have more than just new phones to show off next week in New York City. According to the site WPDang, internal images from Nokia show what appears to be a full on Windows 8 Tablet in a "a mysterious Banner map" hidden on the site.

The actual device body is mostly out of view but instead what we see is a rather large display with Windows 8 tiles, including one for ‘Desktop’. In addition, what appear to be new high Symbian devices are also shown, meaning Nokia may not yet be done with that OS yet either.

Of course this could be an error in a render, though we would like to think that Nokia would not make such an obvious an amateur mistake...

What’s more, such an announcement on Wednesday, September 5th may help explain why Microsoft will be in attendance, co-presenting with Nokia. There’s a good chance that the consumer features of Windows Phone 8 will finally be revealed in a more detailed presentation. But with the image above and the build up to the event, we’re leaning on the notion that Nokia has more than just new Lumias to reveal to the public.

The notion that Nokia would get into the Tablet game is not new.  Back in March, Marko Ahtisaari, Design Chief at Nokia was quoted saying

"We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements”.

WP Central

Fan concept Nokia tablet; Nokia's Ollila

Later in May, outgoing Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nokia Corporation Jorma Ollila also publicly commented on tablets and his company’s intentions:

“Tablets are an important one, so that is being looked into, and there will be different hybrids, different form factors [handset designs] in the future.”

So the trail strongly suggests that Nokia has intentions to get into the growing Tablet market. That just leaves the question of When they will announce it?

Within the last few weeks, PC manufactures from Sony, Asus, Acer to Lenovo have all announced new tablets running Windows 8, so September 5th would appear to apropos for making such an disclosure, especially with Microsoft by their side and major media present.

Thankfully, all will be announced within just a few days. 

