Evidence points toward Touch Diamond 2 on Sprint

We're about to really get into the ones and zeros here, and we're going to do so after the break, so bear with us. But the skinny is that it looks like legendary ROM chef Conflipper has found evidence that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 will be coming to Sprint. (That's just us slapping a Sprint logo on a TD2 up there, so nobody freak out just yet.)

Sure, that might not be a surprise, given that Sprint carries the original Touch Diamond and we've seen a Sprint-branded Touch Pro 2. But how Conflipper came to this conclusion is pretty cool, and he's shared it at ppcgeeks. Click on through to the other side as we break down all the dirty details. (And thanks, Brandon, for the tip!)

So Conflipper has found a site that will spit back some model information for HTC devices. We'll let him explain, from his ppcgeeks post:

HTC has a lot of different devices and to help with this they assign each carrier a certain range on the part number. And from that part number they assign ROM updates. That is easy to get. But what is the other way they track devices?Its by certain codes. This helps them track certain Models, and each Carrier will be assigned a new model based on what they want. If Alltel wants their logo then it has to be a new model, and so the list gets to be quite large.

And, here's what Conflipper got out of a Sprint Touch Diamond:

Sprint DiamondSN :HT835H900337Part Number :99HFS008-00Part Description :SKU,SPCS,English-WWE,USA,HTC,MP6950SP,Radiant Red,w/o SIMLock,VICTOR#C-R2HTC Model :VICTOR#C-R2

The long and the short of it is that each HTC phone has an internal code name. If you've ever wandered around ppcgeeks or XDA Developers, you've seen them. The original CDMA Touch Diamond is the Victor, the original CDMA Touch Pro is the Herman. The GSM Touch Pro is the Raphael, etc.

Along with the model codenames come various suffixes, Conflipper says, depending on carrier. And he (or she) has found a tool online that will discern these codes. And from that, we've gleaned that Alltel has a suffix of L14. Sprint's suffix is R2. Cellular South's is D8.

Now, we know that one code name for the Touch Diamond 2 is the Topaz. That's not news. But Conflipper has been slipped a list of model names for the Topaz:

  • Topaz#C
  • Topaz#C-R2
  • Topaz#D
  • Topaz#TD
  • Topaz-A2
  • Topaz-C5
  • Topaz-C9
  • Topaz-D1
  • Topaz-L3
  • Topaz-L6
  • Topaz-L9
  • Topaz-N15
  • Topaz-P2
  • Topaz-T14

Notice any familiar suffixes there? Sure enough, there's the Topaz#C-R2 on the second bullet point, pointing the way to Sprint. Now, wasn't that fun? Conflipper and friends are building a database of the internal information, so head on over and help 'em out. Because as we learn which carrier the rest of those suffixes point to, we'll have a pretty good idea of where the Touch Diamond 2 is headed.

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