Source: WPDang

Daniel Rubino

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  • So damn excited for next week!
  • Yeah tell me about it! I wonder if I will get any work done at all next week :D
  • I suspect Nokia will get to unveil the rest of WP8 consumers featuresnext week.
  • Why did my school had to start on September 5.  :(
  • The same for me!!
  • Yessssssssss:)
  • Please make it pocketable!  :(
  • You're not supposed to put a tablet in your pocket.
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  • Watch me!
  • lol cut your pants pocket to fit Nokia tablet mession accomplished :D
  • Maybe they'll release some pants too
  • They'll call it the Lumia Panty.
  • Please let it be an 8" device! (save the juvenille comments for somewhere else, you know what I mean by this)
  • That's what she said
  • Whatever rocks your boat.
  • Cmon... Its just not possible to stand this one up:) In your pocket... You almost sound juvenile;)
  • This is my prediction: Nokia is making 8" tablets and leave the rest > 9" to microsoft. I think that's the only thing logical: We know Nokia is working on tablet, we know MSFT is doing it too. And they know each other's plan from beginning (don't argue about this, this is obvious, who can believe Elop didn't know msft's plan?). And they have a close partnership. That leaves only one answer. So, you are right.
  • Please DONT take pics when you get you 8"-er. :-D
  • Is that a Lumia in your pocket, or you are just happy to see me?
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  • Want the surface like :D
  • so down for it
  • Correction nobody has shown a WP8 tablet but hey im stoked
  • What is "accurace" in the Rum'o'meter?  Accuracy?
  • I don't see accurace
  • I wouldn't be surprised at all. Just bring it.
  • It's a little off. A Windows 8 tablet with a WP7 in the front? I'd tend towards believing it more if it were atleast a WP8 picture in the forefront.
  • That's exactly what I thought too. It'd make more sense if it were a WP8 on the picture.
  • Predicted this a while back! Please, please be true! Man, I am SO loving being part of team Windows right now. :)
  • Tell me about it. Wifey aint happy...
  • My girlfriend is moving over to WP come the launch of Wp8. Maybe she's a keeper. :D
  • I made next week my vacation week, I will not miss a beat.
  • those are not symbian phones as symbian only require ONE button ... look at the N8, E7 ... i think this is fake...
  • My eyes are beginning to get cross-eyed looking at all of this new windows8/WP8 devices here at WPCentral. I never thought I'd say this "but it's a great feeling to be dizzy" :-D
  • Isn't desktop mode for X86 tablets only? Windows RT tablets don't have a desktop mode that I'm aware off.  
  • They have a desktop mode, it's limited to only MS built-in apps such as office.
  • Yeah Office, IE Desktop, and File Explorer mainly.
  • They do for GOD sake mate. This fact has been repeated many times on tech sites and on WPcventral in particular. So the assertion that this 'desktop picture' might be from a win8 Tab is misguided. WinRt does have desktop tile, Everyone should get it by now at least Win followers on this website.
    Sorry had to!
  • Wouza mate! I gotcha! lol. But yea, the desktop mode on RT is very limited.
  • No worries and Yes i agree with you..
  • Maybe it's just to show off the syncing capabilities between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8...
  • I agree. Without knowing the context of that image, it seems to be quite a stretch to infer that a Nokia tablet is coming next week. That image seems pretty stale to be relevant for next week's event --- betta fish on the Desktop tile, one tile size for the phone home screen. 
  • Hmm Nokia winrt and surface pro are on my shopping list for October and hopefully September
  • Yes, I know. Pro is expected to release early next year.
  • Not trying to be negative but idk if I want Nokia to make a tablet just yet. They already have a lot on their plate and there's a ton of W8 competition, including Microsoft themselves with the Surface. Now I would have to choose between the Surface RT or Nokia RT. Already had the Surface penciled in.
  • Daniel can  you please tell ua why you are doing that to us? I can't concentrate on anything i'am doing right now. Gosh my wife even left to France for a few days just because I am so excited about septh 5th and not about her.
    If the Nokia Tablet guess is confirmed, well Thurrot was right then in his speculation that we will get a tablet from nokia next week. Hope that holds true.
  • aren;t those Android keys? And what's with the square widgets? Are they evolving Symbian to have no softkeys on screen and making the icons to squares? :D :D
    Hopefully, but I would call these fakes at this point.
  • yes those are Androind keys. I thought as much.
  • That's the first thing I thought of as well...
  • awesome im going to be broke for the rest of the year lol
  • You and me both! Phone, Tablet, Xbox+Kinect. My CEO better not disappoint with our annual Christmas bonus... if he goes Christmas Vacation on the employees, I'll just have to return the disfavor, lol.
  • There is also the chance that Microsoft has Nokia there in Wednesday so Nokia is standing beside Microsoft when they release their own Surface Phone.
    Nokia is great, but they aren't too creative. The L900 and the L800 are exactly like the N9. For all the wonderful things that can be said about the Lumia 800 & 900 there are twice as many things users of the phone can say are not so great.
    Go Team Microsoft/Surface!
  • Ask random people ask them if they know what a N900 looks like I bet they dont even know what a Lumia 800/900 look like. Basically what I'm trying to say is all of Nokia's designs right now are completely brand new to the average consumers eyes.
  • I think it tells enough that Lumia is now more searched in Google than Windows Phone.
    That probably tells enough.
  • A while ago I made a "What if comment" about a possible MS/Nokia announcement a bout the Surface being a Nokia product all along based on the similar colors their covers/keyboards share with the lumia line save maybe one or two. I have a free lunch bet riding on this so hopefully on the 6th I'll have a nice smile on my face.
  • Yea right! you're crazy if you think Nokia can make a better tablet than MS
  • I put my money on the table! Nokia gonna drop a tablet on us... Dibbs
  • I can assure you to bet very high on it. Come Sept 5th, you will make milions on your bet. A tablet is not coming, but it is there already just waiting for the day...
  • I think it's going to be an 8" tablet.
  • Lumia tablet
  • i'd be torn between a lumia tablet and the surface. 
    leaning pretty heavy on the surface though, just waiting for pricing to decide on which one i want.
    that vaporMg casing is the bees knees
  • How about a "phablet" - Galaxy Note Style??? That would be awesome!!!
  • Interesting idea. I've long thought that Nokia would be in a prime position to release a 5-7" phablet (I could do without the stylus) with the WP8 OS. For starters, it's a much more mature app ecosystem. Windows RT is going to face a tall hill to climb with basically zero apps at launch. Second, after playing with a Samsung Series 7 tablet loaded with Windows 8 at a Microsoft Store this week, I feel anything smaller than a 10-inch screen will be too small to work with the horiorientally oriented W8 Start screen. Third, we already see Microsoft cornering the RT market with Surface and this is what I'd assume Nokia would be producing. In the end, Nokia could quickly corner the market for a device size that has so far been ignored by Microsoft and the OEMs.
  • Something big. Take a note. Next week 'll be exiting.
  • Nokia RT + 920 Pureview in bundle for 500$ :) ? Am I dreaming....?
  • your getting me all excited im a frisky little beaver right now :p
  • Dream on... MS/Nokia is not an ONLUS...:(
  • if this is true im going full with Nokia dream 
    Nokia tablet + Nokia Lumia + Nokia wireless speakers =0 
  • THATS IT!!  Too many rumors!  i want some surprise next week so I am going to stop looking at these blogs until next Wednesday!  Okay I'm going to try not to.  Really try not to.
  • God I hope so. I'd rather a Surface Pro for normal use, but I really want Windows 8 and Nokia Drive in the dash of my car!
  • maybe the "juggernaut" is a nokia tab:)
  • Please make it use an AMD processor. The Intel processors in the Netbook/Tablet range are all way too slow.
    I will like to share my own very first app called Digital nightstand that turn your Tablet or PC into a beautiful clock that sits on your bedside. Set the alarms so that you don't miss your morning coffee or favorite ball game.